The Eric Andre Show - Dennis Rodman Interview (S04E09)

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shivaram&goodrich : met Dennis at the Miami airport this year, he asked me and my family to have coffee with him and he ordered a Vodka Soda and proceeded to do neck workouts at the table. My dad's name is John but he kept calling him Paul, and he was convinced that my sister was my mother. He's this weird in person, if not weirder lmao

Cullen Cochran : Dennis Rodman finally found a universe that is tuned into his frequency. He just fucking picks candy up off the floor like "Oh yeah obligatory floor candy this must be the place."

James Garner : Rodman is stranger than Eric.

Patrick : Andre doesn't know what to do with himself when the guest is naturally weirder than him.

Malluminati : "I dont know if they got a north either" -The man who visited North Korea. lmao

MrBucketList : "Anything else I'll talk about, that's one thing I won't talk about." *Proceeds to answer questions about it*

BrotherlyLove12 : Hannibal's face when Rodman says he doesn't know if they have a North Korea, lmao

Nick Sheufelt : He successfully made Eric and Hannibal break character. An admirable feat.

aat roger : I kissed a friend when she died At her funeral? ye- ermh...

Joseph Ben-Obasa : dennis rodman was wierder than the show, how is that even possible

Dan Friedwald : Did Dennis Rodman just say that he saw Kim Jung Il's frozen corpse?

miqey shcoped : what in the goddamn hell you talkin about

Perfectchaos007 : Hannibal's facial reaction at 1:52 wasn't even acting. That was an out of character real reaction to Rodman lol

tisdue : Dennis Rodman: I wont talk about North Korea *immediately talks about North Korea*

0=Axel=0 : Well, I guess Andre's finally met his match.

Geoff Peterson : He's the only guest that out-weirded the show

PacLion : Lmaoooo Rodman was way too in his element, had Andre hella flustered

Steve Perry : The amount of cocaine Dennis is on is gargantuan......I so rarely get to use that word in a sentence.....

sky : lmao dude Rodman fit right in with these guys

Ryan Franklin : he's the perfect guest. Should be on every episode.

Mr man Butt : so nobody is gonna talk about how Kim jong uns ancestors are frozen in ice?

boofghost : "I don't know if they have a north either" I nearly died😭😭😭

Sean Nunemaker : _The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon_ *Guest Angelina Jolie:* “I saved an entire Nigerian village from hunger, and President Obama personally congratulated me yesterday” *Crowd claps and cheers* _The Eric Andre Show_ *Guest Dennis Rodman:* “Kim Jong Un showed me his dead father and grandfather who are frozen forever in a North Korean warehouse” *Crowd cheers wildly*

darien ladner : he did a pound of blow backstage lol

Mike Merrill : Eric Andre is my favorite comedian by far. But his one weakness is when a guest he has on is rolling with the punches and ups Eric on the weirdness, he doesn't know how to deal with that.

Infestedhobo1 : 2:13 when Rodman claps white powder goes flying off his hands

Boss Boss : Dennis Rodman and Tyler the Creator seemed like the only two who actually had a pretty smooth interview. When weird meets weirder...

lurk city : Dennis Rodman is not even on the same planet

Steve Perry : You only get this high on coke once before you realize that you will NEVER do that much ever again.....Denis on the other hand lives in the Abyss with Rick James.

Captain Chlorine : I want to see the uncut version of this interview, more than any other. Dennis is a weird one.

Jean-Luc Picard : Dennis Rodman: the only guy that can naturally out-weird Eric Andre

Kevin Bahr : "What in the goddamn hell are you talking about?" straight from the Flavor Flav interview. Genius.

richard harrow : "At the funeral?" "...Nup."

Alistair Wetherall : The one interview where Eric is the voice of reason.

lance lite : rodman sweatin like he popped six mollys!!!!!

Tai Mitchell : Hes the only one that like didnt freak out

KLABNIF : the first time Eric and Hannible failing to keep up

wickdaggler : I love the new "YEAAHHHHH" guy in the audience

Traxx : Dennis Rodman is prolly the only guest Eric's ever had on hear who's more crazy then him without even trying hahaha Eric's tryna be like super out there & keep bumping it up when he gets no reaction but Rodman's just being his regular ol' everyday self & he's still crazier then Eric 😂

Jorge López : the reason why Jordan won three more rings, the real 🐐 right here

MissDIARRHEA : Súper nintendo...sega génesis 🎵

Patrick Michael : he probably popped a molly before that interview

thomas woods : the sound effects is hilarious. da ones with da mechanic and when dennis wipes his eyes

Jonathan Estrella : lost my shit at the mechanic repairing his desk and seeing him not being able to break it

Joel Varela : 2:08 Eric: Wanna dance? Dennis: No. 😂

OhMyBooda : This was like two positive ends of magnets. It didnt stick.

Bax Mrackney : They've been frozen yeah let's act like he didn't say that and move on

Marcus Segura : What in the goddamn hell are u talking about

neighb0r : Dude was already on coke and they say it's hot as hell on stage, he was probably dehydrating lmao

FG : dennis rodman exists within eric andre's universe