IPHONE X FACE ID FAIL - Apple September Event 2017 Fail - Iphone X Face ID Didn't work

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aditya patil : this so imbarasing movement for apple

A H : Some idiots backstage were messing with it so the face id had to reset for security reasons just like the touch id when you got it wrong so many times

Captain Dan : Face ID didn't fire. It wasn't enabled.

Gregory McGonagle : the iPhone we been dreaming of??? Should be - 3.5 MM jack, Fast-charger brick in the box, 2 USB type-C ports, on/off switch, base model Memory 256, cable adapters.

Keyla Ward : 😂😂😂 they deserve it for charging $999

Nin9ty : It wasn't as bad as other people said it was

Agardexpert : iLaugh

Thaily Toledo : What if you have a twin ?

MiguelTheGamer0 // Gaming // More! : It said you need to use the passcode to enable Face ID

joze feher : It appears to me that the stage was poorly lit. I don't believe they told the truth. I imagine you'd need a bit more light for a proper picture to be taken and analysed. I could be wrong, though. I just bought newest 5k iMac. I mean .. I don't hate Apple. I don't blame them. Sh*t happens...

latino914 : This is why Android>apple

Melvin Koyuncu : This man looks hell alot like my 17 year old cousin

Dimitar H. Vankov : It baffles me that I need to take off my sunglasses everytime I want to use my phone.

harbinger200 : How are liberals going to unlock it with there masks on?

Harun Şahin : its funny but not a fail for iphone x. its fail for the presentation. they must be enable face id before the presentation. ceo is forgetful.

SNIPER : smh, most people cut out when he actually got it unlocked

A. B : But they say the iPhone X is the future! Why they create IPhone 8? Bye Bye Apple Hello Note 8

aibizi w : Would face id work if you are wearing safety mask? 🤔

thatabu : This resulted from multiple failed identification attempts by other Apple employees and had nothing to do with the phone.

giovanni's world : it broke the sensor

serei kosal : that's an innovation XD

Ryan Games : So your telling me, Apple (The so called best Technology Company) Couldn't accomplish something Android did 5 years ago? PFF LAME

The Astounding Empiricist : HOHOHO lets go back to the iphone 7

César Stoer : You Just need to have a backup iPhone for only $999

VESPER : It was probably because all the engineers were messing with it trying to get past the face id so that messed up the phone. And plus, nothing in the world is fail safe

sholl Llll : how can you unlock it easily on Halloween when people will be wearing a mask? Iphone first minus the headphone jack and now touch id. Get your product right instead of panicking and rushing things for trying to compete with Samsung. 1000 dollars for something that is lacking essential things is just plain ridiculously stupid.

Intrepid Nick : Apple is a joke. Rip Steve..

Dan Ex : Itt didn't fail to iPhone users with touch id now thjis when you reboot the sistem it tells you that you need to put the password to unlock touch Id and it's the same here.... Just see

lelouch vi britannia : and what the fuck is supposed to be amazing in a face id? too much trouble to use a few seconds to write your passcode?

Wei-Ghee : Ho ho ho. It's not Christmas, yet.

Bob Martin : All the fanboys of this fruit will justify the failure hahaha

Choose Vegan : What an absolute epic failure for a company of its size, I dont think this guy will be taking home any bonus haha

Edward Najar : So we have to buy a back up phone just in case the first one doesn't unlock?

Roy : Unlocking it is as easy as showing a picture of the owner you stole it from to the camera and swiping up

Joel Shinoda : That wasn't a fail, it looks like there had been too many failed unlocks so the phone asked for the pass code. Exactly the same happens with TouchID when I use an unregistered finger to wake the screen to look at the time. After some time, it will show the exact same text (no mentioning of a Restart), but with TouchID instead of FaceID. Everyone can try that with the OS11 GM on the phone. I guess, the people preparing the phone backstage have woken up the phone several times and the phone didn't recognise the faces as only one person can be saved for FaceID. So it was natural to ask for the pass code again. Once you get that screen, a registered finger won't be accepted for TouchID until you put in the pass code. That's a security feature built in which can also be manually triggered to prevent law enforcement to use your finger to unlock the phone as they need a court order to get the code, but not your fingerprint (or holding your phone in your face).

Rodrigo Salgueiro : It was not the Face Id, it was because he restarted the phone before it. Fuck you Samsung fanboys.

Arynn : Apple's official explanation given to 9tomac. The staff were trying out the phone before, and FaceID was set to someone else's face. Craig didn't know that.

PreFex : and thus a meme was born

TheRamos : You forgot to add the part where it said "Passcode required to enable Face ID" and he successfully unlocks it like 4 times :)

Marian Palko : A passcode is required after two failed attempts to authenticate with Face ID. During the preparation of the keynote, someone probably accidentally exposed their face to the iPhone X a couple of times so it disabled the Face ID functionality and Craig couldn't unlock it with his face, instead the device requested the passcode. In other words, everything worked as it should have worked.

Tech Gaming : well the phone was restarted before that, so yeah you need a passcode, like Touch ID.

Ajay Mohan : How Many of them Saw, that the Craig just Switched to Other iPhone X when the first phone has not worked as Expected ! Guess its just me !! 0:25 He Got tensed and Wiped his face off !! After he switched to Second i10 ..

w23857980 : So fingerprint sensor was a bad idea. Face ID will be removed too.

Justn 1shott : Anyone else notice, the second phone was already unlock? He wiped his face, but the phone already was unlock. He didnt use the face thing. He bullshitting everyone

Leon Camero : Wait what? The first one had a lock on it. The second time after he cleaned his face, it opened? No wait, he picked up a different one.

NYG 76 : Faillllllll just like the design and dead technology

The Terrible Puddle : For the ideal iPhone X experience you'll just need to have a backup! Only 2 grand to be the most stylish guy for the next half year!

Azhar : "Unlocking it is as easy as looking at" .... REALLY?!

Razor : The second one didnt have faceID enabled.

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