Crane collapses in New York City (UNCENSORED)

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A. Hitchcock : Dare goes dat focking shtreet downaire! Dat whole fockin shtreet now!

Levi & Brittany : These are without a doubt the most typical 'new york' sounding people I have ever heard. At one point someone literally yells 'ma' and im willing to bet there are no mothers present.

Frank Reynolds : Hey I'm walkin' here.

Tom Klassen : Pizza pasta meter is off the charts!

MrBunta420 : Am I wrong for laughing? I mean, the crane falling is horrible, obliviously. The jabroni with the loudest voice.... awesome.

Mike Walling : Thank you! The censored version was pissing me off.

Earl Swift : Hoooly Caooow!

zeitGGeist : I cannot get over the chances of this video existing in this quality. what a time to be alive

SPACER MONKEY : Did you get video of it? *recorded everything* I GOT SUM OFVIT !

Gabriel Farao : fawl ovah

punchoner : some bystanders claim to have seen randy orton leaving the scenes...

Alan High : NYC...really nice place to visit (esp. during the holidays) but I'll pass on living there. I like to live at a slower pace.

robert gutierrez : Mint

Deez Knutz : Hoooooly shiiit

James Shaw : Holy Shit

Alex Hopkins : at 0:00, is that the sound of the crane moving?

ASFALT21 : Did anybody video it ?

Alfred Hitchcock : Why were these gavones videoing it to begin with?

Bernardo Lesourdmuet : da shit ... ohhhooooooh shit ... this shit .... shit shit .... ahaaaaaa shit ....shiiiiiiit .... fackin' shiiiiiiiiit, da shit is shit .....

courconwll : And the porta potties were fully expired that day...

jermzdee : Someone failed on their math calculations.

Midori King : Omg their accents

Etrius690 : I feel so bad for laughung but the way they talk just cracks me up

Nostrathomas85 : holy sheit!

Sedesla Sedeslarson : FAWLIN IT'S FAWLIN

aroundtheworls : HOOORLY KYAO!


Wilson Solt : Sounds like a bunch of idiots