Rob Wolchek puts Rapper in Hip Hop Hotseat

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Joseph Meets Travel : Loved this story!!! Super great reporting! I'm binge watching all of your reporting!

Lloyd Christmas : Pathetix is a classic pathological liar with no conscience.

Brett C : Guaranteed still living with mommy. Should be calling himself Pathetic Edit: I posted comment before the living with mommy part came up! Nailed it!

ThatsDominican TV : this is the best thing on YouTube Right now lol... This is so corny/funny that it just works LOL

Galactus G : Him reading the interview is golden

Galactus G : You always know they’re guilty when they look at the evidence being presented like “whaaaa”.

Michael Anderson : guy's like that are a dime a dozen nothing new

ChrisMartGaming : POETX IN DA HOUSE... his mom's house.......... Rob's savage level is over 9000

Ben Randolph : If you ever start feeling bad about yourself, just realize there's a guy from your hometown who's still trying to become a Soundcloud rapper.

Al Strontium : These people are all dumb. You really thought it was a good idea to give THAT guy $800?

Jerome Alan : Don't scam. Don't claim to be someone you're not. Do honest business. Don't lie.

Kris Hammer : Tupac wouldn’t of wasted his time with this slim shady wannabe. And the mike drop at the end was poetic lol

JewBacca : Why would anyone sign a record contract with someone whos not Jewish?

Speedy : is it just me or does the rob guy have good taste in music for all his videos. lol

DD : Poet x in the house! His mommy’s house ! 😂

Rant Therapist : Rob is the most hip older guy I've ever seen.

Argh Double You : Bingeing this shit like it’s Netflix

waterside : "Well now that we know this guy is good" 😂😂😂😂 Rob is the man.👍

youngOG : He got 56 thousand followers but is following 53 thousand people LOL

Satanic Lives Matter : Poetx in da house... his momma’s house!

Silver Jaguar : Why would anyone sign with this bum that nobody ever heard of

MaxPro : I like these clips, but am I the only one who fears for Rob's safety? I've seen him get aggy with a lot of grizzly dudes.

Ted Miller : Rob Wolchek and Chris Hansen need to get a show. Could you imagine the two of them. EPIC!!!

Yung Mozzarella : Rob went in, even had that mic drop at the end LOL well done ya crazy old man

Saint Michael : Play stupid games and win stupid prizes. That applies to everyone in this video.

abacab87 : This guy should have a national show.

Michael Cook : Poetx, try Fakex. What he has, his momma gave him. Lol

I'm Sean Connery : Daaaaamn this guy's a con artist, and not even a good one!

Doug Layton : Facebook wanted a photo id to give him his password. Waaaat

MrNoSleep OSRS : you are my hero

Justin Martin : Rob for President!!

MaKaVeLi 087© : "Ok so he sued you and won..." "He did *not* sue me & *win!*!" "*dude* i'm looking at it!" lmao #dead

c bass : I thought they were saying Lil ranch

streeteats : Typical story when people pay up front for job and career help.

pullupseattle : Dudes a psychopath lol rob is funny

VH 5150 : “Dude, I’m looking at it!” Rob is awesome!

THE JACK HQ : Most dope ass mic drop in history by none other than..... ROB WOLCHEK 😎!

Leonel Ramirez : Why would you pay someone if they are suppose to be paying you. Good lesson learned for the rappers. Dont fall for these scammers.

h P : He should get shot

Blueshirt : The great part about Mr. Wolchek is that he doesn't take into account HIS interest or investment in a subject when figuring out what to report on. He obviously isn't a rap or hip-hop fan, but he sees someone out there scamming good people, and he treats it exactly like any other story.

Frank White : Just the title of this video alone 😂

LOST IN PSYTRANCE : His mom's house😂

Mr T : Scam artist in the hood ,say it ain't soo

Jay : For a moment there, I thought he was going to name drop Proof (RIP). He would have entered a new kind of shame had he done that.

DONT LOOK AT MY PROFILE PIC : 7:33 that might of been a 3rd grader insult but... That roast had me dying

sk8punk318 : I just about pissed myself when rob said "I signed a bogus azz contract" and the rest of that ridiculous statement

Brooke Lynn : Whenever I feel sad, I go back to this video and smile because at least I’m not Pathetx 😂

Limit AK : "I am a big shot" - standing outside his mom's apartment at the age of at least 35

HO LEE FOOK : Lmao... .hes dead now...THE ARTIST

starry nite : hip hop hot seat lol wtf