Fastest Typist: Ultimate Typing Championship Final 2010 By Das Keyboard

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VΞGΛEidolon : Why does 7 years ago look so damn old? haha

Illusionary wall ahead : This is the dorkiest thing I’ve ever seen

Jainil Ajmera : 2:06 When it's 11 pm and you need to submit that essay by midnight...

1000 Subscribers with no Video. OFFICIAL : Who else just got bored and started searching up random things?

Jlove : When a teacher says you can't do the whole essay the night before it's due

Majcry : The other guy looks like *HAIRY POTTER* get it? Get it? Hehe..... ..... Ye

oldi mene : This video made more money than he won

Carlo Alberto : when you trigger a SJW 2:11

Cadmus Rhodium : Anything can be an esport if the community gets big enough and the commentators are decent

Adrians732 : Legend has it Sean killed a man by simply tickling him

pickle rick : imagine them build in fortnite ...

Gabbyj1015 : Sean looked dead at the beginning. I guess that’s what your going to look like when you spend all day everyday on a computer typing... lol 😂


Mike Wazowski : Wish one of these guys could do my homework from a 5 paragraph essay

Ocean Man : The ultimate hacker. He can overclock the IP address of the GPCU’s UI GUI interface of NASA in less then nanomicro meter seconds

Imran Ullah Khan : 2:02 thank me later

Dancing Potato : I was typing 350 wpm Then I woke up.

SideofClouds : Of course the neckbeard won.

Apchuy : well, i can type 300 wpm ..with 0% accuracy

Michael : He is exactly the type of person I would expect to win a typing championship...

Spino Gaming : now these are keyboard warriors

Fat Man : *and i was proud of my 96 wpm.* MMMMMMMMMM

James Smith : Woah Harry Potter let himself go abit

jesse martinez : AND THE CROWD GOES MILD

Nico - : *My virgin detector is off the charts!*

Macboi : too bad they were using completly shitty keyboards...

ValotheVictinii : No Asians?

devin code : those r the faces of pc legends

Breno : i am 18 I and write 18 letters per year, took me my entire life to write this

goddamn life : 1:23 wooooo - random person: *allahu akbar*

David : Girls probably fish that they were that keyboard

Santi Cheeks : My average is 50 wpm

Mike Tython : Yeah the keyboard warriors

Richard Lewis : It's 2am what am I doing with my life...

Gab Does Gaming : 2018 anyone

warbreakr : 1:05 people like this scare me

Sshadow Wolfe : I can't even write the word "the" without looking down at the keyboard.

ChinkaHinka : When a teacher gives you a typing assignment with 3 minutes left in the period

Jeremy Borrero : I didn't know I was interested in this, good thing YouTube analytics are never wrong, they know me more than I know myself.

sauce_serve _ : Bro try to beat Velma from scoobie do

SATYAM BHATT : This video is about how to waste your time lol😂😂😂😂

R̶a̶p̶Hae̶l̶ B : December 2018? Anyone?

Beargrylls is ownage : playing runescape finally paid off!

KungFuBlob : After watching this video, I gained my Virginity back!!!

babywolfrl : they would be AWSOME on discord getting roasted, talking in general and roleplaying ig XD

MeanSquirrel 64 : imagine how fast he could play fortnite

koharu senpai : And I taught I was typing fast I type this 8 sec

RigidChicken : There is always one scruffy dude with long hair and beard and nearly combed, suit wearing dude who looks serious. Don’t believe me, boom Tetris for jonas. I let you figure that out

firemaiden34 : he fingered a girl once....... then he woke up

King beef : Harry Potter should play fortnite