Joe Rogan - Time Restricted Eating

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10 X 10 : It's called intermittent fasting...

Big Member : I like her because she has a PhD and she is still talking in an easy to understand manner, I also think she is cute

USONOFAV : i was already doing this, it's called being poor. I experienced 6 hours eating window for months.

KevinProNOW : I just quit eating altogether and get my nutrition from sunlight. Amazing! lol...

bfrfoxtrot : I drank nothing but herbal tea for 3 months and gained 300lbs

002brooklyn : I completely stopped eating. Now I'm more focused ,lost 80 lbs, penis grew two inches and I'm all around happier person

Jerzy Feliks : Criticize as much as you want. I too started following this about 2 weeks ago and I already see results. Loss of weight, I eat much less but simply because I am less hungry. I realized that I'm actually not hungry in the morning and eating breakfast was more of a habit for me than an actual need. I don't eat before 10 AM and don't eat after 6-7 PM in the evening. It actually feels weird now coming home from work and not feeling hungry. So yeah, add your useless remarks all you want if you enjoy jerking off in public but this really works.

bannor216 : if joe had a board he could go surfing on her hair

Rudy Straight : dr. ronda is a true milf at heart

Skukz : just ate mcdonalds at 10pm... rip

John : Can't you just skip breakfast and accomplish the same thing?

R!OT EARTH : So the feral kid from The Roadwarrior became a doctor.

Gus Davidson : Joe "is there something you use to time things" Rogan.

David Dykeman : I lost 110 Pounds in 12 months intermittent fasting 16:8 and heavy compound movements in the gym 4 days a week. Debate all you want for me it was the first thing that ever worked and it was the opposite of complicated.

onewheeldrive Lin : I know what that app is called. It's called a clock.

John 4.5 : She was awesome in Napoleon Dynamite

Christopher Fisher : I can wake up early and go 6-8 hours without any calories. But no black coffee.... Not sure this is possible.

wanik4 : What i love about intermittent fasting aside from trimming down is the mindfulness of what I am putting into my body during that time. With a shorter window, I am much less likely to want to put any garbage or non-nutritious foods into my body that seem almost useless in terms of having any nutritional value. I have been plant-based for almost five years now, but there are still foods that are easy to snack on for no reason. One should still enjoy foods that make them happy, but within certain limits. I love when Joe talks to Dr. Patrick because she is one of the few who leave him almost no room to try and sound logical on a topic, but rather sit there and absorb the vast amount of wonderful knowledge she so gracefully shares with the general public.

Adam Vee : I have an app that times a 9 hour eating wall its called a watch

Tom Mendenhall : Retirement makes this so easy. I usually eat breakfast at 8 am and dinner at 4 pm.

Andrea Austoni : Herbal tea's got herb stuff in it. Ok, doc! Also I'd like to know more about mice cheating on their diet when they go to social events. Like, really.

Bricklane UEL : Who else turned off the minute she said coffee ?

TheCloudhopper : The study with the mice she is referring to is called "Time-restricted feeding improves insulin resistance and hepatic steatosis in a mouse model of postmenopausal obesity"

MattyC83 : Eating app that tracks 12 hours after you first eat... also known as a clock

Davie Donna : Black coffee and tea DO NOT provoke a metabolic response or spike insulin in ANY WAY that would break your fast and ruin your fasting window. Fake news.

Scott Tanner : I am sick of people trying to rebrand these diets like they know something we don't....These diets have been around for a long time within the bodybuilding industry, but now its more open to the public as a whole they think its this new magic revelation.....nope!!! its been around since the 60s.

Truth Be Known Revolution : Talking TRE on JRE, Lol! 👊💥

Info Central : I first discovered intermittent fasting a year ago, worked great for a while but then fell off the wagon and starting overeating thinking I can just fast the fat away whenever I want, that didn't go well. About 3 months ago I decided to do intermittent fast everyday and just go the first 6-8 hours before having food. Most days this is just skipping breakfast. Now I am at a point where I don't feel like I am doing anything special, I go about my day and eat when hunger kicks in which is about 6-8 hours after waking up and I have just been seeing the fat melt off like butter and great muscle gain at the gym

Hawkadium : I haven't eaten in twenty seven years. Can't believe the results.

Brio Brio : Lard fat sugar = is that ice cream 😂

Greg D : really interesting. I'm going to start this today. I usually eat breakfast around 7PM and dinner around 8PM...after I get home from the gym. I really feel the need to eat after training, so I will have to wait to eat my breakfast a little later.

Joseph Miller : Coffee does not break your fast!! All studies, real studies show.

D.J. Baratta : Does apple cider vinegar break a fast?

strawdawgs78 : 5:55 Is an app really necessary? Pretty soon humans are gonna need apps to wipe their ass, change their clothes, and cross the street.

tony stark : Have you guys heard of Thomas DeLauer? He is a very knowledgeable advocate for intermittent fasting and Keto. Whether you are on the fence about Keto, you should still check out fasting. Its very interesting. So far its amazing but Its too soon to share my story but I will definitely update. Also Thomas says you can have black coffee as well. He also goes into deep analysis on everything so you wont be leaving short handed.

denis : i lost almost 100 lbs with a combo of 16:8/20:4 IF, exercise (HIIT/weight training), macro monitoring, and switching to whole foods plant based “diet” (in quotations because i don’t mean dieting but food intake)

jake kendig : It's easy to not eat until 7-8am if u have to wake up at 5am.... ur not even supposed to drink coffee untill u get to work and after you eat breakfast or you'll crash

Aaron George : All this talk about not eating is really making me hungry...

AZ : has phd, says"cancellization"...

Stacy White : As soon as i eat i set my timer! Haha funny how we complicate things these days! I like fasting as its stops you over eating been doing 3 days and i can literally feel the fat eating it self and i know i cant be hungry really well fed in my 8 hour window. Im quiet excited about this have a goid feeling ill finally lose the belly fat!!

RoyalSunBeats : What about weed

defman85 : 1k are addicted to coffee

kahwigulum : I eat high fat, high protein breakfast (eggs, nuts, spinach, coconut, bacon, coffee) at 8am and nutritious dinner with meat and lots of veg at 6pm. That's it. I've dropped 50lbs in the last three months, and my energy levels are higher than they've ever been and my cognitive abilities have improved. Food tastes great. IF totally worked for me. Keto sucks for slackers like me who don't want to have to go to costco and buy 50lb bags of vanilla whey and coconut flour and keep almond milk around all that bs. that shit is for hipsters. I don't want to have to cook and pre-plan and track macros. fat undisciplined slackers like me don't got time for that.

Nino Divino : New Research apparently says that black coffee during fasting helps autophagy...but yeh I will take from this that coffee does start processes and count that as the start of breaking my fast. I will try anyway... :D

watherby29 : i am a rodent. good to know

Johnny Yum : So this Guy got off the great Keto diet? Say it ain't so?

Kutulue : The articles I have read on Time Restricted Eating are very inconclusive. Some people lost weight, some did not, some lowered Bad cholesterol, some did not, some had blood sugar reductions, some did not. So it looks pointless unless there is a more comprehensive set of research that actually shows a reasonably consistent improvement. Joe does get some guests who claim things that have not been proven. This women is leaning towards being one of these pseudoscience followers. If you are aware of decent studies please give me the links and I will check them out.

Jacobite : Glad you mentioned the black coffee thing lots of people say its ok and I have been drinking it through the day thinking I am still fasting no more

Narcizeus Edamame : I do 16 hours 6-7 days per week. I wake up around 6-7am, drink nsome hot water then go on a run and do circuit training or weights. I first start eating at around 1pm and stop around 8-9pm. I feel amazing all the time, I've gotten used to the hunger, and actually enjoy doing it now. I am recommend.

Mark David : I believe marketing tells us breakfast is the most important meal of the day because people naturally skip breakfast and they want to sell more breakfast. People/Americans eat too much. They should only consume two meals per day. This is easily achievable in a 12 hour window.