"Rage Clown" Original Song by Tay Zonday

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Marcotonio : I like how this song can apply to both sides of American shit-flinging politics. Just like back in Chocolate Rain, the message about building bridges and curing the divide is kept consistent and poignant.

Wale Oyenekan : Nice hair and jacket/shirt the music was amazing tay 😊❤

Teresa D. Lee : I wish this song had an animated music video. Somebody who loves to animate should animate this.

DeadlyLegend : Why must your video's be so criminally underrated?

Skyern Aklea : I was thinking about CHOCOLATE RAIN this morning, so I gotta listen to it and I see you've released a new song ! And guess what : It sounds pretty cool ! Nice one dude. ;)

Jumpy Cat : My sources make me comfortable, so I spend more time looking at videos by Tay Zonday.

Paul The Trombonist - Trombone and Music Producer : Wow! That was intense. Loved it. Melodic and really love the personality switch. Never have seen that type of effect before on a video and its badass. This would be a perfect number in a musical. Tay you should write a musical! Thumbs up if you all would go to a Tay Zonday Musical.

Sarankan Sriskandarajah : we arent ready for this yet, its too much

faffytunes : Nice one Tay Zonday still making original different songs

örkki : Zonday's originals are the best!

AWSOMUS LATEST : Chocolate Rage....😁

Flurpes : Who actually listens to this unironically?

Ana Banana : Lyrics are bombbbb hold me daddy

Ashley Streach : Another great original! Keep it up Tay, I'm really feelin it's!

Trix Malone : You're a damn beautiful man, Tay. Love your mind, sweetie.

Kelsee Smith : Tay literally has not aged at all. Also, still amazing.

CanadianCatDog123 : This is great.

1337w0n : I can't believe Tay was secretly Trump the entire time.

KitsyX : This was a really fun song ^_^ You seemed a bit stiff in your singing performance for about the first half of the song... you seem to almost always have a bit of trouble with that, although you do still have a great voice and you usually hit all the notes and everything... It'd just be cool if you relaxed a bit more... During the second half you seemed to have gotten into it more, but it may have been disguised by the effects... I dunno... I did feel it got better in the second half though. [Edit: on second listening, it seems better, I'm not sure why... Oh well lol But yeah, I still think you could do with singing parts of it smoother, though it is still good to have some staccato in there as well. First few lines of a phase smooth, last one or two lines then punctuating with the staccato? Just an idea, no biggie ^_^;] Regardless, I really liked the song and quite liked the last one too. It'd be really cool if you could get a bit of help on the production side (making a great song into an amazing one), but no biggie. Keep up the good work!

Jarren Hunt : The body language here destroys me xD lmao. Stay Golden Tay. Swag.

Vinnie Sims : Well sung.

Aeolus702 : anyone ever tell you, that you look like jeff goldblum a little bit?

C.P. : Yup that is the mentality of a lot of extremists lol,

John Wilkerson : This song sums up social media quite nicely.

jordan chaske : good song dude and I also like the chocolate rain song you should do A chocolate rain remix

BvsMAcosh : I love it when you do original songs.

El'Capitán : Nice song, I have now an earwig xD

Pokesus : thia guy have the most beautifull voice in the world, is angelical all time.

imapieface : Makes me think of Rhett and Link's old 'Clown Shark' Song

Heimdallur Rig : Better than the new shitty pop music.

Hitherto90 : Tay Zonday hasn't changed in 10 years. GG Tay, GG.

Jason Ó Súilleabháin : Political rhythm, with a punch to the point. Nice one Tay :)

Shay Fabrizio : What the hell


PoA Scorpion : I've been refreshing my screen for a beautiful masterpiece it was worth it.

William Morse : "I'm a rage clown, because I'm angry all the time." Oh really?

skeeter : I listened to this while angrily shoveling snow off my driveway.

zie mij gamen : Contact random encounters and ask if you can be a guest please!!!

Anonymous Person G : He’s still around😃

roadchewer PE : Just started it and i already like it....

Monte Taylor : Here's another one of your songs that i'm going to listen to for a few weeks without stopping

Dave's Nature Productions : This is really good! Defiantly speaks to me about the current state of social media. The sock puppet parts reminded me of your "Crash into Weird" video, which I haven't seen in years. Going to go watch that now.

bl00dycl0wn : nice track tay ! and a good message about the dangers of staying in your own echo chamber and the sock reminded me of your "crash into weird" video from years ago which is a personal favorite of mine

Jacob McNeely : Mind = blown, is this real life?

MetalFox : Some of your best work!

Benjuxx 2303 : no chocolate rain no life

Josie Beaulieu : Is that TSM_Myth?

TigBits McFlufferson : Whenever I need to find someone more cringy than me I just come here. Works every time.

David Cumps : This is probably your best song. Not yet on Spotify?

Ivan The Terrible : nice social commentary