Panama Canal - Full Transit- Time Lapse

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humudu : 0:40 boat on the left died.

Texshi Barrett : They should put a big ass sign that says "Welcome To The Atlantic" and vice versa the other side!

You're Right : I built the Panama Canal by myself. The government covered up everything and took credit. I did it with one of those beach set ups they sell for kids. The plastic bucket, shovel and rake. That’s the tools I used

Costa Rican Vacations : Dear Steve, Great video! I am contacting you from the Audio Visual Dept at the Namu Travel Group. We design high end vacations to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panamá. I am writing to request permission to use a few shots from your Panama Canal Timelapse video for a new Panama trailer we are working on. Are you willing to give permission in exchange for credits and cross promotion for your YouTube page? If so please let me know as soon as is convenient. I would be most grateful.Warm Regards,​ Adam Baker Production Specialist Namu Travel Group

elsamso : this was actually really cool to watch

ruam o bravo : wow this took 11 hours? i thought that it was something betwen 3 to 4 hours

Magnus Lindqvist : It seems so short on map... but it really ain't

Jabs : In my entire lifetime I may not be able to go to Panama and experience this, but darn, I'm glad this video exists, the process of crossing is truly amazing! An engineer wonder

JoM0BX : I didn’t understand the scale of he boat until I saw the little guy standing in the bow (he’s only there when they are going through the locks)

curatron 24 : the clouds .

EASYTIGER10 : The ship at 4:35 - the "Island Princess" (bigger than the ship we're on) shows the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM size of vessel (Panamax) that could traverse the Canal before the new locks were opened :-)

John Smith : Fantastic video. Surely you can include a music overlay? Either way, very informative stuff.

crysjumar1 : DUDE, this is the best time lapse video showing the entire journey.

Ender ツ : 6:18 3 , 2 , 1 , Go!

sniper CAT : Nice music

Gunslinger 256 : It's counter intuitive that big ships take less time to transit due to displacing more water, requiring less water to equalize the locks. Great video, thank you.

1000 vids no subs challenge : Just watched the documentary on how they built this shit and the entire canal, unbelievable

Dercio Silveira : Man, this ship is fast..

Jonathan Martin : A man, a plan, a canal, Panama.

daniel avelar : Who else thought it was hair on their screen at the beginning of the video lmao

ʝαcƙ ωooժheαɗ : 4:23 *ABSOLUTE UNIT*

Oh Yhea Yhea : Yo soy de panama y soy orgulloso de ser panameño #OrgullosamentePanameño

Paul Franklin : What a priviledge to watch. Man at his best!

The Pilot Couple : This is incredible. A couple months ago we stayed in Panama City and did a time lapse video of a ship going through one of the locks. It’s an impressive operation they have.

Anita Streiffert : Loved it! I have been thru the canal so this was familiar to me! (And I have also been on the Erie Canal - Wow what a difference!) and also have seen it via ships cams so I really enjoyed this!

Haiku Dhai : I'm watching this 2 time slower, so I can feel how long the gate would open

Studtistics : Truly an engineering marvel. So simple yet so brilliant.

mimi vlogs 2019 : It's really cool music would make it better though

Ozyress : Is it possible to touch the clouds there?

Manish Sharma : M curious.. How boats traffic work.. Any right or left traffic... All coming from all sides

mc Mac : Imagine traveling by water at this speed lol

Marcos Reichert : Its a technologic wonder. Fantadtic

Kumquat Lord : I actually learned recently that the canal locks are at angles so the force imparted by the larger body of water seals it shut. Apparently Da Vinci had that as an idea too!

Driving in Brazil : Dude, this simply marvelous. You are an angel for filming and uploading this.

12g Kid : What are those little tram things on the sides?

Joey Barreras : A true testament to human will power. What a feat!

Nathan Glass : Can someone please explain the little trains next to the edge of the canal in the lock?

Lafayet 00 : didn't know that's how canal works.

Michael Ian Rhind : I was on the island princess during this transit!

Govind Singh : 4:30 Like bikers wait at red signals ahead of cars.


wizetezie : this video transports me from Pacific ocean to Atlantic ocean in split minutes! Good job panama!-from malaysia

marco Sinnes : Super video thank you

STATUS point : Great and beautiful videos and place

Valentin: I AM YO BISCUIT BOI : Huh cool never seen this

Trainmaster536 : mind putting in a bit of music?

Mustafa Berke Güven : Ships and boats are looking soo cute

DinaricWolf : This was oddly cathartic

Bronabonle : Uh oh, looks like the canal is flooded!

blaze l12 : Excellent art of egneering