Bunny defeats Cleric Beast from Bloodborne with DDR Mat

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most vicious bunny rabbit, bunny the beast, has defeated Cleric Beast and won Basil and many kisses! for his previous kill check: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOi50Y3VrTY -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/luality


Baka 9 : Bloodborne speedrun any% rabbit only when

Borim Maibe : The prey has become the hunter.

Luca Cammarota : "the perfect bunny doesnt exi..."

Robert Harrison : Holy shit. I said it as a joke, didnt expect this to happen 0_0

Crowmanhunter : There are some days where you're feeling down and you just need something to brighten your day, but you don't know what. This was that something. Thank you.

Eggplant Edwardson : No more excuses for people who suck at the game and blame everything but themselves

xAndrzej42 : She is so patient. She will be a great mother, or at least a sniper.

Nilo Ferraz : now i want to see this vicious bunny kill the blood starved beast without armor,guns,wepons,no items, final destination, fox only

Comrade Justin : A bunny has achieved what 50% of the people who played bloodborne couldn't

Geo Cucuta : This is the Bunny from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

zamplify : Git gud 🐇

SethDa Onii-Chan : I can't wait to see what that bunny is gonna kill next.

Mark Baker : really, I get super exited when I see your videos in my notification bar. absolutely amazing work, as always.

Aaron Jasper : Your bunny actually killed cleric beast quicker than I did first time On a dance pad

Brandon H. : Breed this rabbit and take over the world please. Thanks.

A. H. : Most bloodthirsty bunny disguised as a floof in the world!

TheLuckyPotato : That's no ordinary rabbit! That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!


Google Account : Watch. Her. On. Twitch.

The Pagan : You know i was joking about that right? Lol

No Name Brasil : Oh my God, bunny can kill Clerical Beast, and i can't....Nice, really...im impressed!!!

Neurotic : Can the bunny come help me with some bosses?

CoolTrainer: VaultBoy-39 : @#$% it, I'm done! A Hotot rabbit on a dance pad is a better SoulsBorne player than I'll ever be!

W Ferris : Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne.

PaperPlanesParadise : lol, hilarious.

Cthulhu The Great One : We were born by the bunny Made men by the bunny Undone by the bunny FEAR THE OLD BUNNY

sebastian duarte : Best hunter ever!

g g : tonight rabbit joins the hunt ;)

HE13272326 : Next up: Bloodborne speedrun by Bunny

N1njawo1f295 Saiyan : Ok that's legit one of if not the most amazing thing I've ever seen

Catzilla von Annika : My rabbit can't do that. That must be some breed of super rabbit

Alexander Sigalaev : Bunny the great humiliated cleric beast so completely. Outstanding performance! All hail Bunny the great!

Makoto : This is just... What's next? How far can we go as a community?

Luhcs Grimm : She's already mastered the game on dancepad, and now so much disrespeK to the bosses she killing them with a bunny

Bocaj : Thank you for this. Also give bunny a treat for me.

Isolation 117 : Twas’ the rabbit that killed the beast

Marcus Ha : Clearly this is one of the best youtube channels ever. No doubt

0a : i feel personally attacked watching this because a bunny is better than me at bloodborne

guts dragonslayer : The bunny play better than me 🤣🤣

Alex Fevralskiy : Nobody: Cleric beast: why won't you dieeeeee Also cleric beast: screeeee

dmxred94 : This is no bunny Its a BLOOD STARVED BEAST

мιку вσυηту : Can't wait for some PVP with Bunny Rabbit. x)

Toa Ryanonicle 2 : Oooh....please.....help ussss...ughh...an unsightly (cute) beast....a great terror looms......Luality's bunny is coming!!! Have mercy.....have mercy upon us.....hhahahhahahhahhaha....

Shadowfox young : When a bunny on a dance pad is better than a "game" journalist

Lord Kapkan I : And they say that human are the most evoluted creatures in the world.

Alessandra Caffè : Un saluto dall'Italia, ti faccio i complimenti, per favore fai altri video con il tuo coniglietto!

Stephanie H : This is how games were always meant to be played.

Primus 001 : Me: Bloodbourne an DS are impossible! Bunny Rabbit: Hold my carrots

Sven Weyand : Good job bunny 🐰✊🏻 This must be some sort of record 😁. Well done