Citizen Bowie - Space Oddity (FOIP)

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IF YOU ENJOYED THIS, PLEASE THROW A LIKE ON THE FACEBOOK VERSION! *** Using the new FOIP (Face Over Internet Protocol) system in Star Citizen, I created an homage to the great David Bowie. Mocap performed with a Logitech c922 Pro Webcam. Please enjoy and share!

Comments from Youtube

DJ Shocker : This would have been a WONDERFUL way for the devs and Chris roberts to announce that FOIP was working. Imagine displaying this at CitizenCon?

Dade Vinci : The clapping is hilarious

pmcollectorboy : When you try to enjoy the music video but you keep getting distracted by the space rifle doing... odd things.

confuseatronica : The system map is flickering in a most a peculiar way and the lighting is looking very different todaaaaay (as compared to 3.2.2 cause im not in the ptu damnit)

Maneck van Daik : Respect, I love it... Mein Name ist Maneck van Daik, UEE Citizen Record # 340297 // END TRANSMISSION

Lister-of-Smeg : Only 99 likes? man you rocked this, well edited and shot, can't wait for the next video, how about Bohemian rhapsody ;-)

DutcH Montana : Brilliant that should definitely be some sort of an official game trailer or something many props 👍

HisNameIsJoel : Absolutely utterly fantastic

Rhys Clement-Evans : Glorious. When RSI have refined 'face over IP' they should licence the song and do a promotional version of this.

skunkyTM : 1:25 show me your 'O' face

David AE Levy : I've been listening to this song every day since 3.3 PTU dropped, so glad someone did this, thank you

SharpEdgeSoda : 1:27 is when it just really works and really cracks me up.

Apollyon78 : Nice Job... CIG should pay you for making them a commercial. Then the owners of that song can sew for royalties and copy right infringement. Then, broke and destitute, you can live out the rest of your life as a homeless man... all the while remembering that you made an AWESOME youtube video. Cheers :)

Major Tom : lol

Luis : Awesome!!!. This was really creative. Upovoted!

splurg123 : I wanna see this make citizen highlight. Literally could not stop laughing.

Crystal Dawn Unlimited Inc. : Nice job. I do hope you do some more. Following just in case you do.

Le Département Hope : I laughed. Quite a lot. Well done!

BuzZzKiller : ROFL I've been waiting for someone to do something like this!

Tarek Said : oh god... this is absolutely amazing, yet unnerving at times and hilarious throughout :D

UltiEd : THIS IS AWESOME! You just added some awesomeness to one of my favorite songs of all time. And also, bonus points for that creepy smile when he claps lol

That Random Guy : The real "project" all that backer money was going to. At least it made me laugh.

DIMENSIONS Design : wow...all I can say! Quite the project! Next, Rocket Man by Elton John

skater15153 : This may very well be the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time.

ARGΩNAUTA : JUST AMAZING how it works with a good calibration even in early stages. And what a song.... wonderful <3

Geo Tsak : Lol as corny as this was, I got chills during the countdown... very nicely done :$. Love the finale!

Saiwolfie : Truly well done. Shot size, framing, frame shift, good use of cinematography in general. As the tech gets better this will too. Thank you. Always loved this song and always loved work like this video. Clearly a good deal of thought put into each shot choice. Bravo.

curzon176 : That grin at 1:25 got my thumbs up.

Chuey Damanz : I think you did a great job editing and using your environment and the new FOIP. Great job and I am going to share the hell out of this.

Hurricane Moon : 21st century schizoid by king crimson next please!........bravo good sir...bravo... rip david bowie aka ziggy stardust

Emil Mango : I knew this vids were rolling in. Like it. Merlin love <'3

iDabble : you made starcitizen great again for me. thank you.

John R : That was perfect, very well done!

Kevin Parkerson : Best part is when he starts firing weapons at the end... those facial expressions 🤣

On se dit quoi ! : You sir have made my day thank you !

voodoochild1975az : I am PISSED that someone thought of this before I did.... Awesome vid... great demo of this technology

Fredericko Estrada : I was mesmerized

Exsulator : Man you really need to do Elton John Rocket Man!

bloood12 : Congrats fellow Citizen ;-) like it a lot!

Paul Spiller : just amazing! well done sir.

Thor Hammer : LoL, outstanding! 👏👏👏 Oh, and have a subscribe!

mmceorange : Oh my f'ing god... brilliant and hilarious (and creepy)

Br0k3n M0nk3y : I frakkin' love this. You are a mad genius. Thank you!

Rakuida : I miss Bowie so much :( thanks for this

Vokun do Dinok : Yeah, I dont think this'll ever get old.

dave wright : this is crazy , my name is dave , my handle is shotgun (close ) and I love bowie … yeah this was ok :)

Nussschoko : Nice.... Give us more of this :)

Black Manx : Great job! I can't wait to see your next video... "Love in an elevator" by Aerosmith. After the introduction of the female model, of course.

Sventer : Clearly the starcitizen community is an older one