The Rock Drops Big Surprise on High School Student Who Asked Him to Prom

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Jane Lane : This is why people love him. He notices people more than any other celebrity.

Deepa Lall : All those people commenting on her collection, well may be that's all her parents allowed her to have, or that's all she can afford.May be she is a new fan and that's how much she collected.Why so nasty and jealous? I was allowed to put only two posters in my bedroom as a teenager so I had David Beckham's and Tom Cruise.That doesn't mean I still can't be the biggest fan.It's not how much material you collect,it's about how much love you have for your celebrity crush.

Christy Laverne : You ROCK man❤️

Wildan Karim : The more I know about The Rock, I respect him more and more.

ActionTv808 : Rock you the man! 💪💯🤙

Nicole J Santana : She's a lucky girl

Clorox Bleach : This is why Dwayne Johnson ROCKS!!!

Nitasha Nitasha : Awe! The rock, rocks!! Lol 😂

Manuel Bohne : I have the biggest merch collection, shows 5 things😂😂

milliexfinn : "I have the BIGGEST Dwayne Johnson merch collection!" shows like 5 items. love the video tho lol

packrit : "biggest rock merch collection" Edit: I wasn't expecting this many likes

creeperface : The Rock is so nice. This made my day. The fact that he notices a single fan out of millions just because she asked him to prom is just awesome

Diana Castro : Wow. That's the world record for merch 0:33 😒😒😒

Just A Chicken Nugget : *"Woman, I am the cavalry"*

xLeah_ MSPx : If rock noticed me *Run around my whole house and neighbors house saying I JUST GOT NOTICED!*

dakritic : That was awesome. Congratulations

MooseMoose Animates : This is why dwane is my favourite celebrity! <3

KindOfKiller101 McGuffin : Such a big mercy collection!!!

justinjex1 : Thats cool. The Rock is a total class act.


Curtis Branham : This Is cringey

TheOfficial JenaRamzy : I love this vid, but, why would she ask a grown man to prom? 😂😂😂 but he's so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Samantha Ramirez : When she said she's from, Stillwater Minnesota. She reminded me of Jonah Marais from Why don't we. I should ask him to prom when I'm a senior. Any LIMELIGHTS HERE?!??!??? 💖💖👏🏼

gundam fan : What a legend!

Joel Hernandez : That was an awesome gesture

TheRetroRocket : She forgot The Rock WWE action figure

SugaKookiesandTae :3 : I should ask BTS, iKon, NCT, and Stray Kids


Mozarky : Rock is the best....

Another Teenage YouTuber : 0:20 Lilly Singh would beg to differ...😂🤣

Treeno : Wow that was a very convenient not so subtle advertisement for rampage, these old dried up celebs are so desperate to “go viral” i really hope this girl is an actress and her original video is not genuine

Khabib Nurmagomedov : Yup that’s definitely the biggest merch collection...😑

gundam fan : I actually enjoyed rampage. Thought would suck as I was 15 when I started game. But was so good go see it 👊

Kelsbells G : Aww she looks happy

Micha UwU : ME (but instead of Dwayne Johnson, it's Alex Turner)

Hannah Faze : *Yeah such a big mercy Collection yeahhh so big 🤧🤧🤧* So big bro 👍🏾

Heaven Williams : He dose not want to go with her

MuteKrabby : What a man, top dude. Appreciates his fans.

Tia Maria Yacoub : I love him Like if u love him

VenoumusGammer : What a bad ass. God I love this guy

Gabrielle Warren : Aww he is so nice

escotg GAMING : 0:35 I have the *BIGGEST* Dwayne Johnson collection.! *has 5 things*

Jagsir Singh : Rock for next president 💪🏽😀

Bellaa : Adorable😍

Momo Vlogs : He was an actor in jumanji

whyjordie : This is the cutest shit I’ve ever seen

KindOfKiller101 McGuffin : Wow she went to the movies for freaking free!!!!!!

emma bo bemma : ...And when I thought he couldn’t be an even better human


Sights of Northern Ireland : "Biggest Dwayne Johnson merch collection" Two t-shirts