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GOOD GOLLY there's a lot to accomplish today! The actor in this one is Lee Barats, Luke's little brother. And yes, his face is stuck like that.* As with all of our videos, parents may want to use discretion. Music: "The Birds and the Bees" by Patrick & Eugene *No, his face is not really stuck like that.


WartanWolo : Finally found the guy from the gifs! :O

Zarxene : Lol I remember I saw this when it was "Posted 4 hours ago" it's been soooo long

krampusz : I have no idea what the f*** I've just watched, but I loved every second of it

Benzedrine Shapiro : Truly a classic for our times.

rpjpjpjbb : literally haven't seen this in 5 years

Truefae : Still the best video on Youtube.

Kitnighty : This is my bad mood video. I watch it when I'm in a bad mood. And suddenly THE BIRDS AND THE BEES ARE FLYING IN THE TREES-

Ян Драгович : Oldschool youtube 4ever!

mellowandjello : He'd be a good antagonist for a terror film 

Pouaichh Dela Vega : This is the most hilarious thing i've seen and i keep watching it all the time since 2008!

Alonso Barrera : I remember the first time I saw this video 8 years ago hahahaha... Great video that makes us laugh and doesn't ask for likes or subscription :) it was genuinely for fun and not for popularity/moeny

Tragicturmoil1 : His complete list. 1.  Lick envelope 2.  Check off "lick envelope". 3.  "Adjust" picture frame. 4.  Check off "Adjust picture frame". 5.  Brush teeth. 6.  Do a jig. 7.  Check off "Do A Jig" 8.  Do a push up. 9.  Answer a cell phone call. 10.  Put a piece of banana in mouth. 11.  Flip pages of a book. 12.  "Drink Water". 13.  Put gun to head and pull trigger.

dealz zzz : Годнота,для тру олдфагов 

Froufrou Deluxe : When youtube was actually fun

Ethan Tokko : 2008 was the dankest year in Youtube's history

Sofia A : this kills me. every. single. time.

qdlaty87 : This is the most depressing thing I've seen in my life.

Star Commander Vong : The next day, he get's up and does it all again.

3rd El Tercero : Things I want to do before I die Mail a letter Brush teeth Call grannie Work out Drink water Learn to dance

PikachuWithAGun : I can just imagine him and Mr Bean together, best friends

Bartosz Mróz : 0:41 ":D" Meme from .GIF Form

Muffin569 : WTF. subscribed.

Andrew Brown : That's just creepy. ...Says the man made into a PEZ dispenser...

The Binary Epidemic : he looks like an oblivion NPC

August Roenne : why cant I dance like that :(

May Plant Starr Water : I don't know what is this but I can't stop watching

Fetus Sexytime : I watch this like once a day

chaosfive55 : No matter how often I watch this, it's still damn funny!

Anna Feliciti : Смотрю это видео с 2009, как же доставляет. Для истинных олдфагов!

ameteuraspirant : i love it!

The Inja : Who else watching in 2017?

St Snake : ah... golden age of youtube

tessamakesvideos : This is art.

pepe frog : You can see the pain in his eyes

Abram Levinson : Anyone 2019???

PurplePie69 : I'd say this escalated quickly but... There was no escalation. It was cheery and the *dead*

Greggers : I found the CALLING BULLSHIT GIF!

Reel Music Original : This is morbid!

arachnidheist : This and "The Good Word" always brighten up my day.

Liam Kuchta : no...

Bara Faisal : ~ smileyswelove/3913/ ~

r0tt1ng : die from headshot ✔

Guaran Play : Так почта России работает

lewis mcconnell : Smile

JJDaMan! : Even after killing himself, he died with a big smile on his face!

Anonymous : hahaha his smile is contagious!

Hooleyheck17 : well at least he died happy

teriyakitoast : 0:23 That's how I dance in the clubs.

Иван Сальников : the birds and the bees