Fastest Typist: Ultimate Typing Championship Final 2010 By Das Keyboard

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Sean Wrona wins the 2010 Ultimate Typing Championship at SXSW in Austin in a typing competition head to head with Nate Bowen. The Ultimate Typing Championship was a competition held by Das Keyboard.


Ankita Srivastava : 2010: no 2011:no 2012:no 2013:no 2014:no 2015:no 2016:no 2017:no 2018:no 2019: Lets recommend this to everyone at once....😄

Feel Free To Subscribe : why does he look like the hobo version of daniel radcliffe

MakoRuu : No wonder that guy Sean won, my man's glasses let him see into the future.

ZombieSlayer22 : Teacher: Your 5 page essay is due at the end of the class period. 2:06 Me:

danish azhr : her: what those fingers do? me:

Shadow Ninja : When you are 6 star wanted in Vice City with 1 HP left and typing Aspirin, leavemealone and preciousprotection 😁 with 300 wpm🤣!

Manoj Dodwad : Nobody: YouTube : let's recommend a 9 years old video😂

Jon 710 : When you arguing with someone on Facebook

VΞGΛEidolon : Why does 7 years ago look so damn old? haha

ClashOfTheThree : Did anyone else get this in their recommended 9 years after this upload?

OmkPlaysPro_ YT : My internet speed is 2x slower than him Wtf!?

RVT : The dude who made that fight only gave who won 2000. Mr. Beast - *Gives 50000*

Jr Briz : I guess Harry got interested in using Muggle Technology XD.

Richard Lewis : It's 2am what am I doing with my life...

JC Pards : This how fast students type when the deadline is tomorrow

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : Harry Potter won the typing contest because he slowed down time. I feel bad for that muggle who tried to beat him tho.

BuwBuw : loool! That was fast back than xD today its standart..

Chris Spratt : This guy learnt to type by doing; flash2:wave: selling lobs 170gp each in varrock

1000 Subscribers with no Video. OFFICIAL : Who else just got bored and started searching up random things?

Yusuf Onder : with those glasses Sean was wearing I would have won too

tony rodriguez : Of course Sean sounds like that

xTFx Caizo : 1. I wake up 2. I type 270 wpm 3. I get a girlfriend Read that in order of 3,2,1

S2k Kev : Ok I am watching dudes compete in typing, I need to rethink my life.

Jeremy Borrero : I didn't know I was interested in this, good thing YouTube analytics are never wrong, they know me more than I know myself.

Aryan Saldanha : No one. YouTube: Let's make you feel shit about the fact that you need to look at your keyboard and type.

Rayhoodrich.3x YT : The true definition of a nerd😭

Taranpreet Singh : This video was uploaded in 2010...nd youtube now (2019) recommended it to😂😂who else in 2k19??

Laxman Chaulagain : Thank god it recommended me on 2019 who knows i may watch this video on 2090 Well that was pre fast😂😂

Suhail Wattar : wtf am I watching at 4 am

Chumlan Kithan1 : I can do 30 wpm and I'm proud of me.

Jonah Hill : Girl: what them fingers do? Me:

Jeep 2.4 : I stopped watching this half way through when I realized my life had meaning.

Phoenikz Avtaniz : 3:41 this sleve is not a Real tattoo 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

KungFuBlob : After watching this video, I gained my Virginity back!!!

Jonathon Cole : Nobody: watches typing championship Youtube recommendations:

chill sic : Some one trash talks mi in dota Me: (Caps on) 200 wpm

Razor Reznov : I broke my laptop keyboard to get 100 wpm To beat this guy I will have to break the motherboard

Devastator 4JC : Looks at recommended.... Why the crap is this here?!?

Ogamer Joe : Can u type that book for me? Yes, of course, here you go. What?

shivchandan roy : I took this challenge and what did i wrote?? Hsjsks svsgskaksvsaisksmsksvsvslsnsvzgsoalabavagajwlabsgsusjsiwjsgwg

Gazooo29 : WOW they have compations for everything now!!!

Tomas : Thats how i type when my boss walks by "Jwhdjzkaojeboxbbrow0xifjrj3he8suqhhdixkwjqpslfjlwk2hwk"

Kyle Logan : When you have an essay due tomorrow

Chad Goliath : Welcome to another episode of... *YouTube recommending things 9 years later*

KooL KeitH : Street Typer 1 Ultimate Finger Edition 🤣

Res : I thought people in typeracer who could reach 120 wpm were hacking the system. Damn. They're too fast.

Jaik Anatar : Notice how the fastest of them don't root their fingers onto the homerow keys? That's because homerow is obselete and poorly crafted

Please Never Go Full Retard, Never. Now You Can Stop Looking At My Username. My Work Here Is Done : 1: So what do you do for a living? 2: I type fast.

Piercelordbago 69 : if only the keyboards were cherrymx blue