King of Norway cries for his people - 22.07.11

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Tristan van Oosten : Now, gentlemen, THIS is a real King.

natureman494 : He is truly what every monarch should be

Captain Failure : He is like his father, not just a king, but one of the people. We even call him just Harald:) You couldn't ask for a better monarch.

Danny Nabaz : Truly proud of our king. Not afraid to show emotions and the fact that he is a human, which is more than I can say for other kings and rulers. *Long live the king!*

rikard mattila : Nice to se a king that really cares his people.. This is real tears..

Blain J : Very proud to be a North Dakota Norweigan!!!

Per-Øivind Martinsen : Heldigvis har vi en empatisk konge som ikke er redd for å vise følelser foran andre.

fallout man : These tears were straight from the heart.

Maylinn Hågensen nymoen : For en fantastisk konge vi har!

grevtelemark : Kong Harald, 5 millioner livvakter and counting...

Sonja Elisabeth Sjødin Borchgrevink : we deeply love our King........a real great monarch he is.............

Binoy Vudi : Im an Indian, and my sister lives in Norway/Sweden/Denmark now. She tells me about the people there. She has never seen let alone meet people so gentle, intelligent and honest as the Danes/Swedish/Norwegians.

Daryl Nelson : As the son of a Norwegian immigrant to Canada I am so proud of how the Norwegian people and their king responded to this terrible tragedy.

random dodgy cunt : Jeg elsker vår konge og landet.

T. Devery : That's a King!

Mat Nicholson : Gud sign vår konge god! Sign ham med kraft og mod sign hjem og slott! Lys for ham ved din Ånd, knytt med din sterke hånd hellige troskapsbånd om folk og drott!

Copi ! : Vår kjære Konge! <3

Oddie 43 : All Hail King Harald of Norway True Viking!

Lord Defector : The one monarch that does care for his people in my view I'll be soon going to visit your country Norge the best nation in Europe to all the victims may all of you rest greetings from the United States

NirexPlayZ : I love my king so much, king harald <3

Eddie Dahlstrøm : For kongen!

srago : Long live the King<3

Wolf of Rome : Aww, what a sweetheart.

Johannes Middelhuis : Fantastic king!👍 Really Kind And Empatic!😊

LittleRedToyota : Long live our king! <3

svein arild kjærland : Eg elsker min min konge.

Puro : My King.<3

Dunsapie : If only the out of touch British monarch was more like her European counterparts. At the memorial service for the children who died in the Dunblane massacre she didn't shed a single tear. A very heart hearted woman.

Jesus Christ : Will this man shed a tear for his Nordic brothers when the Moslems begin the slaughter?

Honorable Judge :   It is a great minority of the immigrants that resort to crime. And ultimately, there are more Norwegian criminals. And furthermore, the right-orianted government, only a few months old, have turned their backs at their promises. Either because they lied to begin with or because they realize not all promises work. I want Norway to stay the way it is. And immigrants have helped us for a long time to build this nation up. Immigrants diserve the same rights we have. But that said, the last government at times even gave the immigrants even more rights. Frankly, that's unfair. But ensuring immigrants won't have the same rights as us is also unfair. And I would feel more than disgraced of living in nation that doesn't offer equal rights for all people. It should however be noted that our last left-orianted government offered alot of working places. Not only for immigrants, but also plenty of Norwegians. It should also be noted that alot of people still voted left, meaning a small majority, not the Norwegian people in general, wanted change. And i'm certain that it won't be long before the left takes power again. That is the usual pace of politics. First there's an era of good tides, then the bad tides come and another side is voted to power. It will happen eventualy. Furthermore, the Norwegian monarchy has no power in our nation other than diplomacy and 3 nays to resolutions. I would say that no political and direct resolution powers means they really don't mean anything to the nation other than being national "pictures" and diplomats. And while I am no loyalist, I respect the king. He has done well representing our nation, and I am certain most Norwegians would agree. Finaly, it's not in your place to decide who are traitors or not. The Norwegian people ae the Norwegian people. We love our country, we have participated in building this country, we are the rulers of the nation because of our democracy and the politicians are nothing but the shifting hands of the people. We are the masters of the nation and we have differing opinions. It's not in any person's place to decide what's right or wrong. It is however up to all of us to decide how the nation changes with the times.

ragnarkisten : The king had to flee his own country as a child, because it was invaded by extremists. And once again, extremism darkened Norwegian history!

SweetAnnie Rich : stakkar kongen vår <3

Toti Rasay : Han we kul

The Privileged Douchebag : Wondering how long he practiced that fake crying...

Pavel Lampa : He's like:"I hope communists will kill me just like they killed Nicolas but now I weep for them."

Roman Darius : Oh,  boo...hoo....hoo....!   His tears made me cry!   Now if 50 years,  the Africans will have taken over Europe because of the open borders,  so can we cry for those whites 50 years from now?

Ekonomen : Gayest king

Henriksenblood : He can veto any law but it would be a violation on the democracy, then the king would lose all his powers. So he has alot of power but can't use it.

Georg Berglyd : our king has no real power just formal power and he would be dismissed if he tried to use the military or if he tried to stop a law. From a Norwegian viking

Dovenpeis : The haters of the Norwegian Monarchy are not young. They are a century old bunch who loves immigration because it hurts the Norwegian People. They want change, and by change they do not only mean the monarchy.

KappaTTT : Han er en skrullebukk, men han er vår skrullebuk <3

kinish87 : Long live the King!

XanderionX : You must remember at many of the Norwegian "haters" on the internet, are young, immature people. We Norwegians have so little to worry about, they wanna avenge themselves on every other human being among them. Well, at least this is my opinion. But personally, I love my king. I feel that without a king, we have no soul, no heritage. He is our Monarch, but the country is ruled by democracy. The King doesn't have any real power in Norway other than a symbol.

mongo norway : Why, I have Norse blood?

Dovenpeis : The Norwegian People is Norway and Norway is The Norwegian People. Without The Norwegian People, Norway would not have existed in the first place. It makes no sense to hate one part and love another part of the same thing. You are obviously having a schizophrenic relationship to the issue at hand.

superMclone : Jeg vet ikke. *trekker på skuldrene*

jone hoff nerhus : men hvordan kan noen si noe så forferdelig!?

superMclone : Og noen er idioter lol.

jone hoff nerhus : forresten jeg vet om 2 amerikanske idioter som sier at de fortjente å dø! Hva er galt med amerikanere? hvorfor syns de at de som døde dne dagen fortjente det?!

mongo norway : I bloody hate norwegians, but love Norway.