Japanese Surrender in HD Color 1945

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R. K. Vis : I would like to thank the United States Armed Forces for sending EVERY Japanese ship burning and crumbling to the bottom of the ocean. I thank the United States Armed Forces wholeheartedly for each and every single Japanese soldier, airman, sailor, and civilian harmed or killed. Every, I repeat, every Japanese causality and fatality was deserved. —someone from a country occupied, ravaged, raped, and brutalized by the Japanese

Brandon Chavez : Now where friends 🇺🇸❤️🇯🇵

Enlightened Dystopian : Everyone saying how we violated War Laws at the time can go fuck themselves. Don't bomb a military base and expect to be treated nicely in battle. I'm not trying to offend any Japanese, because quite frankly they are our greatest ally nowadays, I however am purposely offending Japanese Fascists, the ones of the variety who attacked the Giant of the New World. Let WW2 be a lesson to all who would threaten our union.

Tom Jones USA : Japan made a huge mistake attacking Pearl Harbor, they had their asses kicked and lost. After the war, who rebuilt their country ? Of course America. RIP to all the brave Americans and allies of WW2. Remember the March of Bataan too.

Fariz Yonathan Valensia : japan deserve the pain and lost. they were so cruel.

David Song : Go USA 🇺🇸

colderbeer : Wow.....I never knew that all of the USA's allies were onboard to also sign......awesome.

MacDisel1 : When you mess with the bull, you get the horns ! No apologies necessary! When you knock the hornets nest out of the tree, there's a real good chance your going to get stung.

Dan Sutton : The sin of pride brought the nation of Japan to ruins. They envied the West, and wanted to prove themselves worthy. Even today many are still too dam proud for their own good. Pride is deadly, and brings down entire nations!

Nugraha Palin : Nice video. It will be better if you could replace the strange background music with a narration or something else though. thanks.

The_Fortnite _Derp_God : U.S.A the strongest country ever. Like or replie if agree 💪💪

pegrathwol : Fascinating video.  I felt like I was peering through a porthole, looking directly into the past.  Well done.

Mike Miller : Nobody can mess with our navy, I am a navy vet. We kick butt.

Bob Zemko : Glad I found this piece, Awesome in color, I hope our young realize that this ended a war that resulted in 2 billion deaths. Hopefully, never again.

Truthseeker : Japan surrendered not due to the atomic bomb. Carpet bombing caused more Japanese deaths so they didn't care. It is the Soviet Union threatening an attack that made Japan surrender. China handled 6 million Japanese soldiers in the decades of WW2. US just come and take the credit. It was all a setup. The US is incapable of fighting any war if it is not pre-planned. The Iraq war was planned for more than 10 years. The equipment shipped to nearby Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran..etc. They just made it look like it was a sudden move. The US only won in the battle of Midway because the Japanese were setup and they knew it. They had no choice because the US , although pretending not to want to fight a war, is the planner behind it. It put an embargo on Japan and would not make a peace deal. All the deaths in this century is caused by the west. Vietnamese were educated in Europe. Communism taught to Asians by the west to divide people. Today , they have left the seeds of hatred between Palestine and Israel, Taiwan and China, North and South Korea, Ukraine and Russia. The US killed 3 million Filipinos, 3 million Vietnamese. Erased their language and culture and taught Koreans to forget their roots to rid of Han characters. Native Indians exterminated. Real Indians are divided with Pakistan. It seeded the hatred among Jews and Muslims, Iran and Iraq. The real evil are the west thinking they can dominate the world. It is imperialism. If we don't learn from it there will be more to come and people will die in all sides. Most in the west knows this. This is why they live in fear. They have enslaved the African people, S. American people. Made enemies all over the world. Now their economies are bad and Europe is breaking up. It is funny that a people who can't unite their own continents believe they can conquer the world. Besides the innocent they have killed. Countries have sanctions put on them. Like north Korea, Somalia...etc. Then the evil west comes and laughs at them for being poor. They brainwash Filipinos to hate others who has done nothing to them. They also do it to their own. The American public is largely dumbed down to interpret the bible incorrectly as a means to put fear in them and control them. They now demonize everyone while pretending to be the good force of the world. That is Evil in its very definition.

Dingdong : Top 10 Best Anime Endings

Xander Rances : i cud only imagine the relief evr1 felt in there that the war is finally over

FernandoMoreno90 : I do not feel sorry for the Japanese, they deserved it, their stubbornness caused those terrible bombings on hiroshima and nagasaki, if they had surrendered before, those acts would not have happened

Carlos Juan : VJ day is upon us again! Thank you USA!

earth rise : 一般市民を大量に殺戮した無差別爆撃は戦時国際法違反。The indiscriminate bombing that massacred citizens in large quantities violated international law in time of war. 無条件降伏文書に戦勝国として署名した全ての国々が、日本人の乳幼児を標的にした米軍による無差別爆撃に関して連帯責任を負うべし。All countries which signed an unconditional surrender document as the victorious nations should bear joint liability about the indiscriminate bombing that targeted the Japanese infants by the United States Armed Forces. 即ち、全ての戦勝国が戦争犯罪を犯したのです。In other words, all victorious nations violated war crimes.

Paul B : I'm currently reading the book titled Hirohito Emperor of Japan and it's fascinating. Seeing this video only ads to the fascination of Japanese culture and Hirohito himself. I'm almost at the end of the book and General McCarthur and Hirohito are about to meet for the first time at McCarthur's residence. I love it!!!

googogoo1 : Dutch lost their golden age by declare war against Japan. If Dutch sold Indonesia natural resouces to Japan, there was no Pacific War and Dutch remained their coloney. It's very very ironic. After the war Japanese volunteers got into Indonesian and Vietnam Independence war, they sacrificed their lives for Asians.

Kristian E : creepy music

*insert username here* : They got what they deserved for what they did, they were arguably worse than the natzis

Iminent &Bowman : Poor Germany they weren’t even invited


Escanor : Now the government of Japan is America's dog ..... hahahahahaha

TheTypical Type : Japan had no chance the military of Russia and usa were to powerful

mythesprit : They just surrendered to the atomic bombs. As a Chinese, even though I hate their heinous crimes that they did everywhere in my country, but I can’t figure out yet why people celebrates the Axis surrenders what were forced by massacring their civilians. It was shame on the whole humankind that the Ally did it in the same way with the Facists.

Seahawks Tom tom : The US and its allies won and Japan lost. Get over it. Next time don't start a war with the US. The atomic bombs being dropped on the two cities that was the right call. Better Japanese lives were lost than American and its allies. Get over it and learn from your mistakes.

Bentley Hidalgo : Whoever is saying the U.S. lost probably are not in the U.S. so get over it.

ዐብይ ለማ ደመረ : The day the new puppet created.

Jueece Inahoven : Japan should receive an apology for the instantaneous murder of 500,000 through 2 atom bombs, and 2 million through firebombing of Tokyo. We talking about civlians. Who gives a **** about overrated Pearl Harbor. The Axis suffered 10x times more, and as such deserve respect for all their efforts.

Sean Thurman : They wouldn't have surrendered without nuclear weapons or total domination of the island

philip dizon : We would be glad all humanity in world during that time when the japenese army forces including highest ranking was raise down their flag and surrender to US army as it witness by the world as the name of peace and end of war

CantFeelMe : A solemn moment in the winding rivers of history never before has this world witnessed such annihilation at the finger tips of men.

Jack T : Stunning video! Got nothing against the Japanese, those who commit the crime paid their dues. But to look for a perfect record in this fallen world is idiotic. Many times the choice is not between good and evil, its between a lesser evil and a greater one.

Sonny Lee : Stay white. Greatest race ever.

PorridgeCat : These comments are cancerous. Everyone who is saying, "The Japanese deserve every bit of it!" don't be such a proud American idiot. This happened 70 years ago. Sure, the Japanese did horrible things but what did the Americans do to the Japanese? Nobody ever talks about the carpet bombing. And don't forget the atomic bombs! Just remember both sides did horrible things.

Claeon : It's OK they still have Godzilla and the rest of the monsters.

godzilla691138AR15 : And finally...the war was over...

dragon master : Man i wish We could hear what they were saying.

Gerd Von Rundstedt : 10:35 that canadian general is very easy to see with his green uniform and red and green hat...

TheBagBalm : The surrender overall benefited japan economically. But it always nice to have more land.

Alipt Shrivastava : It must be so bad to surrender for ome's pride

Ghostlyy yy : gotta use nukes to win the game


Jeff Pehl : during the ceremony, all the other ships were at general quarters with all anti-aircraft guns manned because we still did not trust the japanese. that is why it took place abourd a heavily armed battlewagon and not ashore.

Zen Kun : On that day, humanity remembered....

Bill Williams : Now we are best friends forever !! Love From USA