Persepolis Music Scene
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A small scene from the movie Persepolis, 2007. Hell yeah, Iron Maiden.


Isabeau : I love marjane she is so epic.:)

revenge : lol, the Michael Jackson pin on the pink jacket. 😂😂😂

iluan Hernandez : They were steping on the mines so the tanks wouldn't be blown get blown up... It's stupid, but if you have many men and very few weapons it's afordable.

trickster3696 : she a shrewd haggler

Psychopath : "Dying as a martyr is like injecting blood in the veins of society" How's that at all effective in war? I just see a bunch of kids without weapons running out into a field and getting blown apart. We're winning this war by using mass suicide, 'cause dying is totally how you win a war!

44R0N : @tWiStEdTeMpTaTiOn94 that doesn't sound ANYTHING like "Number of the Beast" to you? @IronWinged it could be, but I hope there was more to it than just that. The film was very deep and poetic otherwise, and it's hard for me to believe they just mangled an Iron Maiden song to save some money after all the other great work they did with the film.

tWiStEdTeMpTaTiOn94 : I just wanna say... the song title is "Master of the Monsters." Iron Maiden never did a song like that. In fact, any Iron Madien fans should be able to recognize that's not their style in the video.

44R0N : I believe they chose to re-imagine a young girl's first impression of what Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" sounded like to her for the first time, having not yet learned English, and after having lived in a war torn country all her life. I remember hearing Slayer for the first time at the age of 12, and thinking it sounded like the audio track of a war movie. Or, it could be that she got ripped off with a cheap cover band, but I like to believe it's the former.

Moyetito : @plsf67 Master of the Monsters but I think is not by Iron Maiden

dashmojtaba2 : the time of song was very short and i cant recognize its title anyway i wonder if anyone tell me what is that ?? special thx from iran

leah919 : i love this movie.

plsf67 : What the title of the song?

Love Red : video

Олег Волегов : на айрон мэйден что-то не похоже

Freddy Pedraza : Jichael Mackson, coming one day

Cook moore : Oh, yes!

Maxx : Merci mr horny

anti-trolls Official : Punks no mueren!

Luke S. : That's not Iron Maiden xD

Camilo Alegria : 1:38 <3