Neighbors say McMansion next door is a nightmare

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CassieXO : " I don't wanna be on camera" *Blurrs already exposed face* LOL

Jim Berousek : I dont think the reporter knows what a U-boat is

UmaroXP : Possibly the least interesting story I've ever seen.

A. Nonamoose : "My driveways wet, I might as well kill myself".

jim h : I'll tell you exactly why the water is setting on her driveway... Her drive way doesn't drain to the street..she needs to replace her driveway so it drains like it should... Before the new house was build her water drained onto that property... Now she has to deal with the problem... He driveway

Handy Menagerie : The new house is graded to current building code, the old house is not. Plain and simple. Her driveway is sloped incorrectly.

james read : Heres a good idea Diane. Sell your home now, because the market you live in is hot!!! Take the money and buy a nicer home in the country so you wont have to complain about run off and mcmansions

fangzea : I love when people think that government employees care.

GhostLaughingMan : That's not a mcmansion but just a big house

michael kula : Must have been a REALLY slow news day for a flooded driveway to become a story.

Gabe : She doesn't want to be on camera. Too bad. She works in a public building the public has a right to be, including press. You are literally public relations, everything you do at your job is public. LOL at the well timed face blur

Dr. John Jones : The older home is flooding because in fact it is not up to code. Your house has to be 1 foot higher the city street in front. Thus why the old house was up and the new build is up. But none of the "news warriors" know the code so they just say anything.... Like how she said "you need a world war 2 nazi submarine" to park in a drive way. #cantfixstupid

Mike K. : i don't consider this house a mcmansion. it's not especially ugly (though not particularly attractive) like the usual mcmansion that's cobbled together with different housing styles, this one has a certain 'look'.

jim h : That's Gods way of telling her to fix her driveway

juliadennehy : I just watched for the legs.

Brennan Matthews : A “ U-Boat!?!?” Lol

LillyLavine : Just put in a drain

Tasha Macie : I live in it nice neighborhood with a lot of old almost historical houses and now every once in awhile when you're driving down the street you see a cookie cutter house that looks like it belongs in one of those gated communities and it just doesn't fit. It has no charm.

Julie Purpleskater : Replacing smaller, older, more affordable homes with McMansions is a large part of the reason why so few Americans can afford to buy a home these days. The stock of "starter" homes keeps diminishing. :(

Viktor Meilands : It's funny they blur her face only after she says it

Patrick Ryan : The public relations officer doesn’t want to be on camera?? Shouldn’t that be a requirement of the job?

Tom V : A public relations person that does not want to be on camera.

Dee B. : i laughed @ the blur after showing her face. so petty

VroodenTheGreat : A U-boat? REALLY?

Chris Edwards : Nothing will change the people that build these types of homes are heartless greedy bastards. And they will get protection from the city and never get punished they will spend the rest of their live doing this same thing

Barnaby ap Robert : 1:47 Is the reporter wearing stocking with seams down the back? Sexy! ;-P

Robert : The new home should have a retaining wall installed to direct the water to the street. You can tell the land was raised and yes the water is being directed to the neighbors house. The new home is fine, but the older homeowners should not have to deal with water issues or pay for it to be fixed.

Vince : A public official doesn't want to be on camera well tough.

Joe Shmoe : It is already against code and illegal to drain water onto your neighbor's property. But the real problem is the driveway doesn't shed water. It's a pool. If I was the owner of the large house it would be cheapest for me to give them a drain. Even if I put in a small retaining wall, a foot high, they still would have the flooding problem. They just got away with the mistake for many years.

Randall Turner : The way things had always been before the driveway didn't flood. Now things were changed and the driveway floods. Who changed things? The developer did. So why are some of you blaming the victim here? Common sense is not a common thing it appears.

William Morton Jr. : The main problem is that the land where the old driveway was located on the property of the New House use to be level with the driveway that is now getting flooded. The builders completely changed elevation of the yard of the New House. The elevation on the edge of the property should not have changed.

Brandon Rutherford : Build a retaining wall at the edge of the driveway and let the new house flood

Penny Adams : These developers don't care about the people that live next door. They don't care if their approved build affects others. They only care about profits. The build is to code for that property, that's as much care they give, now on to profit.

Joni I luv my fam : 👩‍💼🎙So back up the stairs we went to try and get real answers from Beth, the public relations officer... ..."📽🙍‍♀️I don't want to be on camera." Ok... "📽🙈"

Sage Oldmann : People don’t don’t care if it doesn’t effect them

Brian Elton : That rain water build up is a fairly easy fix. Just a few thousand dollars would fix it. But the contractor who built that new house they should be responsible for that. Personally I think that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. And I believe that the owner next to the mcmansion has all the right here.

Carl Clouser III : Local governments get more money from the bigger houses. They won't do anything because the smaller house can be destroyed and a bigger one built, in turn getting the government more money

Rowan Quinn : What's so hard about them adding a drain in the grass be nice and easy and everyone would be happy

Phish N' Chimps : a U-Boat? how bout walk through it.

Malcolm Berman : The old house was much better... and why did they feel the need to remove that large tree in the front?

Birdie Sam : Just because the house was built to "standards" doesn't make it right. Clearly the standard was not enough here. And more action needs to be taken. If the developer owned the house next door and saw the issue. It would have been fixed in order to even sell. But since it's not his property... It's not his problem. 🤦 Come on dude. Drop the $4000 on a proper in ground drainage system. It'll help your home value.

Kamofy : Good luck with that battle. The city is getting 4 times the amount of property tax compared from the tiny home they took down. They'll never win this fight. If I was the complaining party, I'd got the developer where it hurts, in their pockets. I'd put up some nasty looking car port from Menards and try to make the potential buyers of new home think twice about who their future neighbors might be.

Joshua79C C : Not best size of lot for such a large house, look at how little lawn there is now! I seen such McMansions build on lots four times or more larger than this postage stamp lot, seriously sitting on a 1/3 rd to 1/5 th of an acre or a few thousand square foot of property.

Angel Bulldog : McMansions are tacky. I wouldn't ever want one.

Frank Deventer : Just build a 4 feet waterproof wall. Or talk to the owners about a solution. Only thing I saw where those LEGS btw

marko cynamon : It’s not rocket science Sue and Have builder put In a diversion swale or drainage ditch....duh? Not news worthy

stenbak88 : Did that dummy really say u-boat

Papa Bear : should have a 2% slope. Blame the mason who poured her driveway,

That guy : Stop building homes that havent even been sold .

Sickentist : As a homeowner I sympathize with the old lady. But where we differ is where she says she doesn't know what to do about it. I know exactly what I'd do.