Mumbai On Marijuana

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Sivaraman Sundaram : Please come to chennai make fun of us.. Dont you think it was too fucking late to make fun of us +BeingIndian .. Waiting for your new video..

Pratikkhadka Khadka : Doti haru lado kha

I.C Zak : Showing dope as cool among young crowd ! Ask people whose lives got totally screwed on this journey

Vipluv Tandon : It should be legalized🍁

rushik parmar : Jisss din legal hogaya bc......5000 ki laddd lagaaunga

Bob Riquardo : needs subtitles

YouTube geek : make it legal

Arqam Pitthoo : Weed Is Life🌿

deziking : Only person that gets it is the girl at 3:33.

krich451 : does the government still hand it out for free during holi and shivaratri?

Rakesh Gurram : Leagalize it else leagalize it !! Man m stoned

Faggerest : Poo in the loo

Dishu Shah : Hell yeah!.... It should be legalized 😎

La Fuck : Another expedition on MJ

Gitesh Barde : Yes it has to be legalized

chirag patel : I don't know about legalising it but bro I just love being tripped 🍃

Paritosh Pandey : sach me bhagwan bhole nath ne bhang ke bare mein sahi kha hai vo anand deti hai hahhahaha i love it man its a tonic hahahha un imaginable thing on earth is marijuana or bhang hahah it should be legal because it will give government also some thoughts like us after they will smoke it hahahah its funny but its true thanq amd enjoy weed hahahha

d Banga : wow... the man wid Red Cap... 👌 1:38 awsm moves... 👌

ganesh daithankar : weed for childs legalize the LSD

jefrin shaji : Pot needs to be legalized...

Sumitrao Bahirat : Yes I think ganja should be legal in India but it should have some restrictions like 20grams per person can smoke in a day

Sumaya Alfaaz : "medicinal value" WEED??? You fucking kidding me??? That shit there fucks you up man. It really does. You start with Weed and you slowly progress to other drugs like heroin that gon' fuck you up even more. That shit right there is why people gettin' confused man, thinking like weed do no harm.

StealthElectronVIP : Indian hash is deadly. Get some proper manali cream and you will be blown off your mind. It's next level mellow high, best hash in the world.

Amit Chaubey : Puff puff peace......peace by the gram

King Bk : Plot twist : Interviewer is a cop.

faizan shaikh : smoke weed every day, weed lovers should watch pineapple express movie

Steven Hardy : Yes!! Because after getting high you can connect with Galaxy's creator !! And it happens with me!! Galaxy's creator want Connection with you via such this stuff! You know what i mean not only weed that means other stuff too.

Anurag Salvi : yes marijuana should be legalized I'm just in 10th grade but I do smoke marijuana yes it shold legalized...

Abhishek Chakraborty : jo nahi pita hai ganja wo hai chakka ka vanja (copied)

Knight Club : No fun when things get legal.. So don't drink and drive, just smoke and fly..

Lester Dsouza : well.., it should be legal... its so good when ur high...

yash saraf : please come indore.. eagerly waiting for an episode from indore.

Ankit Kumar : all my friends r dead push me to the edge#skunkboom

Vinay Reddy : Yah shuld be legalised. ✌ Bro come to High-derabad #hyderabad 😋🍁✌

zareena m : do it on hyderabad pakka legalised kardoge😂😂😂😂

Abhishek Pandit : Im having it rivht now..

Ambuj Pandey : Come to varannasi nd ask us!!! We willl ggive u the best stuff!!!

Bombi Bomber : Isn't that saloni chopra at 2.06 ?

bipin mahajan : If u dont get caught everything is fucking legal😈

Him Thugs : if its is ligel b.i not u india go so farr that time people follow mervana kho na jan bla bla

sMiLe MoRe : It should be legalised

Nitin Bahwal : If Marijuana would've been legalized in India, instead of angry abusive father maximum families could have hungry stoned dad...!!

testticklehead : Sir, your microphone looks like a penis

Akhil V : pudii pudii pudiiiii...100 ka pudi.

Prashant Roy : U ol Rock....... 👌 😍

Varun Raj : Am gona become a weed entrepreneur if it becomes legal

Siba Sankar Mahapatra : Contact number 9583594529 available hear

shubham goyal : yes it should be legal.

Sanika Pednekar : 4 seconds into the video and I'm already losing my shit