Gus Johnson Gives Out Homemade Beer at SXSW

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Gus Johnson wanted to promote his own homebrewed beer at South by Southwest. It did not go well. (Contains strong language.) Subscribe to Comedy Central Originals: Follow Comedy Central: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Watch more Comedy Central Originals: Watch full episodes of Comedy Central shows:


An Alarming Number Of Bees : Why didn't that guy let him in, he had a gold pass?

Isaac Robertson : Jesus the amount of people that just drank his beer Like seriously people just drank a stranger’s beer out of his plastic container

Jack Brian : This guy is hilarious. You should definitely feature him a ton more.

Vasiliy Agiy : I'm so proud of Comedy Central finally making it big in comedy by signing with Gus!

Kate Rogers : proud of u gus for getting that comedy central coin u are truly a working man

Supreme Chancer : This man eats cigarettes

Brock English : I'm shocked by the number of people willing to drink a mysterious yellow liquid from a plastic jug offered to them by a disheveled visibly drunken man.

Jonathan Mahoney : “55 million people die every year” what an inspiration

abelina sabrina : these people drink like hamsters.

Caroline Walsh : "I had to go through so many lunchable pizza snacks for the yeast in this" -Gus Johnson 2019

Discount Musician : I will watch anything Gus Johnson does. I hope he didn’t get in trouble with the police

coned : this might be the only time one of these "interact with strangers in public" youtube videos has entertained me instead of making me want to kill myself because of the awkward cringe. i can't believe gus was able to pull this off. i never thought i'd ever see a video like this and genuinely enjoy it.

Morgan Ashley : I can't believe that Comedy Central was able to book Gus Johnson.

Dustin Yoder : Gus is a national treasure. Comedy Central, keep him around and make sure Nicolas Cage doesn’t snatch him.

Dave Abbey : Seems like he’d fit right in as a character on Its Always Sunny lmao

HotFriesify : He looks like he eats cigarettes

finally changed my profile pic : this is like a rejected eric andre sketch i love it

Alex Effertz : Gus should not be left alone out in the wild.

Jack Baranoski : A white less offensive Eric Andre

FieryTooT : "You ladies want some beer?" "No thank you" "I'm not that sweaty, come on!"

Zack Batl : It’s like these people don’t even swig, brah

Adam Goodnough : it's like Gus's ramen video grew up, graduated the college it was filmed at, and started working for Comedy Central. What a fantastic evolution it has undergone. I'm so glad to keep seeing more and more from that beautiful brain of his!

All Over With Clover : Dang 55,000,000is a lot guys, shape up

Matthew Herrington : Gus is actually doing Comedy Central a favor by doing this. This is new media.

Billthesecond : You spelled his name wrong, it’s Bus Jackson

Isaac Robertson : Gus Johnson is so awesome Like seriously the balls on this guy What a Savage 11/10

Jeffrey Jones : *_he didn't say when_*

The Hoax Hotel : Wouldn't mind a nice jug of that swish on a Monday night

CrazyFilms1121 : Man, California really changed Gus


Ryan d : that lid stronger than my last relationship

K Avery : I feel like a proud parent watching my baby boy give out beer on Comedy Central lmao. Hes come so far. That working man finally got his promotion nO mOrE siPs??

Charles Amand : Give this man a show in exchange for free bears

Johnny Abboud : that police interaction is straight out of Reno 911!


Mr. Views : Damn, the people at CC are pretty imtelligent people, that was a smart move to hire Gus.

Colin Spalten : As someone who worked at SXSW and as a big Gus Johnson fan, having to keep him out of that door sounds like a terrible task

Magz M : Amazing how Gus already has the dad bod perfected

Max Morrison : I hope eddy filmed this

Mathew Tantilla : Some of the funniest content in a long time! Keep Gus around!

Ohjeans : Great message behind all of this!

Jenn Righter : Even though I work every day from Wednesday through the end of SXSW, it'd be so cool to run into Gus! Fingers crossed 😁 (Also hope his girlfriend is here; she's beautiful and hilarious).

Car Ley : I’m so proud of Gus 😭 look at him go. He needs his own show. Give him more money

Levi Hott : Proud of our boy

Chris Dlugosz : yo major congrats to Gus - he is a rising star on youtube

Miles : *fills up pouring container with 12 case of bud light* "its homemade beer"

Iced Tea : what if it was actually Iced Tea

Chris Hanline : What was that single frame? What is this, Fight Club?

The Dudemeister : >tfw Gus was in the convention center right next to my house, and I missed out on him because I was too lazy to get out of bed.