TempleOS: Terry Responds to the Haters

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PA8600: Tech Videos and More! : Since a lot of people are commenting with no idea about TempleOS or who Terry A. Davis was, I'll clear some things up. Terry A. Davis was a schizophrenic programmer who wrote an operating system to talk to god he called TempleOS. TempleOS served two purposes: to simulate the C64 experience on an AMD64 CPU, and for Terry talk to god. TempleOS was seen as an oddity in the OS world but it led to a cult following just because of how surreal it was. It was the programming version of outsider art, an OS written by a man who followed God's instructions in some ways, such as only being 640x480 with 16 colors and having only PC speaker beeps for the audio, along with absolutely no USB support. He used to do livestreams where he programmed which later turned into him ranting about bioluminescent African-American CIA agents like the one he killed with his car in 1999 and watching random YouTube videos and music videos. His streams were an experience to say the least, such as this time when he decided to stream himself showing off his amazing operating system. He talks about his time at Ticketmaster as he wrote them an operating system for the VAX computers they used at the time, and it was a job he held until 1996 when his mental illness kicked in. This led to Terry as he was seen by the internet, with crazy rants fueled by mental illness, bans from numerous websites that didn't understand his illness, and mockery from places like SomethingAwful and hackernews before he got a following on places like 4chan's /g/ board. Terry also believed he was the smartest programmer who ever lived and he did have his own interesting ideas, but sadly his career (and later, his own life) was cut short by schizophrenia. In May 2017 Terry's life began a downward spiral. After being stream banned from YouTube thanks to unfunny trolls getting him banned by emailing him gay porn due to his tendency to read emails on stream, he started filming himself walking outside and rambling to himself and interacting with his neighbors. During that time he skipped out on his medication, took up drinking and smoking, and by the end of the year he had been kicked out of his parents house after fighting with them (there were some recordings he made where he just yelled at his parents). His parents bought him a van and he went on a road trip to various parts of the Western USA which he often streamed till he fell asleep before that was impounded. In 2018 Terry was completely homeless, living on the streets of random towns in California and Oregon and uploading videos from public computers. In August 2018, Terry was tragically killed by a train after walking on tracks in a death that investigators were unable to conclude if it was a suicide or an accident. https://archive.fo/qHfi7 As for this video, I decided to clip this stream segment and upload it to my channel (just an old tech channel I run where I show off things like my UNIX boxes and whatnot). Some further reading: A Vice article from 2014: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/wnj43x/gods-lonely-programmer Jim's video on Terry, documenting his life up to May 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcqWok8AubE A look at TempleOS from a different standpoint: http://www.codersnotes.com/notes/a-constructive-look-at-templeos/ Mirror of Terry's old site: https://templeos.holyc.xyz/

James Thacker : The sad thing is that this guy is probably talented but he doesnt seem all there.

Tom Wimmenhove : This is literally the most modest programmer that ever lived.

Oliver Carr : Every time he launches the flight sim he spaces out

Muhammad Salman Sheikh : Why doesn’t he blink man?

Conner Turmon : No joke tho 2MB is fucking IMPRESSIVE, and this dude wrote his fucking sys utilities from scratch (and the kernel I believe but I could be wrong). That's fucking crazy. This dude is actually mad smart and talented, but has a ton of loose screws.

firstname lastname : RIP Terry, smartest programmer ever lived

Silica : To be fair, you need a really high IQ to understand templeOS

meathead919 : The Google interviewer told him "Sorry dude, we can't hire you. You'd literally be the smartest guy in the company and we we can't have that".

Joseph DiSalvo : As a Computer Science major who has worked in the field for a few years myself, I can say this guy is actually probably the smartest programmer who has ever lived.

theproplady : Rest in Peace, Terry. God must've needed you to install your OS on his computer since you are the smartest programmer who ever lived.

prime : I don't know what the hell is going on, but he does seem like the smartest programmer ever lived.

AkechiStudio : C I A N I G G E R

Benjamin Switzer : 64gb RAM, 16 cores, 2mb OS

Dcruzn Jezzuz : This guy has hacked into the matrix

Sergej Keller : Fucking amazing. Its freaking sad that such a talented man has gone insane...

Norest : Everyone complaining that Terry is crazy... try to do what he did. Write your own kernel and assembly and compiler and graphics library... and then think who the stupid one is.

Scotty McLean : Imagine how nuts he goes when he encounters an error he can't resolve. XD

DistantExplorer : Drinking game: Take a shot every time he says "I am the smartest programmer that ever lived" and "Two Megabytes"

Tarkan G : F (sorry about my bad english)

Aaron McClellan : he extremely talented and has schizophrenia pretty bad.

Russobot 3000 : Did terry made his OS' music himself? It's pretty legit!

effsixteenblock50 : Awesome. It's like a C interpreter, compiling JIT. Only 2 lines of ASM to print a string to stdout. Must be set up like some kind of macro. Couple key strokes and you get the full dissassembly.. Plus support for inline ASM in C (Holy C!). The word 'elegant' gets thrown around alot in the computing world but this is the pinnacle of elegance! I'm in!

Spash PL : 3:30 When the acid drops

Joseph DiSalvo : I mean honestly? The hybrid command line + menu based system is pretty tight, let's be real here. Like, on a command line he types "LineRep;" and then gets a navigable file tree. That's tight.

Super Kids : Count how many times he blinks. (He doesn't, ever.)

Cyborg Elf : If I were a high up in a tech company, I would hire someone like Terry. RIP Terry

effsixteenblock50 : Look at 7:11. Look at the memory addresses - no virtual anything. Real mode flat model? The thrill and danger of Ring 0! Not for the faint of heart!

Paul Kersey : This comment is in 640x480 Resolution "God's Resolution"

Eman Gamer : RIP terry. HE SHALL BE MISSED. Damn CIA and Their trains.

ansis maleckis : I wish I was this passionate about something in my life.

MrSHowVIdeo : That's why i pay my internet connection I just find out this guy rn. sad he's gone

skunkjee : Guys, I want to install it but I don't know if I have adequate space. Does anybody know how many MB is this?

Steart Fires : What I would give to see what he keeps in his favorites "YouTubeNonPeople" folder

ShadowTheHedgehog85 : 2 Megabyte..... Ever heard of the QNX OS? Somewhere in the late 90s they had a OS complete with GUI, Network Support, Browser etc.. on a 1.44 Megabytes floppy...

Gabriel Oprescu : So sad, he actually seems fine when he's explaining stuff, but then he goes off on his schizophrenic induced tangents.

卍eiwaz : I hope my schizophrenia becomes as powerful as his so I can weaponize if

Vladimir Lenin : The fact that his OS doesn't use Grub is actually pretty impressive.

FRR363 : Was he Tyler1's Computer science teacher?

Alex Povolotski : 3:35 - take a close look at his facial expressions as he's playing Talons game.

Kevin Miedema : that's 2 megabtyes? ......that's amazing. props to that. he comes across as being a bit out of it - but that's impressive.

GarrysMolotow : 3:42 GTA5 looks great in TempleOS

Marko Kovačević : I've never liked so many comments. Everything here is gold, from video to comments!

iron : Terry come back

Foreign : On the evening of August 11, 2018, while walking alongside railroad tracks in The Dalles, Oregon, Davis was struck from the back and killed by a Union Pacific train. Investigators could not determine if his death was suicide or accidental.[3]

popnfloss : it's amazing how a guy can be the laughing stock of the internet and is ridiculed by everyone for being mentally ill, but after he throws himself in front of a train everyone's suddenly full of compassion and praises him as a programming genius. people are such phony, hypocritical pieces of shit. i don't blame him for killing himself.

Top Notch : That flight sim is the product of divine intellect. Amen.

Walter Riveros : "we are lucky it didn't crash" This guy is my hero

interlace : So much of this points to MKUltra it freaks me out & gives me chills when he snaps into CIA-rants :( Whatever the cause, that's one pure tortured genius if I ever encountered one. Hope he's well and not suffering. Last I heard he was living out in his car in the blazing sun. Please be okay, Terry!

Michael Erwin : Smartest programmer ever fukn lived. Fuku.