Meth heads at a young age

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Mack V : Sad. 😔

Raymond Jameson : I thought he was about to spit some bars

Top 10 Archive : The dude was trying to sneeze for 1:04..

PythonTV : These comments got me dead af😂

Taylor Coley : Looks like he’s conducting a symphony.

Jixxy Manson : plot twist : he was trying to freestyle for this dude but can’t think of a good verse

Red Neck : Some of the bystanders in GTA 5 lol

Mr Reality : *Patch Notes Life 2018* *- Asian AIs that are clipped/bugged for 1 minute will now respawn at their homes* *- Crystal Meth no longer confuses the Player nor AI* *- Vertical filming is now against the rules and you will get banned after multiple reports* We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this and hope you understand

Alan Cormack : *Gets one B in school*

Rod Camp : "u bout to throw up, oh lawd, go in the grass, I hope u be alright buddy" 😂 lol

Boo Bat : Meth heads in my recommendations now..?

GhoulKevin : That dude ain’t young, he’s prob in his 30’s he’s just asian. Asians always look younger than what they are

Christian Nieto : How it feels to chew 5 gum...

Uncertain Surgeon : When you’re waiting for the right time to jump into a freestyle

Tomasz Gałecki : He is just an NPC

Rolando Velasquez : lil tays brother 😅

Brian Smokes Weed : This sad af but the comments got me so weak tbh, n bruh shoulda still called the ambulance they woulda prolly put bruh in rehab if he underage

Cesar Ordaz : Being addicted to drugs is one of the most alienating and self helpless situations there is on earth, my empathy goes out for him.

Toasted Fan Art : Dang I really feel for this dude. So underweight and out of it. Unfortunate chap probably won't make it to 40. I hope he gets the help he needs before its too late. Well done to the guy in the video for offering to get an ambulance.

Quaglium Quagnarr : His palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy. There's vomit on sweater already mom's spaghetti.

Saïd Nike la police : Me when i cant find the answer in a exam.

stupid default skin : He waiting for the battle bus, he aight

Ckypwnd : The guy doing commentary!! 😭😭😭😭 Go in the grass bruh oh lawd

Destany : Sad! I respect the guy for treating this young man like a human being. Good for you! I hope he has help and love in his life and that he can overcome his addiction and live a healthy full life.

Kanna Thicc : He looks like a Skyrim NPC

DragoN 3 PG : Irresponsible Asian? Who would have thought.

EeQun : god bless the man recording this video.

Zed Killer : He looks like he about to spit some fire ass bars 🔥

Jimmy : He’s a side mission on GTA

Jack Calloway : someone get hiesenburg

Varado : When you wanna ask a question but you’re too shy

indian tech support : Why is this in my recommendations?

Punting Children : The comment sections is surprisingly positive

Marc - Oh ! : I was at a party once at a house of some dude I didn’t kno, I only went cuz a friend of mine invited me to go with him and others. I came to realize it was a trap house and half of the ppl there were high off crack and some off molly. I wanted to separate myself from the scene so me and one of my friends went to the kitchen to talk to some ppl. I was standing there and then a guy came up and told the dealer, “Hey, lemme get 10 happy pills for 60$” (Molly) dealer said hell no, $80 or nothing. Then the guy said, “it’s for these new kids, I’m tryna get them addicted” the dealer opened his eyes and said, “Ight bet”. That was the most heartless and savage thing I’ve ever encountered

smhsadley : Mental health illness is no joke

heeeeyyytherebrooo : I blame Heisenberg

Joshua May : He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready  To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin

Quaglium Quagnarr : Looks like a bad game of charades.

J J : That’s sad

Ugly Noalm : I was waiting for him to start rapping

Jazzyjosh96 : lookin' like he about to do it to em

big foot : If there was a way to help him

mad God : I'm going to hell for laughing so hard at these comments

Daniel Alcazar : Marijuana gets you mellow. Coke is miracle. Acid opens your mind. All enjoyable experiences. But meth?? Why would anyone do this? This looks terrible.

Gregory Davis : Someone get this dude a mcdouble asap

isbel67 lifestyle : Sad😢

monica warren : Poor guy needs help!

Brennan Freeze : He looks like a videogame npc going through an idling animation. Still sad though

OwenRulez : Lol he prolly has 1k ping

Daniel Kelly : Sad