Homer tells Bart about the Doom Slayer
Homer tells Bart about the Doom Slayer

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Thats right.


LoliOnii-chan Senpai : Doom Slayer Story in the nutshell: *Once, there was an angry man. He was so angry that everyone died. The end!*

WhyKito : Son: ''Dad, how was your time when you were a teenager?'' Dad: '' IN THE FIRST AGE, IN THE FIRST BATTLE!!!-''

Eli Smirnov : Lisa(in next room): DOOT-DOOT-DOOT-DOOT!

Von Zeus Frilles : Ah . . . Another fine addition to my collection.

Adrian Simonsen : Baron of hell: IMP! I don't want to alarm you, but there might be a Hell walker, or Doomslayer inside the house! Imp: "Scared demon noises."

creepy uncle dunkle : My son:dad why did you get a divorce? Me:IN THE FIRST AGE IN THE FIRST BATTLE

Eco419 : The guitar scream fits perfectly 10/10 great meme

cosmicmelon : "Hey dad, how did you and mom meet?" "*IN THE FIRST AGE...*"

Man, Myth, Legend : Far as I'm concerned this is the best version of this damn meme

[Jac̡҉k̕_ W҉̛̕o͞od̀́͞s̢͞] : Doomslayer: **Exists** Demons: I don't wanna alarm you, but-...

Ondy Temr : Someone: *Hurts bird* Me: *IN HIS RAVENOUS HATRED HE FOUND NO PEACE*

nig ger : Homer:Bart I don't want to alarm you but Demonic threat level at 100 percent

Raging Asura : 0:40 when the Doom Slayer's lore shocks you so much you scream a riff from "Rip n' Tear"

Lo H : Homer=doom slayer Bart=that one uac guy who had the key card around his neck

SealStorm193 : Son: "Daddy, tell me a bedtime story" Me: "IN THE FIRST AGE..."

Necromorph_801 : "And those that tasted the bite of his Christianity, named him: Ned Flanders."

Logan Gory : Homer: *mentions The Doom Slayer* Bart: *screams in Rip & Tear*

The Spider-Man : You know you're a badass when you scream like a guitar riff.

Zinrux : In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. He chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace. And with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. And those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... THE DOOM SLAYER.

DieselBudgie : The only way this could be better is if Bart screamed that first sustained guitar note of BFG Division.

mae : he protecc he attacc but most importantly.. DOOM SLAYER IS BACC

WATER BE BOLLIN : Homer: Marge!!!! Marge: yes homie? Homer: get the chainsaw Marge: pulls out guitar

Potato Carnage : Son : "dad can you tell me a bed time story" Dad : " ok once upon a time there is a camel.." Son : "dad that story is too lame" Dad : "ok then... IN THE FIRST AGE..."

LurkerGG Gg : This meme died so quickly, I blame this version. It's so good no one else could compete.

Jester Godfield : Love the eyes constantly darting around as he tells the story

Pissed off Space marine : The doom slayer would make a good space marine but armor is heresy

Alexander demoniac : Son: "dad, what games did you play when you were a kid?" Me: "IN THE FIRST AGE, IN THE FIRST BATTLE....."

Alexi : My hype for Doom: Eternal increases every single time I encounter a Doom post.

SUPER SAIYAN JOKER : Bart: Well I‘m having nightmares tonight

Mechonland 11 : AH!! Bart, I don’t mean to alarm you, but! IN THE FIRST AGE

Moisés Freire : Even Homer's lips follow the narration. Perfect 11/10

Just Another Phantom : Shiiiit, even Homer is scared. I see you looking back at the door, making sure Doom Slayer ain’t behind you.

scottski02 : 0:40 When a story is so badass it makes you scream a guitar riff

HI I'M K I R B : me when people ask me who I think should be DLC for smash and mortal kombat

Jesse Koch : Glad to see my youtube recomendations is working

transformers4able : Mum: "Bart told me he hates your bed time stories" Dad: "He said WHAT?!!! (KICKS DOOR) Dad: ..."IN THE FIRST AGE"...

Pro Cow : Hell chose the path of perpetual torment by making doom guy angry.

Guarana Taravana : An Imp dad telling his little Impling a scary story before bed

Ixal Dorran : *stretches arms* "Well..good night boy" *scratches backside while leaving*

Carl Giuliano : So Ned Flanders is the Doom Slayer? I guess it fits.

Michael Johnson : What, is Bart a stereo machine now 😆

Satan's Pet Worm : Son: "Dad, what was your childhood like." Me: "IN THE FIRST AGE, IN THE FIRST BATTLE.."

MBOmnis : Son: "Dad, how did you and mom get married?" Dad: HE CHOSE THE PATH OF PERPETUAL TORMENT

Daleberto : My therapist: The Doom Slayer doesn't exist he can't hurt you. Doom Guy: (Crashes through the wall killing the therapist) Me: (endlessly screams badass guitar riff)

Harry : Rip and Tear, until it is DONE

mrlx1064 : This is officially my favorite thing on YouTube. Thank you.


Mike Kirillov : Homer: * Tells a story about Doom Slayer * Bart: * Screams in metal *

Link, o Stalker : *Enzo Pinheiro* ?!?!? Tu é BR man?? Alias, belo sobrenome ¬v¬ Conta criada em 2006... isso é fantástico :)