Lives That Were Destroyed By Jackass

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Looper : What older MTV shows should we feature next?

Mod Squad : Jack ass didn’t kill or destroy anybody. The one that was killed was drinking and driving. The show didn’t have nothing at all to do with his death.

DavyDave1313 : Didnt get why all the downvotes and comments, but then after the first guy I was like ohh right so jackass didn't ruin his life, his personal problems with alcohol did got it.

Chris Capel : Maybe try to sound a little less cheerful when talking about addiction and death, narrator guy. Didn't match the content at all.

Tom tonka : "If Ryan could take that day back, I think he would" No shit.

teamhex : I'm not even past Dunn and I'm already annoyed. Dunns drinking problems has nothing to do with the show Jackass. Bams drinking came from hanging out with Ville valo.

Tim Laning : "Lives that were destroyed due to poor decision making" Fixed your title for ya, you're welcome.

good dog : Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is the best skateboarding game ever made.

rfcilia : Johnny Knoxville apparently didn't get the memo on his life being destroyed by Jackass, he's been in over 30 feature films, he did get divorced but that's hardly due to Jackass, the divorce rate for North America (Canada and the U.S.) for marriages less than 10 years old is nearly 90+ %, Knoxville was recently quoted as saying, "I am over the damn moon about continuing an amazing partnership with Paramount Pictures, I have many more films to make and bones to break. I am glad I will be doing it for Paramount." ... nice job Looper, he definitely sounds like his life was "destroyed" by Jackass. Dumb video :)

ᖴᖇIᕮᑎᗪᒪYᗪIᗩᗰOᑎᗪ : "Ryan Dunn died because of Jackass" Dude he was just addicted to alcohol and it's not Jackass's fault that he drove drunk

Mary Dork : This needs to be renamed as, "How jackasses ruined their lives"

Honza Lajksner : Typical 'murican attitude. Man crashes into a tree while drunk, let's sue the bar!

Lost Cosmos : they destroyed their own lives

veganbeautyaddict : YES STEVEO 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 for the animals 🖤🖤🖤

KumaPaws376 : Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn (he was my favorite!😢)

Gipsy Danger : Steve-o was the fucking craziest of the lot. But it's good to see him back on his feet again.

Alvin Geroy : Weeman-"Jackass turned me into a Midget."

Tamerlane : I guess Ryan's.... Dunn.

Alyssa Murphy : Jackass didn't "ruin" any of their lives.. It actually was an extremely successful TV series and brought almost every single one of them success. It was Ryan Dunn's passing that fucked a lot of them up. Can you blame them for just sorta giving up after such a traumatic experience? I mean, Bam and Dunn had been best friends and pretty much brothers since they were kids. Bam and Dunn did everything together and were inseparable. Steve-O got clean and sobered up after the show ended, became vegan and has been pretty much advocating drug and alcohol addiction, same with Knoxville.. Since Dunn's death, it fucked them up mentally/emotionally. Apparently Bam lost his nightclub/bar 'The Note,' and completely went off the deep end, started drinking very heavily and in a recent interview from TMZ with Steve-O, all of Bam's family and friends are extremely worried about him and his health because of how out of control his drinking became. He's supposedly entering or has already entered rehab for his drinking problem and Steve-O wishes nothing but the best for Bam throughout his sobriety and hopes that he sticks with rehab and staying clean. It's just really fucking depressing to see just how far apart these guys have gotten from one another considering I legitimately grew up watching CKY, Jackass, and Viva-La-Bam. I'd sit there in my bedroom on my bed religiously watching every single episode of every single series show they made, just laughing like a damn hyena for hours on end. Seeing how close they all once used to be and now not even hearing from any of them as the years pass, is very sad and srsly bums me out. I miss seeing the old Jackass crew on TV doing stupidly hilarious shit and constantly pranking each other. The only one that we ever really hear about or see anymore is Knoxville because he came out with those 'Bad Grandpa' movies and now he's starring in another Jackass spinoff sort of movie that comes out in June of this year. I wish they would all get together one more time and film some shit, that would really bring back some memories for a lot of people. I wonder if any of them still actually keep in contact with each other anymore... Super depressing that they just don't do shit anymore.. 😢😢😢

MaskedDemon : Ryan Dunn's life wasn't DESTROYED by jackass. He was an adrenaline junkie who always loved fast cars and doing stunts. Way before he was ever famous. If anything, Jackass kept him from committing suicide as he was always surrounded by friends.

txcforever : I never dislike a video, but you guys earned it. What you said in the video had almost nothing to do with the title.

genegeneish : My daughter did the makeup for mr margeras wedding and knows alot of these folks. I know someone who went to school and lives near mr.margera. these people are wreckless and dangerous and should be put in a mental hospital.

Jordan Davies : We really need to move past the phrase 'drugs and alcohol.' I hate it when people generalise ALL drugs but choose not to include alcohol.

Luke Marengo : these guys did some gay stuff

TJ Jones : So besides the physical injury how did the Jack films cause drug abuse? I'm not talking about the guy who got hooked on pain killers I'm talking about the guys on coke, and heroin

GoreQuill NachoVidal : Jackass didn't ruin those lives. They are responsible for themselves.

Vio : hella respect for steve-o.... dude really turned his shit around

MeganLeigh Maguire : These live were destroyed by poor choices NOT Jackass.

jxsilicon9 : They were always morons and it was inevitable. And suing the bar because he's an idiot.

Angel Dezon : "If Ryan could take that day back, I think he would" No shit, midget!

greenrobot5 : That's back when MTV was a channel for dudes

mrhoffame : Destroyed by Jackass?  Sounds like regular old Hollywood to me.

Strider LB : Even a child can tell that they were high in all their movie acts

Star Cherry : Brandon Novak came to my school and shocked the hell out of everyone there.

oJuanyy : when I was younger watching all Jackass movies I wanted to be like them but now goddamn this woke me

The Bandit : Rich people get to go to rehab. Other people that are addicts kill themselves either by accident or on purpose. If anyone that is an addict to anything, please please talk to your family, your closest friends, anyone that cares for you. They would rather see you alive and well then to spiral into disaster ultimately destroying your body, and your loved ones in the process. I’ve had so many awesome friends die from OD’ing/Suicide and I had no idea what they were going through. Love all of you broken souls!

Raymond Brooks : I love Bam Margera LOL I remember back in the early 2000s when they came out with the PlayStation 2 games the skateboarding games that's my boy right there Bambam LOL that dude's a f****** Legend I think he's cooler than the other skateboarder Tony Hawk They Were really popular and really it and they were relevant then back in the early 2000s now you don't really hear too much about them but Bam Bam don't be mad at yourself for the crazy things you did and made you who you are today and it got you famous if you never done those things you wouldn't be smarter than what you are now. And you always will be remembered for those things you are straight Legend bro Bambam my n****😎😢

Mya Paris : Miss you Ryan...RIP

David Phillips : Ryan faked his own death to get out of debts, he is still alive on an island

Regular Person : probably more drugs and alcohol...but hey click-bait's gotta bait right...

damon sipe : Looking back through my old memories of watching Viva La bam..Novack being a heroin addict makes total sense

YpmuJ : Fix the title

Sheridan Isashitstain : Remember Bam getting X-ray after stuffing a mini Tonka truck in his butt? That might’ve damaged his rep...or something else???

Jesus Christiano : I am Margera's bloated corpse...

Richard Young : Should be titled, "Lives ruined by drugs, alcohol and a need for attention".

Sicky Popp : most stupid video in 2018

Randal Wung : Y'know, my wife and I went to Ireland this past summer and she hired us a driver 'cause she was like hell NO I don't trust you on the other side of the road. Anyway, we naturally asked this dude about drinking and driving in a land where we figured it was probably the national sport. Turns out it USED to be. Now? ONE DUI and you lose your license for like 3, 4 yrs and when you get it back, good luck trying to get anyone to insure you. SECOND DUI? PRISON. No appeals, no third chances, just lock your ass away. As a result, the number of DUIs fucking plummeted. Food for thought.

Project 2501 : So typical american: 2 guys die in a car "accident" because the driver was drunk and speeding and the relatives have nothing better to do then to go for the bar that served him!? As if they were infusing him against his will.. what the f is wrong with you people? The guys are adults and know that they shouldn't drink and drive - if they die because of that, it's their own fault! -.-

JAMES FAMULARO : I love how people blame others for their own's the American way

P A : Jackass didn't destroy them... They destroyed themselves