7 Weirdest Japanese Game Shows

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Colin Janssen : I am a fan of AKBingo and the groups that are a part of it. The explanation given was not accurate. Their "dodgeball" game is a part of their show. It's referred to as muchaburi dodgeball and the "punishments" can be fun too. Know that painting called "the scream" or know C3PO? 2 girls got their facepainted to look like them. Not really that harmful and funny. Also the bug thing, they have used cicada before and while we might find that disgusting ( I do ), the girls didn't and have found it delicious. Not a worst nightmare for them lol. Another also the reaction that they give when the "diep fried crickets" are revealed is a normal thing to do. It's meant to be "over the top" or extravagant as that is seen as funny. I mean if they didn't give a reaction at all, that would've been boring wouldn't it? Also "what's in the box" is another segment of AKBingo (But also in another show the girls can appear in ) . It's also really fun and see them react to something unknown. Love that suspense and the reactions. It's hilarious. Honestly "tore" is a fun show. Have watched it a few times and I really love it. BTW love the inclusion of "The Mummy" footage ;) Same goes for "dero". One of my favorites. There was an american version of it as well though there was only one season. Really like the channel btw. My comment isn't meant to be negative to anyone. Just trying to tell a little more about is as many many people have described it differently and inaccurate in the past. So again I hope one can understand that my comment is meant to be positive and not even remotely harsh.^^

Jesus Christ : Waking up pretty girls = MASTER ROSHI'S favorite game show :P

Will : Underrated channel

Jesus Christ : 0:20 = POWER RANGERS GAME SHOW :P

Sana Shaik : Im first ☺☺

bla bla : that mummy thing looks like a saw trap where you suffocate

Alexander Louie : Nice to see the Unknown Comic back on TV.

lGrayl lOribellol : ey💜

Leila Saab : Oh my god I have a phobia from cockroaches

オタクMellow : ._.