Rick With You

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【p s y c o s i s】スタい : Its not even funny, just legitimately good

DavidCrimson24 : Are you gonna do “Don’t Stop till you Rick enough”?

Joon Nam : Only 90s kids will know when this vid was called "Rock with Rick"

Spooky Scary : 2013 wants to: *KNOW YOUR LOCATION*

MossyClit123 : YouTube leave this video ALONE

Poetic Abomination : Did the original get a copyright strike, or did you take it down yourself again?

Spaalone Babagus : Wow you're on a roll with these uploads! (pun intended)

TurboMeow : ricc

Lane Bardo : That gif of Rick Astley dancing is almost hypnotizing.

Coleminer : I made an edit like this a few months back, I also included All-Star, Feel Good Inc, and We Are Number One. So glad to see someone else edit it better! (Also, it's really weird that both songs have the same BPM and key signatures/key changes. Just wanted to point that out.)

John Doe : This works waaaay better than it should! And the timing is crazy perfect

ThePhantomLives : Micheal wants to: *THRILL YOU*

Danindra Rasyad : Why hear the original when you can hear the better one?

Tempo : K E Y C H A N G E

Maximoo 123 : I'm never gonna tell a lie... this was amazing

Shep NitroBoosted : The real question is... *why hasn't this been made before!?*

The Diamonds Memes : Rick Ashley x Mike Jackson

Gazza : Why the reupload?

Quebert Pickledick : TBH you could reupload this daily and I wouldn't mind. Actually I think seeing this everyday would improve my life exponentially.

Cola Gesicht : Perfect music don't exis.....

Jack Ryan : A rip so nice he posted it thrice!

CorazonFeathers : Even better the second time!

Ace _Angel : now this is what i call true talent

Cory Mck : I expected every part of this when I saw the title, I'm glad my wish was fulfilled.

TheBcoolGuy : I've always liked Rock With You. I appreciate this. Thank you, Chris!

Roast Chicken : This is legit amazing

Jeff the meme Guy_6669 : Am I the only one here that loves this meme?

andre cox : why do I have to like my own Comment

Matthew Foster : The "never gonna give, never gonna give" part almost sounds like Barry Manilow

atmospheric ; : i unironically like this

BASS PLAYZ : Thicc ricc got a big dicc

Gamzee Makara J : Obra maestra.

Jack Ryan : Wow this upload never gets old!

Keigo Furnival : 4/18/18

Art__child : B L E S S Y O U for making this 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💖💖👏👏👏

Curling Rainbows : Alternative title: Never gonna rock with you

Benski : But can you make it Ru- Oh wrong channel

Meladoom2 : For some reason this video reminded me about a game "Wolf Girl With You" Don't even google it

musicbybilly : Oh cool my ecstasy just kicked in

A Love Supreme : this is actually good.

stacey mcanally : thE 80’s cAlleD

Briggsey96 : Imagine this song during an 80's movie sex scene.

Daria K : This is amazing!

Old_Wub : Was just listening to this last night

Kurt a Kazam : damn actually sounds good

TFF paranormal : What video editor do you use?

Nsamurai : I'll have to sing this to my bride at our reception, some day.

Marcell Jones : (me on the phone with God)-"Remember when you said you were looking for that sound to save us all from ultimate damnation? Well listen to this!"

Yay! A card game! : When my parents ask how I'm feeling but I tell them what they wanna see

Cosmic Galaxy : Omg this is the best! But I like the original better lol