Norm Macdonald Last Stand Up on Letterman

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Bedgypooks : "now stay tuned for James Corden" Nope.

WarriorKing2233 : Man, think about it. 13 years old and watching David Letterman do stand up. Then growing up to become a stand up comedian and then debuting on the David Letterman show. Then, 20 years or so later you are the FINAL ACT on the FINAL David Letterman show. No wonder he was choked up.

Gonçalo Moreira : i never thought i would lived to see norm macdonald chock up in emotion ...

MoeGreensLeftEye : One thing I've noticed about Norm is he likes to get up on a stage and tell jokes

Sloth55Chunk : I'll tell ya what. that Germany seems like a real jerk!

JohnLoCicero : Why am I tearing up as if I have a stake in this?

Guido Flichman : well that caught me off guard for a second I thought he was just joking around... such a sweet guy, if you look at how his expression and his posture changes, it really does seem like turned into that 13 year old Norm for a moment

NeilG0 : Thats a walk off Home Run done in comedy.

Weedz420 : "Who do you think you are ... Mars or something?" -best comedian of all time

itbsteve : More Horseshit from the big acid company's...god I love Norm

Stuart Otis : "You'd think the war would take about 5 seconds, but no. It was actually close." That kills me

Louis Hessey-Antell : This video has the worst ending I've ever witnessed; "stay tuned for James Corden".

MrRictusGrin : Wow. Watching Norm get choked up was really touching.

biscuitdave : Professional comics were all over Twitter saying this was the greatest set they'd ever seen.

Jake Marsing : For my money, this is the best standup set ever performed on broadcast TV.

John gatti : That was genuine as hell....straight from the heart.

WickedSharp 001 : I cried from the moment Norman cracked. sincerity... something you don't see everyday in hollywood

shredBucketheadshred : This Norm MacDonald......he Told offensive Jokes,we swore, he gambled, This guy made fun of serial killers that ATE CHILDREN...I mean this guy was a real.................Legend

Tuesday Money : Damnit. I cried. How unbelievably sweet.

Mark Marsh : Norm's been mocked for getting emotional in this appearance but SO F**KING WHAT? ... a guy can't tell a friend that he loves him?

K G : Norm McDonald is the greatest man ever.

Brooks Carlson : Norm is one of the funniest people out there.  His bit about Germany had me in tears.

WhyYou : Norm would have been a better choice over Stephen.

Chris J : Norm is one underappreciated Hollywood talent. I get that his humor may not be for everyone, But personally I think he is one of the quickest and most brilliant minds in comedy who doesn't get nearly the respect he deserves. Just my opinion. Take care and peace. The Identification bit damn near had me in tears. I know he can be hit or miss at times, but Damn, when Norm is good he is really outstanding.

Craig L : When I feel life sucks and I need to detox, I watch this clip. Seeing Norm offer himself to Dave with no pretense makes me cry like a stupid baby.

Dennis Mackey : " I dont know if you guys are History buffs or not...." Classic Norm subtelty.........He is a master at His craft!

Frankincensed : This is one of my favorite TV moments. Norm is so funny and I've NEVER seen him get emotional and then Dave's response. This is real TV. But Norm wasn't the only one who got emotional their last appearance. Goes to show just how important Letterman was to many people. Good stuff.

bbookzable : "who did they go to the war with?" .... THE WOOOORLD!!" "anya figure that'll take about 5 seconds for the world to win but actually it was kinda close......" Just amazing delivery.... Norm is one of a kind.

John Thorne : Talent hits a target no-one else can hit. Genius hits a target no-one else can see. Norm McDonald: genius.

6laderunner : Norm is an unheralded genius.

RatSausages : First he had me crying because I was laughing then he had me crying because he was crying

BAppleJuice : His intro/outro music was Bob Dylan's "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go"

Jeffrey Wendt : Somebody gotta feed them hogs!

Thumping Thromnambular : Stuff that makes you think the world's only half bad.

Linus Hall : It's like watching Nixon cry.

JD Miller : Wow. I've never seen Norm like that. This is amazing.

Greg Castetter : I think I cried the hardest at the end when I heard "Now stay tuned for James Corden"

bobdylan80 : Gotta love Norm MacDonald, the bravest, funniest comedian I've ever had the pleasure to hear. This almost made me cry. Being from Germany, I loved the joke about the Germans. The line "I dont`t know if you guys are history buffs or not" is an instant classic.

THEJIGGADREWSHOW : Norm is incredible ..Somewhere in between Gandhi and O.J. Simpson..

Connorgc28 : May go down in history as one of the purest and greatest stand-up comedians of all time.

Best Bout Gaming : David didn't necessarily like everyone he interviewed but I think he appreciated Norm as their mentality and style of comedy were very similar. I would have pictured MacDonald easily being the successor to Letterman for the show

Offret9719 : I came here to laugh, not to feel.

Johnny Elkazar : Norm Macdonald is a great comedian and, somehow, an even greater person.

The Tiger Driver : Norm is one of the most underrated comedians of this time or any other.

Dezrt : 7:25 "and I...loved standup" makes me wanna cry, so much raw emotion here

gardenvarietypenis : Best SNL Newsman ever.

Doryphoros : Norm is the definition of a classy man.

GearsDemon : That germany shit was hilarious.

mercytoday : That was the sweetest man. Just when you think you cannot like Norm anymore you see this clip.

Bilbo Batista : gratitude - something we should never forget