Blood Test (The Thing, 1982)

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blockmasterscott : 6:03 I love how Nauls and Childs are practically daring the last guy tied up to make the wrong move, you can see it in their faces!

H3Vtux : 3:02 who is screaming?

EVENTHOR : also I just realized that there are two people in the movie called mac and windows.

S Bam : One of the best scenes ever in a horror movie. The tied to a sofa next to a monster is great and the "blood jump" - fully lighted, the entire cast watching, integral to the plot and with immediate consequences - is the very definition of how to do a proper jump scare. (Having something come out of the dark or a cat jumping out of a cupboard accompanied by a 100 decibel "bah bah!!" are 100% cheese).

Lionel Hutz : Windows had a 404 error

Badlaxe Animations : The groaning when the Windows thing is being burned shows that part of him is still there... excellent work on Carpenter’s part 5:04 by the way

bagsikdangal : Windows got a virus at 3:42. Good thing Mac initiated a fire wall at 5:02 to purge Windows😂

Peter Lohnes : Poor windows, frozen in fear cost him his life

Michael Patton : Keith David is such a great actor. “Get me outta here!” makes me laugh every time.

Richard Siebels : One cell of this alien virus can infect the whole body ... using the same scalpel and no gloves ...

Ryan Scherbluk : 2:55 scared the shot out of me lol

EVENTHOR : 1:04 goddamn windows stop looking at me like that! XD

Ryann Polon : this version of Windows is kinda slow...better upgrade mine

Backwoods Films : Can't believe Macready held the dish in his hand when testing Childs and Garry after what happened with Palmer.  Also, you can tell Kurt Russell was expecting the reaction from Palmer's blood -- he squints just before the Thing actually leaps out of the dish.

ashdude55 : one of the most intense scenes ever

TheOnePistol : The expression on Palmer's (Thing's) face right before his blood gets tested was funny. He's like "Welp, the gig is up."

Da Weeeazzl : Poor windows. That was his "shut down" :(

Prideace93 : I know you gentlemen have been through a lot, but I'd rather not spend the entire winter TIED TO THIS F$%^&* COUCH!!!!!!

GasMaskTrenchCoat : This would make an excellent telltale-style or until dawn-style game.

Evil Gopher : I’ve always hated how Childs tries to guilt trip MacReady by calling him a murderer. We all know full well that it was self defence; Clarke attacked him.

Nik Xpert Gaming : Special effects makeup beats CGI every day of the week!

Jade Laurel Johnson : Wait a minute.. I never realized what I just realized in the first 30 seconds of this video.. They cut everyone with the same scalpel? Is that what I just saw? Before they test the blood samples? Like... He just wiped it on his knee. Dude... That's not how you disinfect a knife. Especially when you're dealing with some nightmare creature that mutates and copies people when you don't really know how it spreads.. And btw just to point it out, don't cut your finger. Cut a small section on the side of your wrist, the back of your hand or your arm. Finger cuts just suck; they get so dirty, they get in the way of doing things and they hurt way more. I don't recommend using the finger for anything. They all just opened themselves up to contamination by cutting open their fingers. Well. If they hadn't just shared a scalpel, because they'd definitely all be infected with the thing, not to mention other blood communicable diseases, and general infection like staph already.. I can't believe I never noticed that.. What a stupid thing to do..

CEM CYBORG : HIV testing lol

kevin weinz : Jesus, I wish Keith David would do some more serious dramatic roles... so underrated.

huverdoose : I remember seeing this when I was 7 and wondering if they had really just burned a man alive. Poor Windows.

frenio79 : 0:23 that's how real men sterilize their tools.

Brandon Blaze95 : 4:35 and that ladies and gentlemen is what you would call an Overkill

Michael Graves : Rob Bottin's special effects are after 36 years still perfect and also scary as hell.

Jeremiah Akerman : I've seen this movie many times, but no matter what I always jump or get startled at 2:56.

NissanHyoryuLyfe : I like that one episode in Southpark where cartman does the same test with the other kids lol

Dike Mickersen : My dad showed me this movie when I was 8 years old. It was right at the end of this very scene when he shut the TV off immediately regretted his decision to show me this because I was clearly traumatized. And then he sent me to bed to dream my sweet dreams. Thanks Dad. You made me the man I am today.

Jonathan Melia : Windows was one of The Warriors....Palmer was in The Fog...

The Piper Report : That's a lovely fake hand at 2:49 lol. Great movie though. Truly great

Borat : 4:35 when you see a spider run across the floor

easyscore : One of the greatest scenes in cinematic history regardless of genre

ReFind : Whatever that thing was in that blood scared the crap out of me. I almost threw my phone away xD

Shanna Sweger : That blood jump gave me goosebumps the first time i saw it

John Badillo Jr : 6:16-6:30 the funniest part in this whole movie

Sean O : Could you imagine being tied up and having that thing just come at you? Let the shitting begin.

thentust : Wondering why he let them sit so closed to each other?

MikeyC : Poor Garry. He was So Traumatized and Angry at the end.

Addie Hernandez : I know you gentleman have been through a lot, but when you find the time, I'd rather not spend the rest of this winter TIED TO THIS FUCKING COUCH!! Lol, best part.

SlyNinjaMonk : 4:10 sounds like the Bed of Chaos boss from Dark Souls

Ed Zehoo : Windows always malfunctions. That's why I use a Mac

Michael Nix Jr. Family Members : Keith David quote: Get me outta here, cut me loose.

Trey Oleson : doesn't palmers reaction imply a level of self awareness?

FTS Messamore : So...Kenny was lying! SOCK BATH!

luis adolfo navarrete fernandez : There is something i don't understand, when and how did Pollard infected? He touch some blood of Norris or something?

Ducks And more ducks : Good

samdiego : Why does Windows always freeze when you need something important done?