SWITL picks up sauce without changing it's shape #DigInfo
After 8 years SWITL is still one of the most magical devices I wish I had a use for It can pick up and set down liquidsgels from flat surfaces without disturbing their shape

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SWITL Moving Sol-Gel Materials While Preserving Their Shape http://www.diginfo.tv/v/11-0121-r-en.php DigInfo TV - http://diginfo.tv 7/6/2011 FOOMA JAPAN 2011 Furukawakikou SWITL


squattystx : bill clinton needed this for that one time

LionNez Wolkenreiter : Skynet is evolving.. and soon it's about to.. Ketchup

AlexReynard : The longer I watch this, the less I am able to comprehend how this is even slightly possible.

ag.onewheel XR : That meat sure looks like hand towels..

Not Gay Bear : Great for planting evidence and staging suicides.

Falling : Can we please get an extreme slow-mo version of this video? Like, 10 thousand FPS?

Rec0rder Mast3r : I need this so I can perfectly separate an Oreo's filling from the cookie

Daily Dose Of Internet : Thank you!!!

Ramz : I would love to see how this machine works on Slow motion on Slow-mo Guys

James Chua : well parent who has new born babies and pets will celebrate with this technology. no more picking up pooops. or cleaning up puke.

Bastion : that ain't no meat, those were frikin pink towels xd


Kanye's Roblox : If I ever get my hands on this I'll use it to put sauce on people.

deathstreaks : and they say science and magic aren't overlapping

RoboTekno : Does this work on computer keyboards? :-)

Sad Jupiter : lol, 1:50 "This allows sol-gel products to be handled without stopping the conveyor." *conveyor stops*

MrTNT013 : Which kind of black sorcery is this?

Allahisgay Mohammedthefalseprophet : WHOA THATS AMAZING!!! what should we use it for?

Noah Stone : They did surgery on a sauce

Michael : dealing with dog diarrhea will never be the same again

Some Other Dude : The real reason the japanese invented this machine is for bukkake cleanup.

rejjibi : how did I end up here

Mark Arandjus : ...so who's gonna tell the Japanese that towels aren't meat? I think they've suffered enough.

Lord Sandwich : I haven't figured out exactly why I need this, but what I know for certain, is that I definitely *do* need this.

lon lom : Someone from Daily Dose Of Internet ?

bobi wu : Im amazed that this thing came out like 8 years ago

jonassx100 : does it work same on Semen

Roderick storey : I always wondered what the application of the hand held device shown at the trade show moving ketchup actually was , and now i know the thing that looked cool doing a task that couldn't previously be done or even be required was just to look cool. The business applications of meat packing and dough handling on a production line makes perfect sense , and I wish them all the best in selling the technology .

The One : Picking up girls without them noticing👀🤷🏻‍♂️ Or leaving bed without having to feel like leaving the 🛏

alexander casal : now pick it up from a carpet

simon cao : wonder what the material of that platform is 

Giani Concha : "Production line without stopping the conveyor" *converyor belt stops*

PhantomPanic : But will it pick up the hot chick at the bus stop?

mega ladon : This would make cleaning video booths very easy in my porno shop.

LuckyD : ''we just defied thousands of years of physics and kitchen nightmares'' ''im also very bored with everything and wish I could focus my genius on building gundams made of cannabis but our government forbids us to use nature's gift''. Yes mr japanese science guy, I feel your pain and can read your soul within your body language and your sorrowful eyes.

Matchbox Garage : This is amazing

Rich Davis : Person: uses tool to clean up sauce! Me: I can clean my own sauce!! Person: uses tool to put sauce back down. Me: 🤯

Watschnirpussycat : Youtube recommendations at it‘s best So happy I saw this

Timothy Azbill : That's cool could use it to put decorative icing on cakes

mark rush : i think packing boxes by robot has already been done....so has packaging meat.

Christopher Parsons : THE FINEST IN JAPANESE DABS!!!

Joel Robert Justiawan : Man. I wish I can buy this system. I am overseas. Indonesia. But this is cool and good! We want it sad emoji 🙁 Useful for one of my factory

Razur3 : i did not know i needed this in my life! o.O MY GAWD! SOMEONE MAKE THIS SHIT COME TO EUROPE NOW!!!  We need it here!

Anikolo 03 : They picked up sauce¡!!!!!!!

OscarMaris : at 2:25, you can see the machine fuck up and the guy standing next to it pushes the bag in like it never happened.

Kim Gud : acurate comment is acurate

ydnarmai : I need one of these for my masturbation station.

Generalfoley : What wizardry is this?!

Vekete : I'm pretty sure that was just an example