Full Metal Jacket Speech

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Today, you people are no longer maggots! You are Marines!

Comments from Youtube

em23 : RIP gunny

AllAmericanWiseass : RIP R. Lee Ermey. Passed away this morning. At ease

andy milonakisjr. : Marines die,,,thats what were here for, but the Marine Corps lives forever... and that means you live forever. God Bless the USMC

Anthony Cevallos : Private Cowboy's cover is way too small. He's gotta get that squared away.

Al Mirria : The Gunny has joined his post in Heaven with Chesty as his CO

Sam Rader : You will live forever, Gunny.

Christopher Markunas : Semper Fi and Happy 240th Birthday to all of my Brother and Sister Marines, Past, Present and to Come. Once, Always, Forever.

TheCoolProfessor : I can only imagine the immeasurable pride every Marine must feel as being part of a very select group of American patriots God bless the United States Marine Corps and God bless each and every Marine who wears and has ever worn the uniform!

Alonzo Sanchez : I Try To Use This Motivational Speech Throughout My Everyday Life

Legendary Father : Marines die, that's what we're here for. But the marine corps lives forever and that means YOU live forever. Rip Gunny you live forever with the corps.

Hakashi 57 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey “The Gunny” 03/24/1944 – 04/15/2018

Luis Noone : Rest In Peace R. Lee Ermey 😭😭😭

RetroTony1959 : Semper Fi USMC 1978-1986 0311 forever

Jack the Gestapo : they said fmj was an anti-war movie, but dunno why its actually kinda looks like a recruiting propaganda of USMC to me....

Tim Jones : why am I watching this on terminal leave

Randy Cheow : Press F to pay respect

phoon : GOD has a HARD ON for marines

NamVetBuck : Being one of the brotherhood at age 17 on graduation day was the proudest moment of my life !

Lyle Plummer Jr. : Every Marine is your brother.

Saved By Grace : From Tarawa, Inchon, Da Nang, Con Thien, Khe Sanh, Beirut, Iraq. Hell yeahhh!!!! God Bless the USMC!!!!

What a weeb : Tanya

cfx5000 : You Sir, will live forever.

William Drylie : In September 1970 I was no longer a maggot. I was a Marine, and a PFC out of boot for being the range high shooter. Semper Fidelis Brothers!

The Great Guitar Man 2003 O_o : RIP R Lee Ermey. He is an honorable veteran and an actor. Good bye Gunney Hartman. 😢😰😓😥

wildmann23 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey.  aka Gunny.  Former U.S.M.C. Gunny Sgt. / Veteran & known actor in military & history movies.

Brennt Ramoutarius : You will LIVE forever sarge R.I.P

Naga Hitam : Tanya Degurechaff deliver it Better

George Washington : Marines never dies.... They Regroup to hell and fight against the demons

Brandon Zuniga : ‘Most of you will go to Vietnam... some of you will not come back’ The most realist quote I ever heard.

RocksChosenWarrior3 : Rest in peace R.Lee Ermey

Ivanator The Great : Tanya Hitloli's speech was heartwarming and motivational!

Nicola Vivarelli : You live forever. Pure emotion. God bless US marines and all veterans. From Italy

arianaalioth : Happy birthday MARINE CORPS!

Bernardo Lesourdmuet : RIP SARGE !!!! always, forever, almighty, a real badass !!!

Chapel Tibet : Thank you. Gunny, now helping to get things done in Valhalla.

natskivna : Semper Fi Gunny. Rest in Peace 4/15/2018

Chaika? Yes, Chaika. Chaika : [Spoilers] Youjo Senki - Episode 5 Discussion

Bill Bright : And even then Sargent, still a U.S. Marine.

will Nelson : Fair winds and following seas gunny

No Pe : RIP Gunny. Thank you for all that you gave to our Country.

JCAliberty82 : R.I.P. Semper Fi

ZombryaTheDark : you marines will live forever. to Valhalla

Sonny Red : My father says this is the Marine Corps. bible.

King Dedede : top 10 anime speeches

Manfred Schmidt : They told us the same: "A german fighter pilot will be shot down, but the Luftwaffe will fly forever! That means YOU fly forever!"

kneelz s : RIP On another note. Fingers not curled, bounceing all over the place, no one leaning back. Get on'em Gunny!!! 😎

Timothy Brown : R. Lee Ermey died yesterday

Billy Midnight : Rest easy "The Gunny" Semper Fi.

Dj Tapatio : Cried my eyes out after hearing “marines die that’s were here for” while watching this scene after his passing