Watch This To Hear Her Describe Life BEFORE 1900
98 yo woman in 1979 talks life in 1800s

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I wish I had more of this. I wish I had been smart enough as a young filmmaker when I did this back in 1979 to realize the incredible history that she was so able to articulate. The time before the telephone. Before the radio. Certainly before television. The time when she traveled by train and trolley and horse. The time when people essentially stayed in their own towns and didn't travel much. The time when the telephone was a device where everyone in town could hear everyone else speaking. I found this old 16mm workprint in my basement and digitized it not knowing it would be as wonderful as it is. I recorded this for a television special I was making in 1979 called “the information society.” You can see the entire 1 hour film on my YouTube channel by searching it although I did not use this clip in the film.