TempleOS: Terry Responds to the Haters

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Terry A Davis responds to the haters who don't understand how TempleOS works, and how he wrote his own compiler and OS in under 2 megs. Also he calls out the CIA. RIP Terry A Davis, the smartest programmer who ever lived.

Comments from Youtube

Benjamin Switzer : 64gb RAM, 16 cores, 2mb OS

Abu Hajar al Shami : 2.1 NIGGABYTES

meathead919 : The Google interviewer told him "Sorry dude, we can't hire you. You'd literally be the smartest guy in the company and we we can't have that".

Silica : To be fair, you need a really high IQ to understand templeOS

kira : FuckYou.dll

Tom Wimmenhove : This is literally the most modest programmer that ever lived.

Rayaxe : I wrote an Assembly language compiler, with my own assembly codes/mnemonics and a pseudo virtual machine for it to run on in with a high level language language once. It was a fit of autism that took half a year away from me and almost made me shoot myself during the alpha testing. So I can say with confidence, this man is the smartest programmer alive

FUCK OFF : LMAO the way he loses himself in that flight simulator gets me everytime

Top Notch : That flight sim is the product of divine intellect. Amen.

Oliver Carr : Every time he launches the flight sim he spaces out

Joseph DiSalvo : As a Computer Science major who has worked in the field for a few years myself, I can say this guy is actually probably the smartest programmer who has ever lived.

OfficialAKM : C I A N I G G E R

Joseph DiSalvo : I mean honestly? The hybrid command line + menu based system is pretty tight, let's be real here. Like, on a command line he types "LineRep;" and then gets a navigable file tree. That's tight.

Juguz Jota Pe : This man was killed by the CIA with their top-secret weapon codename: 'train'. How many more geniuses will be killed for saying the truth?

skunkjee : Guys, I want to install it but I don't know if I have adequate space. Does anybody know how many MB is this?

eiwaz 14 : I hope my schizophrenia becomes as powerful as his so I can weaponize it

Brandon : The worst part about Schizophrenia is the inability to discern delusion from reality. Terry was undoubtedly a master of his craft but also a victim of untreated mental illness; the primary ingredients in Terry's recipe for disaster. The last update I saw, he was homeless. It saddens me to find out he passed away. He seemed to have potential to be a good dude.

K3nny : RIP He has been uploaded to the great OS in the sky.

firstname lastname : RIP Terry, smartest programmer ever lived

FRR363 : Was he Tyler1's Computer science teacher?

Homer J. Simpson : This is actually really fucking amazing.

ContactingTheDead : *Genius is right on the verge of insanity*

Deathheads69 : 9:23-10:00 14:10- 14:35 LOLLLLLL 16:35-17:00 18:08-19:10

Walter Riveros : "we are lucky it didn't crash" This guy is my hero

CZ crusaderCZ : I like how he is enjoying the game.


Nic B : Terry passed away on august 11 2018 after a fatal accident and almost 2 decades of struggling with a mental illness. I believe this man was exeptionally intelligent but an unfortunate faith decided the coarse of his life. Rest in piece Terry.

Kernels : His tombstone says _"The smartest programmer that has ever lived with divine intellect"_ RIP Terry.

islanti : This is what man can become when women aren't holding them back

Dejan Haskovic : Terry: Was I a good programmer? Grim Reaper: No... I was told you were the best.

bigpopparand1 : Hes more entertaining than logan paul or pewdepie lol

NewamapenW : Age restricted? 20:30 oh nvm

James Thacker : The sad thing is that this guy is probably talented but he doesnt seem all there.

rahmspinat : Poor soul, but the OS is something.

therandomdot : This is like watching those videos of meth addicts that learned how to cook their own meth. They're doing something smart, but seem tweaked out of their mind while doing it, so while they're demonstrating something smart they come across as nuts.

Karma Cat : Rip Terry A Davis, may you avoid CIA Glow in the Dark N@#$@#$ in your afterlife.

DarkAgeDanny : I was wondering why this was age restricted until I kept watching.

ansis maleckis : I wish I was this passionate about something in my life.

Kash : Oh shit, I didn't know he died! That's so sad, Temple OS was great. I hope he's in Heaven helping God with his Linux troubles.

nutloaf : 10 PRINT "smartest programmer" 20 GOTO 10 RUN

Gábor Kimmel : ...Yet Elite was a 3D game - on the ZX80, running on a 3.5 MHz processor and 16 kilobytes of RAM. I find that way more impressive than whatever this is.

KARIM MANAOUIL : Yeah Terry, you are definitely the smartest programmer that has ever lived. RIP genius.

popnfloss : it's amazing how a guy can be the laughing stock of the internet and is ridiculed by everyone for being mentally ill, but after he throws himself in front of a train everyone's suddenly full of compassion and praises him as a programming genius. people are such phony, hypocritical pieces of shit. i don't blame him for killing himself.

Bundi Clionie : Need more memory... I'm going to give it 64GB and 16 cores... ha ha!

alekx Joestar : 😭 HIs OS is actually cool and all, RIP best programmer in the world 😭

Cola Gesicht : Did you guy know that he is the smartest programmer that ever lived?

theproplady : Rest in Peace, Terry. God must've needed you to install your OS on his computer since you are the smartest programmer who ever lived.

Brandon Holian : RIP Terry. You were a genius. Also hilarious. God the world is a little darker without you. Whos gonna kill glow in the dark cia n1gs now?

Weyland Yutani : There won't be anyone else like him, RIP Terry.