Cat meowing very loudly ( Very Angry Cats )

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Comments from Youtube

Cranberoo : They're obviously trash-talking each other. But it's clear that the orange one is telling the other to back off.

fox runner : the other cat is like don't fight

Jai K : its like the cats in the background wanna yell out "WORLD STAARR" so bad

Raouf Khe : the third cat sounds like : oh there is a fight there is a fight

Devito D : Why is it that whenever two cats are about to fight, there is always an extra cat in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hula Hula Saturn : 1:14 Another cat tells why they're fighting.

corteygrif : looks like they are solving some issues they had on the past lols

Colt Seavers : They're not meowing, they're getting ready for a big fight, but the ginger cat defintely looks scared.

bax323 : And the broom wins.

bri : When you're on you're period and someone doesn't leave you alone.. XD

Liv Catwoodd : That cat in the background at 1:05 he just looks and was like, "Nope" and walks away :')

FNaF Squad : 1:39 when gotta sweep come thru like *IT'S SWEEPIN TIEM*

Gacha _Gamer_Queen101 : THERES A BATTLE BETWEEN 2 CATS! ORANGE USED ANNOYING! it's not very affective Browns used tough guy it's super affective! Orange used MAGICAL MEOW! not very affective.. Browny used small attack it's affective A NEW OPPONENT APPROACHED! New cat used "oh there's a f7ght, THERES A FIGHT!" not very affective Browny and orange used meow not very affective.. A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHED! Broom used attack! ITS SUPER AFFECTIVE! Orange was knocked out! BROOM WINS! (Pokemin XD I'm sorry)

The Nightmare : I used to hear this sound sometimes in my old neighborhood. It was horrible, you could hear them like a block away. Then the other night I heard it outside, and there were some cats in the driveway doing this. The next morning there was fur all over the driveway.

SpiderGwen StarWars : You can tell a cat is mad when it's tail fuzzes up.

FNaF Squad : 1:39 liek if u heard MREOW-FAK

AnnaIsNotABanana : I love how the brown one just keeps slowly walking forward lmao

Marco Presti : TOP 10 anime fights stopped before it was too late

Neverduft [2nd account] : XD the ending, I'm fkn dead

Redfoxx : Cat saying “Onore” @0:08 😂😂😂

Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy Vishnubhotla : I, kinda ROFLOL when I saw the 3rd cat entering the warzone😂

LilyCanadian : WHY DOES THE BROWN CAT KEEP GETTING CLOSER! its just asking for whatever happens lol

Saavcin : play this with a dog reaction ever

DAB on haters LOGAN PAULER FOR LIFE MAVERICK MERCH : Person who touched the cat with the broom is smart. They prevented a fight between the cats from occurring.

Buddy : I showed this to my cats and they started at first scratching my phone, then they staryed hugging me...

Wandi : the 3rd cat be like, "hey 'sup fam? okay i'm outta here"

Thiago da FanFalcon : Olá, +1 Inscrito, parabéns pelo canal, sucesso e abraço.👏👏👏👏🔔🔔🔔✌️✌️

Leathur Rokk : Why did someone take out the broom?  (I love your cats!)

Mabar with Haya : wow nice video you're already I subcribe and like ... and do not forget to subcribe behind .. #sempak (more compact)

david skipp : That is funny cat fight

Catherine Dewilde : Fantastic video !! Enjoyed watching(✿╹◡╹✿ !!Thanks for sharing my friend :-)) Regards & Blessings Catherine_Belgium Wish you a happy weekend☘

Gilbert Noreau : My cat jumped on me and search for the cats after loll

Aaron Fenton : 1st cat (black) potential striker for arsenal 2nd cat Wenger 3rd cat fans

Kai The Nugget : Third cat: "Hey, please stop. Can't we just all play nicely in the litter box and cuddle at nap time?"

Naveen Kumar : Teacher: Tell me Alex How to stop cat 🐈 fight? Alex: Hit them with broom. Teacher: That's correct.

Poke Piano : 1:14 comes a another cat :D very funny video! Thanks for upload this video! You win a next sub !

DolphinOfFire : When she's on her period and you just want a good night kiss

U. N. Youth : My cat scared when it hear this video... LOL

Midnight Turbo Foxy : a cat that belong to a neighbor in thailand frequently visit me at where I'm staying for the time being meowing and walking around me

Krawna : Notice how it's the one who is the most vocal is the most scared/insecure/defensive Humans work similarly. The person who's truly confident won't go out of their way to show it

Xica Pavão : Is it going tô be a date, a fight or a friendship?..kkkkk⚘😘

ItzJessie XD : My kitten just... was like: Wtf... a fight so wht? I was like: Omg a 'Cat' Fight...

cheemz : I was watching this video and my cat was looking everywhere and meawing 😂 he go so scared omg

Danielle Machado : When your boyfriend cheats on you

Tiara Walker : The Real house wifes of Cats Ep:1 S:1 Orange cat and brown tabby looking cat starts yowling

MMN TWO : The cat was like *_YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!_*

Future Girl : Does this remind anyone of Warrior Cats for some reason? I love that series so much! Lol and that guy ruined the video. Oh my gosh why did he do that XD

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Bigo Live Beauties : wow, amazing video. I subbed your channel already. Stay connected. Cheers