IPHONE X FACE ID FAIL - Apple September Event 2017 Fail - Iphone X Face ID Didn't work

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bigut00bcelelry : Just...just put a fingerprint sensor on the back..

Disturbians : Lets a do the hohoho rap everybody. Remixtime!

はる : Oh ho ho 😂😂😂😂

monkeh88 : I like Apple's FaceID, but the official tagline, "Now anybody can unlock your phone while you sleep!" is a little nefarious sounding...

German Almaraz : He don't even use the conected phone. #fail

Thales Souza : "Your passcode is required to enable Face ID"

nigthguarder : Now, unlocking it, is easy as looking at it. Anddd... we failed xD

Daniel Osorio Ochoa : Yeahh right... guess it would be easy for the regular customer to say "ho ho ho let's go to backup here" and grab another phone after paying plus $999 ... this is... just not right!

Aimeryl Mat : "hohoho someone is getting fired" Edit: Goddamn, all those likes. I feel empowered. Thanks y'all 😁

Linus T : He changed to another phone??


chrisbel : 999$ fail

MoviesPark : Introducing Fail ID.

Tell me why : so now we have to swipe our face twice to unlock the phone!

Pete PH : Lol rotten apple

Gandek : Another reason to just get the iPhone 8 ... Touch ID is all you need and it's what everyone prefers. The X should have had it in the wide power button similar to Xperia phones.

TutajDaniel : iPhone X doesn't provide A SINGLE FEATURE that the other mobiles don't have already.

Junior 24 : Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

I Z : Facial rec for unlock is never a good idea

Shaurya R : Ho Ho Ho So So So Sa Sa Sa Sam Sams Samsung is the best best best! Innovate something apple. Innovate!

Cr1sSiT : He changed device lol

Gaber Jr. : "People were handling the device for stage demo ahead of time," says a rep, "and didn't realize Face ID was trying to authenticate their face. After failing a number of times, because they weren't Craig, the iPhone did what it was designed to do, which was to require his passcode." In other words, "Face ID worked as it was designed to."

Justin Xia : Will it work on Asians? I mean they all look the same.

Dison Arnibal : I can't say it was a fail since it could be that someone must've changed the first iphone with another phone that isn't registered with his face or it could be the iphone's first use after a restart like the TouchID. It could be the first one since it says "Your passcode is required to enable Face ID.", which could mean it hasn't any FaceID registered yet... but yeah, someone's going to be fired for sure.

Costas En Garde : Not even out and already failed lmao

Rohit Mishra : Hahaha 1st in 1 in a million

MICHAEL MURPHY : Facial Reconigtion. is not new technology. Still waiting how Apple is setting any standards or "paving the way" for next ten years? ?

patstar5 : Lol, first they remove the headphone jack and now they removed the fingerprint scanner. Yet price increased! Get a Google Pixel or Galaxy s8 and save your money.

enrique escobar : I am Going to print a picture of my girlfriend, and I am going to use it to unlock her new Iphone I am such a Hacker

ImrealPD : Haha cute, I miss those days.. Like if you are watching in the year 2098 on your iPhone 12,567.

Athreex Music Internacional : 0:28 - Your passcode is required to ENABLE Face ID. isnt a fail.

Karl Betancourt : I just realized that it did not fail it just needed the password to enable face id

: The only thing which still keeps apple special is iOS. Jobs' best creation

mkm90210 : 00:25 his "hohoho" made him look even fooler

kerverosk : hahahahaha

Disturbians : lol

Intrepid Nick : Apple is a joke. Rip Steve..

TheEbbemonster : Face ID is a seamless and magical experience that will absolutely blow your mind. This amazing new way to unlock your phone will feel incredibly cool.

N Clayman : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! the idea of facial recognition on phones is frightening and pretty useless. why can't you simply spend an extra second typing in a pin or 5 seconds entering a password.

StarGazing : To unlock ur iphone x, u just have to say HO HO HO 😂 and ur iphone x is still locked 😂

taralafifi : It's not a fail, it's a feature.

Savion White : it wasnt a fail....he just didnt enable face id yet....it say "password is needed to enable face id"

nigga gum : Kid: mom look is santa he said ho ho ho Mom: no is just a guy that,s failing hard

TheFNASSHOLE : apple claimes that the fail happened because other people were handling the phone but if that were true he would have been prompted to password unlock on his first attempt. it wasnt until his second failed attempt to use face id that he was prompted to use a password. so apples excuse is either a blunt lie or another fail.

nilay8578 : Not sure whether a like button and an unlike button mean the same thing for people who laughed at this one

Aaron Bourne : Can't people see it's because the phone had just been turned on?! It says "A passcode is required to enable Face ID"

Reymund Manaog : Yeah yeah Apple is the most secured platform out there and they take security very seriously. Very serious that even the owner can't unlock the device or me having lockup on my apple account and apple can't do anything about it because I forgot my security questions even though I know my username and password.

Stevia Sugar : He is right about "Something Epic".  😄 😁

Razor : The second one didnt have faceID enabled.

edseiya : i think is pretty obvious somebody forgot to do his job.. the face ID was NOT enabled on the first phone.. but still, this was pretty embarrassing LOL, thats what people is going to remember