Ending Womens Suffrage at Chantilly High School
A Group of Highschool Kids Start a Petition to End Womens Suffrage Overwhelming Amount Sign

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70 girls at Chantilly High School sign a petition to end their right to vote


Mohamad Abouelhagag : ITS MS DSCENZO

Jiffy yoyo : Some of these young girls, do not belong in high school. They need to repeat the 6th grade. American education at its BEST. Wake up folks!

Brianphoenixx : We totally should make the voting age 25. "young adults" are fucking stupid.

Bubba Davis : Now, there actually was a REASON that women once weren't permitted to vote.  This video demonstrates that reason -- they simply don't think through their decisions, it's 100% emotion to them.  If they FEEL something is bad/wrong, they they are opposed to it, and if they FEEL something is good/right, they are supportive of it.  Rational thought has no place when women make their decisions.  You need only consider how a mother denies that her adult son is a bad person, despite his recent conviction for double murder and rape.

TheBluemaui : Things are relatively the same there. I graduated from Chantilly in 1995. I could care less what's going on, I like to see my old hallways :)

Paynamia : God, anyone who gives a shit about their education should know what women's suffrage is referring to by the time they leave middle school.

Samantha Matthesen : these ppl r so stupid. RIGHT TO VOTE!!! dumbos!

SweeTeaVee : That awkward moment when you used to go to this school...

PADDY O : I like how they know that somethings up but they still do it! lol

Declan Albert : This is how you win at the Internet

Molly Placido : I'm writing a paper on this video for my gender studies class. Could anyone tell me if this was an assignment or an experiment for a particular class? Or did these boys genuinely want to end women suffrage at Chantilly High School?

Genessis Montecino : U stupid high schooler shake my head

Brilliant-But-Scary-Bad-Wolf : the thing is, they're only asking the preppy, stupid girls.

leah mathena : hahahah! that one girl new what was up!

ShamelessScreamDream : @SomeIncredibleDude enough trolling, grow up, and find something better to do.

SomeIncredibleDude : @ShamelessScreamDream Lol it would work and you know it.

Roshni Gorur : oh CHS <3 I love thee

Nick Li : hahaha Ms. McCaa told me bout this, sooo funny!

ShamelessScreamDream : @PirateoftheTuoYube actually, idgaf about games. idgaf about athletics in high school. im just saying we're not as stupid as this video clearly depicted chantilly to be. and the only reason you take issue with me for saying that is because you know i'm right. thats all.

PirateoftheTouYube : @ShamelessScreamDream So this is what you do when you feel bad about losing a game?

Felmon Hentsa : ohh because i am a woman dumbfuck

Blckoctobervoclz : Starring*

ShamelessScreamDream : This wouldn't work at C-ville...except for maybe with the freshman.

Jacob Cooke : @MrHav1k Thanks :D

Felmon Hentsa : haha iwant to go to that school

Kinkoyaburi : This is how the entire word was enslaved by the private central banks. They come up with something that sounds bad, and due to the fact that people have little knowledge or information about it they accept legislature that in the end takes away their liberty. Terrorism, Man-Made climate change, and so on.

Jacob Cooke : @PlatinumSnipe looks just like one :P

Rebecca Fowler : ... and they never got a date again

Jacob Cooke : 1:11 nerd with mw2 shirt :P

SomeIncredibleDude : @leetllama1 Arguing with a woman is pointless, you can completely win the argument and they'll say something like "your face" and in their minds they just won the argument. This video just proves the point, women don't seem to deserve their suffrage.

T4G0E : Jesse, why the fuck are you in school when you should be out there SLANGIN SHARDS BITCH

Michael LaRochelle : @normallyabnormal Yeah because misspelling one word is totally dumber than signing a petition to give up your right to vote.

Deepak Vangala : i fucking miss ms santmyer, that goofy woman

BobbyL5757 : Notice that the only one who knew what the word means is fat and ugly. This is standard as fugly women don't get any male attention or special treatment so they have to stay home and study. Most will become feminists. This also shows why the US is doomed. Women run the US today and they will run it into the ground.

cassius969 : lol I know what it means.

Evan Hood : yeah, I'm sure that's it.. hahaha check all the college vids of the same thing. LULZ

Peter7Paul : Goes to show how much your school sucks.

Sudo Linux : I heard if that stuff got into your lungs you'd die. And in its solid form can actually cause traumatic bodily injuries to oneself.

Sudo Linux : jesus! highschoolers are ugly.

mrchuckmorris : Dude I know, that stuff was contaminating all our fountains, sinks, and toilets last year! They even found a huge amount in the Ice Mountain bottles in the lunch line.

cartoonFREAK9000 : LOL I WAS THERE I LOVE YOU SARAH Oh, high school.

TeutonicKaiser : Ah we watched this video in my U.S. History class. My teacher found it highly amusing, and my classmates and I totally agree!

Drockthehouse95 : stupid people are amusing

Dan2000 : End women's suffrage forever~!

jthm419 : Welcome to equality. Women wanted it, women got it. Women have the right to vote. Women also have the right to petition to remove their right as well. If the women who petition to end suffrage are too stupid to realize what they're signing away, then they're too stupid to to vote imho.

Mitch Phillips : the guy video taping is my cousin

Gail Black : You should be ashamed of what you have done! Evidently you have no idea what the women suffragettes went through...some died to obtain the right to vote!!! What a disgrace! The women who were stupid enough to sign such a thing must have no knowledge, appreciation or respect for the women who fought for the rights we women now have. This is not fun! It's not all good and I'd like to kick your ___!!!

balkthor : Missed irony was missed.

psycho826 : he only went after the decent looking ones he didnt get any fat chicks