Norm Macdonald Last Stand Up on Letterman
Norm Macdonald just barley holding back tears during his last Letterman appearance

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timwins31 : Anyone who is a fan of Norm will understand the insane magnitude of this clip. Norm really isn't a sentimental guy. He's extremely stoic. Seeing that much emotion from him, even when he was clearly trying to control it, speaks volumes to how important Dave really was to him. It was so goddamn beautiful. I've been a Norm fan for a very long time, I've seen far more of his material than most. I honestly think this is Norms greatest moment. This was Norm the man, not Norm the character or the comedian. You could even hear in Dave's voice how amazed and touched he was. Such an excellent moment. I'm glad these two got to share that and that we got to tag along. I guarantee it was one of those moments that no one who was part of it will ever forget.

JohnLoCicero : Why am I tearing up as if I have a stake in this?

Ben Pole : I only discovered this old chunk of coal about a month ago. Never have I searched so many clips of one person since my porn addiction.

Sloth55Chunk : I'll tell ya what. that Germany seems like a real jerk!

MoeGreenesEye : One thing I've noticed about Norm is he likes to get up on a stage and tell jokes

MrRictusGrin : Wow. Watching Norm get choked up was really touching.

Stuart Otis : "You'd think the war would take about 5 seconds, but no. It was actually close." That kills me

Bedgypooks : "now stay tuned for James Corden" Nope.

Connorgc28 : May go down in history as one of the purest and greatest stand-up comedians of all time.

Jake Marsing : For my money, this is the best standup set ever performed on broadcast TV.

Louis Hessey-Antell : This video has the worst ending I've ever witnessed; "stay tuned for James Corden".

WickedSharp 001 : I cried from the moment Norman cracked. sincerity... something you don't see everyday in hollywood

September2004 : It's something special when you can say the same punchline 3 times in a row ("The World") and get a big laugh each time.

jim macrae : This is a really emotional moment and nobody will take it away from him, unless he murders his wife and a waiter.

WhyYou : Norm would have been a better choice over Stephen.

shredBucketheadshred : This Norm MacDonald......he Told offensive Jokes,we swore, he gambled, This guy made fun of serial killers that ATE CHILDREN...I mean this guy was a real.................Legend

cc92103 : When people want to laugh, they watch comedians. When comedians want to laugh, they watch Norm.

Gonçalo Moreira : i never thought i would lived to see norm macdonald chock up in emotion ...

Ricky Stauffer : Subtle. Smooth. Natural. Confident....Adam Egret is none of these things.

Dezrt : 7:25 "and I...loved standup" makes me wanna cry, so much raw emotion here

Charles F. : Now I feel bad wasting all those years watching Jay Leeno.

Richiedabull1 : The greatest 8 min set ever.....Norm Macdonald is the funniest man alive....first you cry from laughter then you Shed a tear for real.....the great man.....the only Norm Macdonald

Craig L : 5:08 - "I don't know if you guys are history buffs or not..." - Classic, classic Norm MacDonald.

Dane Draws : 7:15 The LSD flashback finally kicked in

HyperSloth : "You'd think it would take about 5 seconds for the world to win, but was actually close!"

Will W : "Big acid" 😂😂....and that Germany bit gets me every time. Classic!!

Anthony El : The ID joke is amazing

Medieval Dead : This is by far my favorite Norm MacDonald moment. After 25 years the man let his shield down for one night.

KMD : You can tell that Norm's entire set was written specifically for Dave. As a guest you could see Norm light up whenever he got a good laugh out of Dave. Same as when he would go on Conan.

Mike G : You can see norm holding back tears. what an amazing man..

Weedz420 : "Who do you think you are ... Mars or something?" -best comedian of all time

la patria o la tumba : Lets make fun of Hitler and his WORLD WAR II by: -Not saying his name. -referencing another world. -the other world is named after the god of war. Mic drop ...walk out.

Brandespada : "In the future people will be going like 'hey, you wanna see 100 thousand pictures of my great-grand father?". This had me convulsed with laughter!

Amy Scott : I think about this Germany joke more than maybe anything else in my life. Flawless.

Will Thompson : If I knew I had 9 minutes and 25 seconds left to live, I would probably call my family or something, but I would first seriously considering watching this.

Adam Staunton : right at the end; "stay tuned for James Cordan" Nah

Will Thompson : I think that ID joke might be my favorite joke ever. It's so simple.

Winnson : He really hit it out of the park. Norm was always gold on Letterman. Thanks for this.

Severe Enjoyment : Incoming exaggeration (but not by much): Norm Macdonald may be one of the sweetest, most earnest and genuine men to ever grace this existence or any other with his presence.

Max Media Company : This just proves to me Norm is the funniest man who ever lived. The bit about Germany was as good as any I've ever seen. Wow just wow

sweetlogo : I love you Norm. See you next month at the Brea Improv. Perfect birthday gift.

Gordon MacRae : Shit that's just start to finish as good as anything gets

scrubl0rd : 'Now stay tuned for James Corden'. That line makes me cry. Television will never be good again.

Joseph Charles : This clip contains everything that is good in us.

The Shotgun Shogun : Norm MacDonald getting choked up shows how much he loves Letterman.

SoundboyEric : comedy is strange. like when patrice died, if you're a fan of comedy you felt something some of us cried, some times its emptiness but damn i dont know what it is jack

Brian Kish : "on account of...." I love how he slips in outdated expressions.

Terry O : That was great!!! Norm was perfect, I never saw him get emotional like that at the end of his set, you could see how he really felt about Dave. Dave was obviously touched.

Maximillian Osaben : Unbelievable stand-up set! And a real pleasure to see Norm's sincerity.