Euclideon unveils the world's first Hologram Arcade Tables!

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Monody : This is all pretty cool, but please… we’re all more interested in seeing a public release of your point-cloud software! That’s why most of us are subscribed in the first place. We want to hear about how Unlimited Detail is coming along.

MegamanXGold : If you want people to believe that's real and as great as you say it is, fly Linus from LinusTechTips and one or two of his crew out to give their honest impressions. You'll get WAAAAY more viewership, and they would probably be excited to do it.

Nenkos : What happened to that "Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering" engine that definitely wasn't a scam?

Nikolas Manuelides : holograms do not require the use of glasses, that's AR...

AtomicAcorn : Just call it AR instead of something it clearly isn't for pete sake. You wouldn't get nearly as much hate on these videos if it didn't seem like you are trying to actively mislead people into thinking these are holograms.

Tom Crotty : You guys always present incredible technology, but the videos used to advertise them are terrible. The footage totally fails to demonstrate how and if the technology works, and it's frankly not clear at all if people are actually interacting with the system or if compositing has been used to simulate the effect. The video could be 60 seconds long and 100x more effective if you hired someone who knows how to advertise a product. How a serious company could have interview footage so poorly shot in 2018, I have no idea.

ChrisoneillART : Not one elephant in this video...

Cody Jacques : *Seriously, I don't understand this!* Creating an *Unlimited Detail Engine* then keeping it to yourself so you can build *obviously tacky,* roomscale, smartphone games is a good way to ruin public perception.

Alex Horner : Laser-based holograms, riiight. I take it this will be about as successful as your sales pitch for your volumetric rendering.

M.D. Geist : Either you are deceptive and continuous liars or you are just too stupid, despite being genius apparently, to make some damn money with your product like no one else ever. Either way you can imagine what my message to you is. Tell me. What do all the big tech companies have in common? A: they restrict their monetization methods by confining it to a few physical locations B: they make it accessible for everyone in the age of the damn internet maximizing their market absolutely. Especially when your product has non-physical features? How much money do you think rockstar would have made with Red Dead Redemption 2 if they only were to set up a few arcades to play it at? Instead of spreading it across all feasible platforms in all countries with the internet and as physical copies? Genius. The company solely offering this technology in a maximized manner could easily become the most successful software company in the world. It is quite clear that you are just deceptive filth. If that’s somehow utterly inexplicably not the case then I am sorry and you should take some basic courses on most basic business sense and making money.

M.D. Geist : Euclideon: we are the people who could deliver realistic graphics to your phone literally. This way we could spread our easily adaptable technology anywhere and become the richest company this world has ever seen because our technology perfectly fits the economic principle of accessibility. Instead we choose to go for the solar opposite by confining our technology and monetization possibilities to an actual physical location in the age of the internet. And then we don’t even deliver actual unlimited detail and realistic graphics in an unlimited world but some shitty limited arcade games with an even shittier unrealistic low poly style.

justaguy12345 : "Of course their hand does go straight through it." *cuts to footage of food with every hand only in front of it and none of them going through it* How do you guys sleep at night? Wearing goggles (screens) is AR, not holograms. If you actually had holograms WITHOUT goggles, where is the footage? How much money are you making for lying like this?

MeatVision : So, any "real footage" on this thing?

tamenga88 : I commend your determination to keep this facade going. But one day you will eventually run out of people you can con big money out of.

cassidy gonzalez : Do these games render using your unlimited detail engine or the more traditional geometry based rendering technology? Note: i realize your unlimited detail engine would be unnecessary at best for a non scaling consumer arcade product.

Magos Errant Malleator : "Arabic." Good job Australia, deliver your new technology to your invaders.

Artur Kre : hmm i thought you guys were about to open a game center in dubai ? its not going to happen anymore ?

brent craig : scam! scam! scam~!

The Kruxed : This is not hologram tech though is it, its augmented reality which microsoft has had for years at far higher quality. remove the glasses then I will be impressed and then it will be a hologram

Joy Stamp : When will the UD tech be available on our current platforms like PC and mobile phones?

Jay Holtslander : I’ve been subscribed to you guys for years now and have never seen anything released and delivered. Everything seems like one big hoax of Vapourware. Where’s the unlimited detail engine that games should have licensed and released by now? These videos just seemed designed to get investors on board with a fantastical dream. Call me when there’s something real out in the world for people to see. Unsubscribing.

Prime Technophilia : Good that you guys found your niche in the video game sector. Still it would have been nice to see a downloadable demo of your rendering engine tech, but at least you guys are still around, maybe one day....

Erebus2075 : such disappointment, at the edge of scam like. the tech which was supposed to bring us next-gen gaming graphics etc. which turns out to be nothing but a low-quality version of something durable 20 years ago with a slightly different viewport :( such sadness for all gamers

julien1428 : Holoverse 59 Nerang St, Southport, Queensland, 4215. The address that there supposed Hologram arcade is located is a residential house. Look at the website This whole campaign seems to be some big scam. I don't really see what the purpose of it is though.

mguarin912 : I get the feeling this is more B.S. 🙄 I would love to be wrong.

Real Thing : Are these tables using the "unlimited detail" technology? If so, why not ramp up the details in the games like crazy to show it off? :)

scott5146 : Why do you need to wear glasses? Surely a hologram doesn't need any special glasses to see it?

ttandc : G'day from Stradbroke Island. I look forward to visiting your entertainment centre on the Gold Coast. :) The kids are going to LOVE it :)

Mark Mool : Nice CGI...

KingDooburu : Hey look comments! Love you guys! Don't close the comments please.

Aceblood 34 : LMAO no man's sky all over again 😂😂

vhtriyok : Less talk. More Demo. My God.

sugar833 : will unlimited detail ever go anywhere?

Giin : Why no US? :P

George Gividen : Hope to see these in the states soon.

Fruit Fuels Freedom Jason Kvestad : Those games need a upgrade to match the hologram like exploding volcanoes or water. Like AR to respond to the persons movement better and recognize hands.

Sekhar menon K : cool !! loooking forward to eperience it !.... will there be a model with no use of glasses anytime soon ?

Camille Vacio : I was wondering if you are gonna make special goggles for people with glasses so they can use it as well

Nerifish : Keep it up!! It looks wonderful!

Drew Hurst : You guys Rock! Love your tech and what you are doing. TY for keeping it accessible

Magics : Don't mind me, stopping by to downvote another one of your lies. Archiving this video before you delete it.

Filium : Go back to the infinite polygon models

PSI Mike : Hey guys! I've made a video of you a couple of years ago. I truly think you guys have something special going on. I have faith. Please keep the community posted, since it helps a lot on building more trust on your project. It would be cool to have more demos for people to benchmark your engine

Jesus Christ : Amazing! What a time to be alive! Fascinating tech. 😇

derula : I have to say @EuclideonOfficial, huge, HUGE props that you keep posting updates here AND not disabling comments / ratings AND responding to comments! Getting a ton of virtual negativity like you guys have is really hard to stomach. Businesses often fold because of that, or just completely block comments and ratings on their videos, trying to preserve the little face they have. That you're not doing that I think shows how committed you are, and how convinced you are that you have a good product. There will probably continue to be naysayers for quite some time of course, partly because while you have released actual stuff, most of us aren't able to really witness it with our own eyes. So I hope that you keep it up, never give up, and maybe, eventually, we will be in the no-polygon future, looking back at our past selves and feeling silly that we ever doubted Euclideon. ...I'm not saying that I'm convinced that all your unproven (to us) claims about Unlimited Detail are accurate, I just mean to say that if they are, I'd hate to know that it never saw a public release just because people were claiming that it's not. So I guess best case would be that UD is everything you promised all those years back and gets released and is glorious; average case would be if it turns out not to be a great revolution but at least you always kept positive and did the best you could with the assets you do have; and worst case scenario would be that it _was_ all you promised _and more_, but that you gave up fighting the negativity and just vanished into obscurity. I would be totally fine with average case (and I hope you forgive me if I say that right now it looks like the most likely scenario), but I'm hoping you won't let the worst case happen.

Flying Purple Pizzas : It's amazing how much backlash I've seen you get for your ideas and products. I think these concepts have the highest coolness factor and will likely be a big part of the future. I'm glad you didn't give up because of all the negative feedback. Not sure why so many people are miffed at you, but I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Good job!

shnages : How is implementing physics and animations into your engine going? Also, I read a comment that the trade off for the unlimited detail is that the games or programs will take up exponentially more data. Is this true? Either way, I think what you're doing is the future and it's incredible and I want to work for you.

Greg Rosolowski : I totally understand the unlimited detail engine is not ready for release. But please give your fans an update on it! We've been patiently waiting for the latest progress for some time. Please, dont let the trolls and naysayers stop you from sharing updates with your supporters.

Uden One-Eye : It's not the first. I remember seeing a hologram fighting game in the Bangor Mall in Maine when I was just a small child. So really we've been waiting far too long for this to happen.

Cheese Burger : OK this is a good video but I'm pretty sure Euclideon is liking their own replies, as all their replies i looked at had 1 like. Or maybe someones just liking all of their comments