7 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows
7 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows

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Japanese Game Shows are known for their weirdness, bizarre nature, and for being off the limits. These game shows often put the participating contestants in staggeringly humiliating situations. They can be funny, they can be brutally disgusting, these game shows embrace weirdness to the full extent. Today we are going to look at 7 Craziest Japanese game shows . #Japan #GameShows #WeirdGameShows


Omega Rasetsu : You mispronounced "Tore". It is not like tore in English. It is pronounced like saying "Toré" In Japanese, all vowels are pronounced except for U in certain situations (like desu, is pronounced like "Des" but not like in French). A is pronounced as ä or á depending on dialect. I is pronounced like the long ē U is pronounced like ü or oo, depending on dialect. E is pronounced as é or ê, depending on dialect. O is always pronounced ō.

Alexander Louie : Nice to see the Unknown Comic back on TV.

Martial Matters : On what channel do u Japanese watch it on?

Leo Neil Tirol : The game in philippines is about teens being sociable in each different game.

bla bla : that mummy thing looks like a saw trap where you suffocate

Chazzwazzer : human tetris was my favorite ;)

Will : Underrated channel

Jesus Christ : 0:20 = POWER RANGERS GAME SHOW :P

Leo Neil Tirol : 4:37 wrong name that's hole in the wall.

timothy tran : Dero

Sana Shaik : Im first ☺☺

Filipino Spectrum : ey💜

オタクW01fy : ._.

Leila Saab : Oh my god I have a phobia from cockroaches

Jesus Christ : Waking up pretty girls = MASTER ROSHI'S favorite game show :P