Full Metal Jacket Speech

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Schaeublone : "But the Marine Corps lives forever, and that means, you live forever." RIP R. Lee Ermey

em23 : RIP gunny

AllAmericanWiseass : RIP R. Lee Ermey. Passed away this morning. At ease

andy milonakisjr. : Marines die,,,thats what were here for, but the Marine Corps lives forever... and that means you live forever. God Bless the USMC

Sam Rader : You will live forever, Gunny.

TheCoolProfessor : I can only imagine the immeasurable pride every Marine must feel as being part of a very select group of American patriots God bless the United States Marine Corps and God bless each and every Marine who wears and has ever worn the uniform!

Al Mirria : The Gunny has joined his post in Heaven with Chesty as his CO

Anthony Cevallos : Private Cowboy's cover is way too small. He's gotta get that squared away.

Christopher Markunas : Semper Fi and Happy 240th Birthday to all of my Brother and Sister Marines, Past, Present and to Come. Once, Always, Forever.

Luis Noone : Rest In Peace R. Lee Ermey 😭😭😭

Jack the Gestapo : they said fmj was an anti-war movie, but dunno why its actually kinda looks like a recruiting propaganda of USMC to me....

MegaBojan1993 : I feel bad that St. Hartman got killed in the end by that lunatic :(

phoon : GOD has a HARD ON for marines

Alonzo Sanchez : I Try To Use This Motivational Speech Throughout My Everyday Life

NamVetBuck : Being one of the brotherhood at age 17 on graduation day was the proudest moment of my life !

Hakashi 57 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey “The Gunny” 03/24/1944 – 04/15/2018

Legendary Father : Marines die, that's what we're here for. But the marine corps lives forever and that means YOU live forever. Rip Gunny you live forever with the corps.

RetroTony1959 : Semper Fi USMC 1978-1986 0311 forever

Coy Isom : There is ex Army, Ex Navy and  ex Air Force  There is only Marine.  Ooo Rah

Saved By Grace : From Tarawa, Inchon, Da Nang, Con Thien, Khe Sanh, Beirut, Iraq. Hell yeahhh!!!! God Bless the USMC!!!!

wildmann23 : R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey.  aka Gunny.  Former U.S.M.C. Gunny Sgt. / Veteran & known actor in military & history movies.

Randy Cheow : Press F to pay respect

cfx5000 : You Sir, will live forever.

ZombryaTheDark : you marines will live forever. to Valhalla

America 81 : From a U.S Navy Sailor Veteran Served 8 Years 2007-2015 (R.I.P R. Lee Ermey 🇺🇸😞😢😇) !!!!! My Grandpa 👴🏼 was also a U.S Marine 1952-62 Military Police he’s 86 nowadays he’s a Retired Cop since 1996 🇺🇸😎

RocksChosenWarrior3 : Rest in peace R.Lee Ermey

Naga Hitam : Tanya Degurechaff deliver it Better

What a weeb : Tanya

Brennt Ramoutarius : You will LIVE forever sarge R.I.P

Lyle Plummer Jr. : Every Marine is your brother.

William Drylie : In September 1970 I was no longer a maggot. I was a Marine, and a PFC out of boot for being the range high shooter. Semper Fidelis Brothers!

Iafiv Iv : 'Marines die,that's what we're here for'.He's actually right at that part statistically speaking the marines have had the highest average death rate in wars since World war 1.You could technically say that in WW2 the merchant marines had a higher death rate but they're a special case.I follow the pragmatic view that merchant mariners of WW2 are vets for the simple fact that they were trained to defend their ships and equipped for that role while also providing all the help needed to the Navy Armed guard on board the ships.If you're armed in a war and you shoot at a combatant that makes you a combatant as well.Anyway going back to the marines on average they have a higher death rate in wars than the other branches of service.So yeah marines do tend to die at a higher rate than others.

The Great Guitar Man 2003 O_o : RIP R Lee Ermey. He is an honorable veteran and an actor. Good bye Gunney Hartman. 😢😰😓😥

Blue : god bless the poor brainwashed souls that go kill and die so the corrupt rich can get richer

Chaika? Yes, Chaika. Chaika : [Spoilers] Youjo Senki - Episode 5 Discussion

Tim Jones : why am I watching this on terminal leave

will Nelson : Fair winds and following seas gunny

Bernardo Lesourdmuet : RIP SARGE !!!! always, forever, almighty, a real badass !!!

Timothy Brown : R. Lee Ermey died yesterday

No Pe : RIP Gunny. Thank you for all that you gave to our Country.

JCAliberty82 : R.I.P. Semper Fi

Ivanator The Great : Tanya Hitloli's speech was heartwarming and motivational!

arianaalioth : Happy birthday MARINE CORPS!

natskivna : Semper Fi Gunny. Rest in Peace 4/15/2018

Steve Fowler : This is one of my favorite movies and even though it has scenes that are absolutely spot on, it also has many that are complete B.S. My graduation day was somewhat different then depicted here...I went thru Parris Island in the summer of '75 and on graduation day our DI's said our Battalion Commander wanted to speak to us...we had seen him only two other times during training but even the DI's were scared of him....the rumor was he had been at Chosin Reservoir. Regardless, he was the hardest Marine I ever met. We get called into a school circle like this scene, except everyone is on his ass, no standing in school circles...our platoon had a bug sweep through it and though it was mostly gone, a few recruits still had a cough. As our Battalion Commander starts speaking a couple recruits cough, he stops until they are done coughing and restarts, again a couple recruits cough...He then stops and states in a deadly emphatic tone; If one more of you Mother Fuckers coughs while I'm talking I will personally take the entire platoon across the street and PT you all to death". At that we all gave the offenders the 1,000 yard death stare too and thankfully no one else coughed. As to the Battalion Commander's "speech"...it was short and not so sweet: and I quote, "You aren't real Marines, you are only BASICALLY trained Marines...you won't be real Marines until you sneak up behind the enemy, grasp his face with one hand and slit his throat with the other and feel his warm red blood run down your arm" (Platoon 329, H Company, 3rd battalion, summer of '75...I spent two years in The Corps on a combat arms contract, 0311 in 2/7 and briefly 3/1 then enrolled in Engineering College. I just retired in February after 32 years as a multi degreed Engineer (B.S.C.E., M.S.E.E.) with Lockheed Martin...Semper Fi.

Ryan Harris : "Today you are no longer maggots" lol

Dirty Bon Scott : Rest easy "The Gunny" Semper Fi.

kneelz s : RIP On another note. Fingers not curled, bounceing all over the place, no one leaning back. Get on'em Gunny!!! 😎

Crash Override : Rip gunny oorah.

! ObamaTookMyCat ! : he didnt call them pukes.