NVIDIA Slows Performance in New Drivers

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NVIDIA Drivers 399.24 vs 416.16 on GTX 1060 6GB Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 - (36% OFF) https://goo.gl/2jg81G Games : Forza Horizon 4 Assassin's Creed Origins - 01:15 Project Cars 2 - 03:04 Shadow of the Tomb Raider - 04:01 Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 06:46 Far Cry 5 - 08:06 Kingdom Come Deliverance - 09:12 The Witcher 3 - 10:21 System: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7 8700k 3.7Ghz GTX 1060 6Gb 16Gb RAM 3200Mhz


GodLikeMeAgain : My next graphic will be AMD I will never buy NVIDIA again.

supe kami : I hate nvidia. MAKE RADEON GREAT AGAIN !

digvijay_warrior : Disappointed with GTX 1060 i was fool sorry AMD.

TheRedDaren : That's because right side of frame takes more jpeg -Nvidea(probably)

Last Ouji : This is why i use intel hd

Caleb Able : Next they'll say "it was to improve the lifespan of the product."

Tai Tran : My friend told me Driver 391.35 is the best driver for GTX 10th series

Jamal : Nvidia released gimped drivers now and will remove it, so people think it was a "bug". Nvidia waits couple of months and will release the gimped drivers again. They are doing it since the GTX 700 Series.

ツBen-Luca : Am I the only one who likes nvidia 🤷🏽 but that with the drivers like Apple to tell us buy a new card

Nick Salvatore : “Wow the new graphics cards aren’t much faster...” (NVIDIA downgrades 10 series) “Wow 2080 is so much better!!”

DavidBladeX : My friend said if i download a driver from geforce expirience i will get alot more fps

SirPano Cf : Nvidia going to steal 1 fps from you each month until you say “damn, my game is slow. Time to buy a new GPU.”


elcriC tcefreP A : I don't think this is anything new. I remember spending a whole day downloading drivers from nVIDIA's website to assess which one was the best for my card, a GeForce 5700 FX, back in 2003-2004. I did the same for ATi cards I had, like HD 2600 in 2008 or so. In most of the cases, the best performing (and even stable) driver was never the latest one. I don't know exactly why, but I suspect it has to do with drivers optimization for new graphics cards, as I don't see companies spending time to optimize software for old/older hardware. The way I see things is that they don't deliberately slow performance in new drivers, they are just simply optimized for the newest hardware (and this goes for both nVIDIA and AMD).

Eli. V : Wtf???

Nub Ogrodowy : My next GPU will be from AMD. .|.. Nvidia

Robert VanZant : I seen this in the 1080ti as well !!!!! Reverting to old driver

valen tino : Apple : "do you want to become a trillion dollar company? Try this" Nvidia : "hell yeahhh... "

RFI-Crypto Lab : Once I upgraded my gtx 1080 ti it can about 11% slower. They want you to buy an overpriced RTX! Nvidia 🖕

Devil Jin : Fuck nvidia

Alvaro Rodríguez : Im a little scared i just bought a 1060 which are the best drivers?

Gizmo Mogwai : 12 minutes video and 5 YouTube ads? Seriously??

اسم لا : nvidia bad fakuyo

ROMERO : Nvidia : get a new gpu its amazing Me : im still getting 60+ fps with my 10 series card Nvidia : new update Me : still gettimg oh wait

sergio gaido : To solve this buy a 2060. Thats nvidia way

Ziraf : My next vga is rx 580 not gtx 1050TIsuxk

Jade[d] : THANK YOU. I'm not the only one.. My 1060 would body save the world during massive hoards, and now I can barely hold 40 fps during hoards. Just 3 days ago, I was doing the same type of mission with no issues...

All about Games : This is nothing new from Nvida. Thats their normal move when a new gpu gen is released. NEVER BUY NVIDIA!

Caleb Able : Now my intel HD4400 graphics just got proportionally better compared to the Nvidia 10 series.

bob jones : Wow, nvidia=apple now. Great...

Alba : Got a GTX 780 with the newest driver After I installed the old driver (375,70) I got 50-60 more fps in games I swear.

nutella4eva : Before grabbing your pitchforks, see the response by Tech Yes City. He offers a pretty valid explanation for the difference in performance.

Lucas Dharma Dursi : The best cards are the R9 series, i have a R9 280x and i run all games in 1080p, 60fps and High/Ultra settings depending of the game. The CPU is a i5 2500k stock with 8gb.

Music4 Gamers : I buy my New pc in this winter,I want a gtx 1070 but after this video im gonna buy amd GPU and CPU

Noor Khan : 'create a problem sell a solution' solution = RTX

Oh Exzy : I dont get it why the new driver has lower fps?

BiT Noticias : Ca poha.... Nvidia capando 10fps a menos em comparação a versão anterior do drive

Marshall Alexander : Lol, mine works exactly the same

Petar Staynov : What version of Windows 10 are you using? 1809 has spectre/meltdown patches that affect Intel CPUs. Maybe your performance loss is due to them and not the Nvidia driver.


Habieru84 : I just did a benchmark on 399.07 and 416.34. The system is an old i5-3470@4.2Ghz, 16GB DDR3@1600 and a GTX 960 2GB. All tests ran on 1920x1080. Unigine Valley gets about 2 FPS increase on average, didn't have time to run the full benchmark. Superposition benchmark score went from 5292 to 5339. Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark using the medium preset with FXAA gets a overall score bump from 67.88 FPS to 72.37 FPS. The 416.34 beat the old drivers on all the tests in this particular system.

AEIDOLONE : Can fully confirm the downgrade in Project Cars 2. Less FPS + frequent stuttering in online racing which was way less to none existent in 399.XX drivers!

Anero : the newest drivers + fresh windows dont hit it as good If nvidia would like to slow down gpus they wouldnt let you roll them back and would force you to them Its all up to the users if he wants to download it so

Gunna : Video is proven to be incorrect. Please redo this test with the same version of windows 10 without it updating pls.

WannaCRY Ransomware : Nvidia logic: newer drivers = worse fps

Bastion Technology : Good job testing different driver versions. nVIDIA does stop optimizing their previous gen GPU unlike AMD.

Akash Sarkar : which is the best stable driver?? i am using nvidia 417.35 bt it gives blue screen of death while using adobe products

Romodorok Steinberg : My next graphic CARD AMD

Artur Kołdys : I have new RX 580 from week. It cost cheaper then 1060 and is more productive. Bite me Nvidia. :P