King of Norway cries for his people - 22.07.11

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Excerption from King Harald V's speech at the one-month-memorial for the victims of the Utoya massacre and Oslo bombing 22.07.11, where 79 people (most of them under the age of 25) lost their lives. This proves how caring our good king is, and how close to the people our royal family is.

Comments from Youtube

natureman494 : He is truly what every monarch should be

Captain Failure : He is like his father, not just a king, but one of the people. We even call him just Harald:) You couldn't ask for a better monarch.

rikard mattila : Nice to se a king that really cares his people.. This is real tears..

fallout man : These tears were straight from the heart.

Blain J : Very proud to be a North Dakota Norweigan!!!

Per-Øivind Martinsen : Heldigvis har vi en empatisk konge som ikke er redd for å vise følelser foran andre.

Danny Nabaz : Truly proud of our king. Not afraid to show emotions and the fact that he is a human, which is more than I can say for other kings and rulers. *Long live the king!*

grevtelemark : Kong Harald, 5 millioner livvakter and counting...

Mat Nicholson : Gud sign vår konge god! Sign ham med kraft og mod sign hjem og slott! Lys for ham ved din Ånd, knytt med din sterke hånd hellige troskapsbånd om folk og drott!

Lord Defector : The one monarch that does care for his people in my view I'll be soon going to visit your country Norge the best nation in Europe to all the victims may all of you rest greetings from the United States

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink : we deeply love our King........a real great monarch he is.............

Binoy Vudi : Im an Indian, and my sister lives in Norway/Sweden/Denmark now. She tells me about the people there. She has never seen let alone meet people so gentle, intelligent and honest as the Danes/Swedish/Norwegians.

Maylinn Hågensen nymoen : For en fantastisk konge vi har!

Daryl Nelson : As the son of a Norwegian immigrant to Canada I am so proud of how the Norwegian people and their king responded to this terrible tragedy.

T. Devery : That's a King!

random dodgy cunt : Jeg elsker vår konge og landet.

Oddie 43 : All Hail King Harald of Norway True Viking!

Copi ! : Vår kjære Konge! <3

Eddie Dahlstrøm : For kongen!

NirexPlayZ : I love my king so much, king harald <3

srago : Long live the King<3

Wolf of Rome : Aww, what a sweetheart.

svein arild kjærland : Eg elsker min min konge.

ragnarkisten : The king had to flee his own country as a child, because it was invaded by extremists. And once again, extremism darkened Norwegian history!

LittleRedToyota : Long live our king! <3

Johannes Middelhuis : Fantastic king!👍 Really Kind And Empatic!😊

Puro : My King.<3

SweetAnnie Rich : stakkar kongen vår <3

Velani : He can veto any law but it would be a violation on the democracy, then the king would lose all his powers. So he has alot of power but can't use it.

Georg Berglyd : our king has no real power just formal power and he would be dismissed if he tried to use the military or if he tried to stop a law. From a Norwegian viking

Dovenpeis : The haters of the Norwegian Monarchy are not young. They are a century old bunch who loves immigration because it hurts the Norwegian People. They want change, and by change they do not only mean the monarchy.

KappaTTT : Han er en skrullebukk, men han er vår skrullebuk <3

kinish87 : Long live the King!

XanderionX : You must remember at many of the Norwegian "haters" on the internet, are young, immature people. We Norwegians have so little to worry about, they wanna avenge themselves on every other human being among them. Well, at least this is my opinion. But personally, I love my king. I feel that without a king, we have no soul, no heritage. He is our Monarch, but the country is ruled by democracy. The King doesn't have any real power in Norway other than a symbol.

mongo norway : Why, I have Norse blood?

Dovenpeis : The Norwegian People is Norway and Norway is The Norwegian People. Without The Norwegian People, Norway would not have existed in the first place. It makes no sense to hate one part and love another part of the same thing. You are obviously having a schizophrenic relationship to the issue at hand.

superMclone : Jeg vet ikke. *trekker på skuldrene*

jone hoff nerhus : men hvordan kan noen si noe så forferdelig!?

superMclone : Og noen er idioter lol.

jone hoff nerhus : forresten jeg vet om 2 amerikanske idioter som sier at de fortjente å dø! Hva er galt med amerikanere? hvorfor syns de at de som døde dne dagen fortjente det?!

mongo norway : I bloody hate norwegians, but love Norway.

mongo norway : Ap som parti er vel ikke helt uansvarlig de heller. Hvis de hadde spart seg for mannsdiskrimminering ville det ikke skjedd. Da Breiviks far gikk til rettsak mot hans mot for å ta over foreldreretten , støttet rettspsykiaterne faren. Men siden ap som regjeringsparti har bestemt at barn har det best med moren var dette utfallet. Selvsagt visste man ikke da at moren banka og utsatte breivik overgrep, men det var tydelig noe var galt. Senere kunne også staten gått inn på banen med hjelp, men neida.

superMclone : Det er akkuratt det han vil at alle skal, media ga ham det han ville ha, gjenskjennelse og hat.

DarkAngel : Because I live here, I study here and and almost everything I have is here. Yah Norway it's not my home country but it's but it's where I belong. I know it sounds little weird and I don't know how to explain what I feel about this country, all I can say is I love Norway and love sometimes are hard thing to explain :)

Dovenpeis : How can you, a None-Norwegian, be a part of Norway? You are latching on a nation you have no natural part off. Why?

Dovenpeis : You claim you love Norway, but Norway is its people. The question, however, is do you love Norway as in The Norwegian People? Meaning The Norwegian People as a continuity of history and ethnicity? If you are a part of the Norwegian ethnocultural history, it is de facto treason to support mass immigration.

DarkAngel : I'm not Norwegian, but I live in this country and i'm proud to say that I'm proud to be a part of this amazing nation. Love Norway

jone hoff nerhus : OG LENGE HATE BREIVIK! ;)

Remi Grane : The king and royal family represent our country and people, and is the first family in line. They take on a lot of responsibility and a lot of other work that I know of. and what others do or not do, so they can do it without it getting huge political risk of the country. They are well socially engaged and not engaged in politics in relation to the law king is a good man and is part of our people. LONG LIVE THE KING.