The Rock Drops Big Surprise on High School Student Who Asked Him to Prom

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2019 isnt that far away : This is why people love him. He notices people more than any other celebrity.

ActionTv808 : Rock you the man! 💪💯🤙

Deepa Lall : All those people commenting on her collection, well may be that's all her parents allowed her to have, or that's all she can afford.May be she is a new fan and that's how much she collected.Why so nasty and jealous? I was allowed to put only two posters in my bedroom as a teenager so I had David Beckham's and Tom Cruise.That doesn't mean I still can't be the biggest fan.It's not how much material you collect,it's about how much love you have for your celebrity crush.

Yolo Polo : *Free food free candies free soda take unlimited friends* Katie- Takes whole class Class- Takes whole theatre food Theatre-Why Dwayne why😂😂

packrit : "biggest rock merch collection" Edit: I wasn't expecting this many likes

Wildan Karim : The more I know about The Rock, I respect him more and more.

Ki The greatest : You have to be younger than 21 to go to prom for all you creeps dating high school girls

Austin Rodarte : I earnestly admire celebrities who do these things for their fans!

justinjex1 : Thats cool. The Rock is a total class act.


Evan Ward : The the rock is such a wonderful person!!! Absolute great actor, father, and one of my favorite people all around!!!


Nely Ramirez : I should ask BTS as my prom

Just A Chicken Nugget : *"Woman, I am the cavalry"*

ChickenStripesLord : The collection is so small. Cringy as hell. The rock was cool tho

Sydney Gayle : Awwweee... That is so sweet... I really didn't know Dwayne was such a sweet person... tGsm....

Kakashi Hatake : Nice acting though

Peabody and Sherman Vlogs : I HAVE THE BIGGEST MERCH COLLECTION, there’s like 2 shirts

gundam fan : What a legend!

Bradley Williams : The Rock is such a nice and kind man!!😁😁👍

Madd Hatter : That’s cool of him

El Crítico : Don't do it! She jailbait! You're bigger than this. ;)

a d e n : i live in maple wood

gundam fan : I actually enjoyed rampage. Thought would suck as I was 15 when I started game. But was so good go see it 👊

Curtis Branham : This Is cringey

Kay Xtr : This is why people love Mr. Dwayne so much

Kean Cabrillas : She just turn red like her shirt. Thats sooo awesome!

B l u r r y : Dwayne is such a nice man

jesse younog : He made her day and thats awesome its was also a promotion for both his movies so its a win/win kinda haha

Yelitza Perez : I live for Dwayne his nickname maybe “the rock” but it should be “the heart ♥️ of gold”

dakritic : That was awesome. Congratulations

Zohra Mim : After all he is a very big hearted man. Cool

Whoop Whoop : Awe! The rock, rocks!! Lol 😂


Lemon Knuckles : She called The Rock a she lmao

tw03hawks nype : Awwwwww!!! Love this absolutely made me cry, big rock fan! 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😊 hope she fully enjoyed her prom!

Cyber Senpai : Boy my English teacher has over 72 (as of last year) pictures and memorabilia of Dwyane Johnson in her class

MuteKrabby : What a man, top dude. Appreciates his fans.

SlimeBear McGuffin : Such a big mercy collection!!!

RoS TV : Such a big collection

Alex Bratcher : Yeah, totally huge merch collection lmao

Samantha Ramirez : When she said she's from, Stillwater Minnesota. She reminded me of Jonah Marais from Why don't we. I should ask him to prom when I'm a senior. Any LIMELIGHTS HERE?!??!??? 💖💖👏🏼

Jagsir Singh : Rock for next president 💪🏽😀

Clorox Bleach : This is why Dwayne Johnson ROCKS!!!

Manuel Bohne : I have the biggest merch collection, shows 5 things😂😂

cool guy044 : Aweeeeeee

Joel Hernandez : That was an awesome gesture

emma bo bemma : ...And when I thought he couldn’t be an even better human

Mozarky : Rock is the best....

Khabib Nurmagomedov : Yup that’s definitely the biggest merch collection...😑