Google Science Fair Styro-Filter Summary Video
Three teenagers found a way to turn styrofoam into carbon water filters for a school science project

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An innovative process to convert Styrofoam waste into activated carbon for purifying water.


deadmeh : Maybe we will get a decent paper on this when their parents write on and stop shoving their kids into the limelight. This solution is probably pretty shit, tons of greenhouse gasses get created and the end product isn't amazing compared to current methods and products.

Harry Masters : You need to build a machine to do this

john cruz : Share molang?

Jay Dee : Grey Matter Technologies?

Charmaine Yeap : Thanks for sharing.

Billy W : Have you considered the energy cost to produce this? Is reforming styrofoam into a carbon filter economical? What kind of pollution is released from this? Are there contaminants, possibly molecules in the finished product that present a potential health risk? This is a really good idea and projects. Definitely an interesting way to reuse styrofoam if it proves viable.

mudfly3 : 400 degrees for 5 hours ? thats not free I can tell you that ... where does that energy come from ?

Syed Salman : Great idea! styrofoam is everywhere ! im from Bangladesh and we have a huge problem with pollution.. this can solve a big part of the waste crisis here ! bless you kids ! maybe someday people here will use your invention to purify water .. which also is a big problem here, lack of drinkable water

Ana Michel : Why do you had to treat it twice under the heat treatment?

cybercroneca : Wonderful work, you folks. Hope you will move ahead with this and not sell it to someone who will bury it for their own profit. Keep us informed.

Julie Ann Racino : Congratulations to the Google Science Fair participants, and the budding scientists that will make the difference in the world. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, Section on Science and Technology in Government, 2018

Infinitely Malayalam : can you please share that table displayed.....

Gwifitz : I just want to applaud all the brave people in the comments dissing a project that 3 teenagers worked on! You are truly heroes! I'm sure you all accomplished so much in your life and all have so many smarter idea than those three right?! Thank you all so much for your contribution to society! By the way, very cool project kids! I hope you can find a way to refine the process and make it available to the world! We desperately need more smart ideas to save the planet!

jacob mueller : Awesome!

Charlemagnificent : @Ashton Cofer If you want to make a big change, make a processing plant in flint Michigan. You may get subsidies on top of the subsidies for clean tech, if you can economically clean the water.

Anna Nieves A : nice job like

Yavuz Baysal : So you burnt Styrofoam, sounds great for the environment/s

Boris Baconstein : Fail on patenting process. This should be open source.

Kevin Sørensen : Isn't activated carbon made out of wood though

John Schlicker : Why are we not funding this!!! I hate Styrofoam for the simple fact that almost no one recycles it.

Steve Coetzee : how ?

kevgret : we want to save the world... but first let me patent the process and profit...