Cat meowing very loudly ( Very Angry Cats )

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Colt Seavers : They're not meowing, they're getting ready for a big fight, but the ginger cat defintely looks scared.

fox runner : the other cat is like don't fight

corteygrif : looks like they are solving some issues they had on the past lols

Gagry's world : hehehe nice video

Yapan Adam : bir adım daha atarsan diyor ama...

Devito D : Why is it that whenever two cats are about to fight, there is always an extra cat in the background 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

DAB on haters LOGAN PAULER FOR LIFE MAVERICK MERCH : Person who touched the cat with the broom is smart. They prevented a fight between the cats from occurring.

Jai K : its like the cats in the background wanna yell out "WORLD STAARR" so bad

DolphinOfFire : When she's on her period and you just want a good night kiss

Colt Seavers : Arghhh ! Why did you stop the big fight ?

:/ : When you're on you're period and someone doesn't leave you alone.. XD

Cranberoo : They're obviously trash-talking each other. But it's clear that the orange one is telling the other to back off.

Raouf Kakashi : the third cat sounds like : oh there is a fight there is a fight

Captain Candlehead : 1:14 Another cat tells why they're fighting.

Nikki N : The ending lol

aydın şevik : HEHEHE :)

trinity roadie : cruel to hit a cat with a broom, sprinkle some water instead.

Harris Xafar : there are so many peoples dying frm hunger on this planet and no body cares... if a cat hit by broom and everybody looses there mind

Liv Catwoodd : That cat in the background at 1:05 he just looks and was like, "Nope" and walks away :')

The Nightmare : I used to hear this sound sometimes in my old neighborhood. It was horrible, you could hear them like a block away. Then the other night I heard it outside, and there were some cats in the driveway doing this. The next morning there was fur all over the driveway.

anil kumar : 3rd cat what happened fellas

Swoost : anyone know why the brown cats ears are pointing up? Does he think he can win a fight and is trying to look bigger and intimidating

Nermin Yuksel : 14.891.abonenizim kanalıma bekliyorum çok güzel vidyolar ellerinize sağlık

Nermin Yuksel : 7.700gibi like başarılar

İğne ve Tığ Oyaları : destek için kanalıma beklerim

Music is the Key to the Soul : Nice video✿⊱╮ Love, peace and joy to you. Subbed

高橋みかげ : Very Angry Cats What is interesting  ♪('∇^d) nice☆!!video ♥¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫ 👌#4295

Bob Gymlan : Mason Ramsey died his hair?

MegaBojan1993 : Now make a sequel: Angry cats meet angry birds :)

China Cheetah : 0:08 Anyone else hear the cat say, "Annoying"?

Fenesi Peter : A simple grammar and dictionary of the cat language   The cat language is very similar to the human language (Hungarian language) but they speak faster and quieter than the people. Cats just like people use words with a definite meaning. Cat’s words usually normally contain of one, two, three or four sound. (Vowel or consonant), but rarely five or six. If multiple words (form sentences) the number of words usually no more than four, rarely five. Cats speak especially much with their offspring, this means that a part of their education happens verbally. As I realized the meaning of some cat words and started to use them, my cats got chattier. They spoke to me slowly and louder.   Hungarian language alphabet contains every sound what cats use. I write cat words by Hungarian letters.   Cats use these vowels:   a - like that á but one octave lower pronounced á – (a) like in the word “what“ á: - (a :) like in the word “last“ e – (æ)] like in the word “bed“, “cat”, e: - this is a vocal similar to the e, just longer é – (e) like in the word “get”, “generation“ é: – this is a vocal similar to the previous, just longer i – (i) like in the word “ship“, cats do not use long (i) o – (o) like in the word “hot”, “box“ ó - this is a vocal similar to the previous, just longer ö – (ə) like in the word “third“, ő – (ö:)this is a vocal similar to the previous, just longer u – (u) like in the word “wood”, “took“ ú – (u:) this is a vocal similar to the previous, just longer, like in the word “fool“ ü – for example éöüö   Cats use these consonants: b, h, j, k, m, ny, r, v. b - like in the word “bird” h - like in the word “hot” j – like a first note in the word “young” m - like in the word “man” ny - like in word “new” r - like in the word “red” v - like in the word “vein”   Cats use three long consonants: h: r:  m:. The b, h, j consonants are rare, but there. e: -  underline indicates that voice cat pronouncing lower than the previous one Cats use two dual sound (um), (üm) for example (um)má, (üm)ré The speed at which they are spoken, and whether they’re repeated or not, have an effect on the meaning of the words.    A short dictionary:   á: (a:) - an invitation to play áá (aa) – no, not á é é (a e e) (staccato) – I want to go out, I'd step out urgently á é u, á á u (a e u, a a u) (staccato) – went into urgently, I want to come in urgently áu (au) – a protest, an expression of dislike áu: (au:) - go inside, go up, come in áu:á (au:a) - come down, jump down áe (aæ) – thanks ee: e (ææ:æ) – I'm bored eö (æə) - eatables é (e) – yes é é (ee) – no, not é é é (e e e) - get away, it escaped, it ran, it flew éá (ea) – greeting, hello éá: á (ea: a) – rejection of friendship éá:r (ea:r)– expression of friendship, flattery éu  (eu) – I don’t want to go out éáu (eau) – go down eé: (æe) - water, urine, urinary hmé: (hme:) - threatening with attack ié (ie)– I want out (strong demand), go aut iju, iju: (iyu, iyu:) - help, mother já: (ya:) - yes má: (ma:) - I love you, love me, love máá: (maa:) – milk máé (mae) – I love you too má é (ma e) – let me be má:r  (ma:r) – flattery máu:  (mau:) - call for help, cry out me? (mæ?) – what? What you eat? What you want? me e (mæ æ) - give me more to eat meé (mæe) –thirst me á é (mæ a e) – lack of water, asking for water meöeé (mæəæe) – dry cat food meme (mæmæ) (spoken fast) – sparrow, bird meö (mæə) – meat, meaty food mrá: (mra:) - come here mráá: (mraa:) - protect me miá (mia) - expression of content, expression of satisfaction mijáu, mijáo, mijáou (miyau, miyao, miyaou) – expression of hunger, demanding food mou: (mou:) - offering food, spoken hoarsely: boasting about a killed bird mre (mræ) – call to attention mrué (mrue) – follow me mué (mue) – come muer (muær) – what’s going on with you? murá (mura) – fish nyá, nyá: (nya, nya: ) –  I’m here, listen to me nyáé: á (nyae: a) – eat! nyáu (nyau) – jealousy, expression of discontent nyáu nyáu nyáu (spoken fast) – don’t come near my food öe (əæ) – what are you doing? How are you? ööé (əəe) - What are you doing now? öráu (ərau) – please come rá:b (ra:b) – mother cat calls for her kittens r:eö (r:æə) – kitten calls for it’s mother röö (rəə) - rmá:, r:má: (rma:, r:ma: ) - don’t be afraid, everything’s OK rmeö (rmæə) – mouse rnyáo (rnyao) – dangerous dog, danger rvá (rva) – accusation, blame uá, uá: (ua, ua:) - stop it, you can’t do that, I do not like it u:m: (u:m:) (with closed mouth) – threatening, less threatening as a growl vá  (va) – no vá é (va e) – no yes, not realy váo, váo-váo (vao, vao-vao) - no, I don’t want that váu (vau) - beloved dog üh – what? what did you say?   é: (e:) - out, outside u: - inside               The meaning of some words might seem the same, but we can assume that there are nuances in their meaning. Their precise meaning is still to be discovered.             I use these words to communicate with my cats. They understand these, so they assume that I can understand their language. Because of this they often start speaking in long complicated sentences. When they notice that I don’t understand them they’re disappointed.             It’s hard to understand long sentences, because when they use them they stand still, so I can’t guess it’s meaning.             My tomcat is called Iju. When he wants’ to come in he sais Iju á á u – Iju wants’ urgently to come in. This is a sentence of two words.             I hope that during a longer observation there will be situations that will allow me to uncover more of the cat language. It’s amassing how open and chatty cats become once you start talking to them in their language.   Peter Feneshi   Cat language dictionary 2: Cat language dictionary 3: Cat language dictionary 4:   (older versions) Cat language dictinary:   Hungárian: Állatok vokális kommunikációja: Macskák vokális kommunikációja: Macskák vokális kommunikációja 2: Kutyák volális kommunikációja:

Ricardo Siqueira Marques : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

rose SKERRETT : You can tell a cat is mad when it's tail fuzzes up.

The Universe EZ video : Time for cat ...

Christian Hickman : Hits them with a broom 😂😂😅😅😅

Daniel Diosdado : At the end tho😂

JADOLİVE - Cesur : Çok güzel kanalın varmış lütfen böyle videolar gelsin *BAS GAZA* • ABONE OLDUM ^_^

Jack son : I thought the cat at 1:05 was going to join the fight

K A R O L A : this is so good!

Terra - Agar : Gosh.... Their power levels are rising!

:/ : WARRIOR CAT REFRENCE!! Firepaw: YELLOWFANG FOR THE LAST TIME LET ME GO TO THE CLAN GATHERING! Yellowfang: Firepaw, You need to get cleaned up, here let me groom y- Firepaw: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

FATHAN KC : 1:14 dont Fight, i want to get accros

Justin Hill : Mortal Kombat: Feline Edition

IIS1CKN3SSII : Sounds like my dads car when he revs the engine.


Adriana Frankenstein Takdire şayan : Ikisinide yerimm 🤗🤗😘😘

Genç Oyuncu : türk

Wolfgang Dibiasi : haha i love how they were meowing and then the third cats comes like "meeeooowww meeeoooowww" :D

Daniel Grant : This is obviously fake

Yankeerex : The referee should've break it up a lil sooner. Don't you think? lol