Meth heads at a young age

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Spicy Meme Boi : he looks like a scared npc

Diego Nunez : He had a mental breakdown when his college GPA dropped below a 4.0

TorvaKid : Crackie Chan on the streets

Fire : Looks like the hand movements while talking in GTA San Andreas

TorvaKid : When the math kicks in

Xtravulous : He’s just nervous about his upcoming spelling bee competition

Joseph StalinJG : At least he treated him like a normal human being

ZScentral : Had to do it to him

The Flip : I feel so bad for him, he looks cold, sick, and scared, we need to get him some warm soup and some blankets.

mynameis bob : actually really sad

scarface 82 : Why can't people just smoke weed?

Andrew Hunt : He didn't get an A+ on his Algebra quiz

Batuhan : Hes not on meth or any other drug he's a physics electrical engineering double major who found out he scored 98 at differential equations final he's freaking out.

Clarke Wolf : Remember kids: Stay out of School and Do drugs

dirty socks : Comment section = comedy gold Now where was the lie?🤔

Bruce Artero : He’s having a Vietnam flashback.

LolVidz4You : Legend has it, he is still offering a side quest to this very day

TheScarecrow : Just toss him a math book he'll be ight

Phyllis Jonson : This comment section needs to be disabled. There is nothing funny about this young man in obvious distress. And the racist comments are deplorable.

Quaglium Quagnarr : His palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy. There's vomit on sweater already mom's spaghetti.

exactly 9999 subs challenge : He looks like the deathworm from spongebob

dank_mysterious : Guard: Stop you violated the law! Npc: What? this cant be.... Guard: Then pay with your blood! Npc: looks confused

10,000 subscribers with no video? : I think its just a glitch

mohamd 85 : The only meth head is the camera guy because hes filming in vertcal

Depression Session : He's having flashbacks to when he got a B on his math test.

FrostedChocolate : Im trying so hard not to laugh at these comments xD

Joker 313 : *This boi need some milk*

Brandon Sciulli : It’d be funny if he just blurted out do you have a minute to talk about our lord and savior

adam nick : He looks like he's trying to put on a band aid in a video game but keeps on getting shot causing the animation to reload

Quaglium Quagnarr : Looks like a bad game of charades.

Nicaveli : he doesnt want to go to the dungeon again for getting an A- in math

Joe Ward : This is scary. This guy needs to calm down from this high. If anyone is this high, don’t touch him or move him. Don’t lay him down, don’t make any sudden movements around him, and don’t make him scared. Calmly talk to him and call the police and ambulance. In case he freaks out and has a heart attack, Incase he freaks out and starts acting crazy and attacking or just turning and running, Incase he freaks out and falls over and starts screaming and kicking or accidentally hurts himself or someone else.... call the police or the ambulance and they will arrive and will take control of the situation and will make sure he gets the help he needs. This is scary and dangerous.

KidNameDaniel : When you’re high af and your momma asks you a question.

homixxide : Math is one hell of a drug.

Destany : Sad! I respect the guy for treating this young man like a human being. Good for you! I hope he has help and love in his life and that he can overcome his addiction and live a healthy full life.

joe trask : idk why this was recommended but here i am watching a tweaker lol


Crust face : Come on man how u gonna let us Asians down like that 😞

FakeAidan : My guy crackie chan got judo kicked hard as hell by methamphetamine 😂😔

Mack V : Sad. 😔

Sarcastic Squash : How do you know he's not mentally ill

Jeffery Jefferson : But guess what, he spent it on dope

Xan Man : He been doing meth instead of math.

Cman win : Damn he didn’t even leave his dealers front yard before smoking that meth

Toasted Fan Art : Dang I really feel for this dude. So underweight and out of it. Unfortunate chap probably won't make it to 40. I hope he gets the help he needs before its too late. Well done to the guy in the video for offering to get an ambulance.


Prayaansh Mehta : First asian ever who chose meth over math

lil pamper : “you gotta throw up go in da grass right der OOO LORD”😂😂

i ' m f u c k e d u p : When a character waits for you to pick a response

West Senkovec : When you're at the store with your mom and she says you can only get one thing and you can't decide which one you want