Lionel Messi - 3 Secrets ● How To Create Space & Score

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Take a moment to understand the movement and thoughts of defenders and learn how to catch them by surprise, to create space for yourself to shoot. This is hard to master because it requires overview and a calm mind in intense situations. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ FACEBOOK: DONATE: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ♫ Music: ♫ Time - Aalson Remix ♫ BeaTsGOy Piano Beats - Bright Star ⬛ A BIG thanks to Raheem Comps, MNcompsJR, LionelMessi10i, IramMessiTV, SH10Comps, UCCEV Comps and Kyliann22 for the footage i use. The best match-comp makers of Messi. Visit UCCEV Comps for the most varied Messi match compilations and SH10Comps for the very best quality. Regardless, check them out! ► L e o M e s s i F o o t b a l l /// M e s s i T h u n b o - P r o d.

Comments from Youtube

Tamzid Hossain : wow...i have never noticed this much intelligence taking place infront of my eyes, while i was waiting for dribblings

TheCulesGooner : Just had to end it with the El Clasico goal😂😂

Jal Shah : What an amazing analysis you did here. Lots of thinking and observation skill there. Amazing mate.

Gregory Edma : im a real madrid fan...but i love the way messi play and this by far is the best video breakdown i've seen in regards to messi's movments off the ball...very helpful..good job mate

Lord Kirtash : He is maybe the smartest football player in the world and in the history.

Cecilia Zathu Mcocoma : Genius at work, more love lionel

zohab kv : Video OVERVIEW:- Delayed Run(0:33), Fake Run(2:41), Second wave of Runs(4:55)

MessiThunbo : This video was uploaded recently, but i had to reupload it. Anyway, appreciate the awareness Messi has for the game while down on the pitch, such calmness and quick thinking!

Jay Houston : Messi is unimaginable the way he plays....Even the way he turns is like he has been controlled by a remote....what a wonderful player..Messi is just something else..cannot be compared to anyone in football history....that's just the truth...much love for you Messi

Prince Owais : He is Genius 🔥💪💯

Fuego.TwinsOff : Phenomenal breakdown video of Messi. It opened my eyes even more than before.💯🎯

nomad 115 : This analysis is fucking amazing!! The best player in the planet

Yassin Sedougi : This is a great video. I understand how Messi plays and i learned alot from it. Thanks alot!

Lam Myrthong : If he play in heaven i would die just to see him play.....😍😍😍

Cassidy GaZ Ekeoha : 10 MessiThunbo💪. Woow, amazing Messi 's skill and great mentality ability and great teamwork and with Barca's player s everythings is possibile!!👌✔👊

Desafios, Tutoriais e Zuera : Nice analysis 😀

itu167 : To be fair, any top striker can do the first two. Just that messi does it better than everyone because of his insane acceleration and deceleration and change of direction at top speed. The last is something any midfielder should be doing, but they lack the finishing ability(maybe stamina).All these things put together coupled with everything else he can do make him an Impossibility.

RoseDreamer9 : Amazing! This is going help me a lot to improve as a striker! Thank you a lot mate!

Subhan Shahzad : Please make more of these

Mark Woldin : Beautifully done. Good job. I think more time might have been spent on the last goal shown, the astonishing winning goal in the Clásico that kept the season alive for another month. How did Messi know to be there? This goal seems like the culmination of your treatise, the true masterpiece of them all. Also, on that Clásico goal: Watch no. 19 (DF Achraf Hakimi). He runs right past Messi, on a more important errand, to run toward goal. But is the defense not drilled for Messi? Do they not prepare and man-mark him in a fluid situation like that? What would have happened had Hakimi gotten on Messi? Who knows, but Messi is the only guy who never fails. The percentages likely say, man-mark no. 10 on any counterattack. Of course, easier said than do, but it is dramatic to see a defender run right past him. I wonder if he said hello as he went by.

Simon Elyptica : You are the best of compiling such clips from sooo many games You and magical messi are the best

Dan : coming from a lover of the sport, more a Messi highlight reel rather than tactics you can pick up and apply to your own team.

YAAG : Great analysis! I will take in consideration goals scored with this way 'The Way of Messi' in my upcoming Messi's videos. You deserve my respect!

scanfian : just don't forget about messi, lul

Power Amv : I'm not good at soccer but my accuracy is superb ...I don't know any skill and I don't even know how to control ball but one thing know is how to create spaces and these(as shown in this video) are the tactics that helps me score.

fucK1NG : Very good video, you are a hero

Messi the best : Is this the re-upload of your previous analysis video? Btw,I surely will watch this once again as this is one of my favourite videos on the whole of youtube.


Yash Ghelani : ‪Classic Messi 🔥A really good analysis‬

Chris Howard : Messi is incredible, but so is Jordi Alba. That’s what this video shows. Every time, Alba knows where to put the ball for Messi to do his thing.

Prof . Chandradeep : Football's Einstein

tabulsa person : G.O.A.T.❤

Frederick Mate : fantastic video

DEE : Brillant analysis! Its amazing how Messi follows the same playmaking pattern in every match and his opponents still can't stop him. Just brillant!

sajeev sarathi : To be honest , Ronaldo also does alot of the "delayed run" to find space inside the D-box as well. Surprisingly enough, this is the first similarity I've seen in them both. Both players with amazing understanding of the game. No wonder they score 50+ goals each season.

SepterSlash : You can't make sloppy mistakes and not expect the greatest living footballer to touch a ball to exploit such a mistake


Jonathan Wang : This is good stuff my friend!

Maydriade Bagus : only time that can stop messi

Ubuntu Light : Amazing , awesome and easy to understand explanation !! Great work !!!

Sammy Ondieki : Am sure this GOAT uses more than three tricks

Jose Luis Garcia : Thanks for the analysis. But there is a simpler explanation to all this. And yes, Messi is the only one who does it. I'll let you figure it out. If you can't, I'll come back and explain it.

Christina Joseph : G.O.A.T for a reason 👽👑🏆 Greatest Forward & Finisher Ever with the vision of Xavi & Iniesta📣💞📣💞📣💞📣

Muhammed Thiam : i will not stop my way till god bless love my favourites football

GG Spectrum : MessiThunbo this is very smart of you to create this and notice these sudden and smart movements. Great Work!

Himansu Behera : Trust me.. It's a wonderful video.. worth watching.. Cool anticipation..❤️


ibtsam khalid : man you deserve 10 million subscribers you are genius as messi is

maraiba rt : Messi is the best and I love your work. You have 1+ subscriber