Mumbai On Marijuana

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Aniket Rudraksha : "Are you stoned right now?" "Ritambhara, Ughh Mithibai Mithibai" lmao

Rex : In India it is legal...... only when you are a sadhu :D

joe simamura : make it legal and ban cigarette

aman savant : In Hinduism, God Shiva smokes weed and he loves it. Weed is used during holi festival legally and smoking it is accepted religiously. If India is a Hindu majority country then then weed should be legalised on religious grounds. Keeping religion aside, the benefits of weed are much higher then it's shortcomings. also the pharma companies put pressure on govts to keep the ban on weed as it is medicinal and pain reliever. if legalised, their markets/profits would crash.

Roman vines : don't drink and drive, just smoke weed and... fly...♡

Vishnu Raj : alcohol is dangerous marijuana is safe

anushka Chauhan : 1:59 she's a celebrity on mtv girls on top remember isha

BlaZzinG EoN : People who don't take weed ever in their life r the most stubborn people !! if u agree give a like!

BACKNOW : legal or not I'm still gonna smoke it ...

Sachin gupta : LEGAL hone k baad utni gand nhi pahtegi jitni abhi score karne main phatti hai XD

abhinav raj : Come to Varanasi ... Will serve u real stuff..!!! With complementary ... Side views of ghats and peace And chilled out people 🍁🍁😀

pAnKaJ yAdAv : Yes obviously it should be legalised

dilinger john : maa chud rahi hai india ki bc kya hora hai ye

Mrutyunjoy Sinharay : it's very addictive when you take it regularly for few days it becomes an habbit.later the only thing u do on time is smoke weed. all other things becomes less important. Even work study career. later after taking it regularly for longer period, the habbit of smoking will not change BT the time of intake changes.

Astha Jha : legalize it or not we are gonna smoke it anyways :p

Shashank Gupta : Did anyone else notice the star from MTV (Saloni Chopra)??? 1:52

Tarh Justin : i don`t know about other place but its legal in my state and all the teenagers are chudo in it.......weeds is called bang,baba,maal

Supriyo Nandi : it should be legal

Vani L. : Go green! Popcaan - Weed Is My Best Friend. xD

Memphis : Marijuana is illegal because it leads to various mental and physical problems like depression, anxiety, bronchitis etc. But I'm not really surprised at the delusion of people who want to legalize it as it's probably the people with very low IQ who smoke it.

Mitu Jangra : In my opinion it should be legal

Anurag Rathore : Come to North, we know what you need .

Nishant Ramteke : gaanja 🌿

prabhu #vlogs : don't kill my high plz legalized in India☺

Vishnu Raj : we are waiting

Vishnu Raj : legal????

Studd Shagg : I have an idea.. give weed a new name milk, because it does the body good 👍

jayaditya luthra : it shouldn't be legalised cause then policemen would losses half of their income

Ani_ Minati : weed should yr........cos.....lord shiv he use to smoke weed.... bum bholea......😌

pradeep yadav : marijuana 10 gm for rs 70. it is out of d world

sourav kanjilal : how about kolkata on weed

Adhvaitv Bhatia : If you make ved about people's views on sunny leone , what will be your title ? Mumbai on sunny leone ?

sulagni sen : i love i love just love being indian!

Karamdeep Walia : 1.35-1.46...bestest part of the video.. 1st impressions aren't always the last one....

Sai Vamsi : I support marijuana.

'The one' : guys ..har mal me mixing hoti its very hard to get pure stuff and u cant be dependent on marijuana all your life if ur dependent on it that means your life is not interesting thtswhy u want to alter ur state to have peace for sometime but what if u make your life so interesting that you don't need to smoke cuz your life is so interesting n you don't want to alter this state of yours . ANYTHING YOU IMAGINE CAN HAPPEN just build up lil courage to do it, FREE YOURSELF FROM FEAR and FOR MY INFO i have done it all alcohol to hard drugs and left them too cuz if, thing u always imagined are happening in your life you dont need conscious altering substances cuz now you are in peace with yourself and nature AND one more thing HIGH U Get BY MEDITATION IS THE ULTIMATE HIGH Better than any other high found on our planet peace out (blissfull soul)

Sigh fi : weed in mahim?

Siddhant 6156 : Watching this while toking up, Cheers!

Prithwish M : 1:32 epic moment.😂😂😂😂😂

Kajal Chaudhary : it was saloni chopra in this video👆🙆🙆🙆🙆.....I am a huge fan of hers!!!!❤

Blr : @0:26 - anyone else notice the poor man's Katrina Kaif??

Zane : Showing dope as cool among young crowd ! Ask people whose lives got totally screwed on this journey

vijay raj : last one was awesome!!

SolarGen Canada : 🎥 THE GAME OF INDEPENDANCE Since 1985 ban, nothing changed, holy Ganja became a pimp of elites & hideout heaven's. I heard people mix tobacco in Cannabis, that's another example of ignorance. 70-80% youths have half cooked ideas about Cannabis, they dont know about its origin as the system smartly detached youths from the knowing their country's history, those who have knowledge of Vedas & Puranas can elaborate more on ancient connection of Bharat & Holy Ganja🍃 Cannabis use was the described in these holy books 📚 💡 Today India with 2+ Billion population and increasing number of patients, getting back to Ayurveda life will be good karma. Milliniels and their generations before were brainwashed about Cannabis. As of today in India it's LEGALLY 😂 ok to smoke Cigarettes, drinking various forms of Alcohol, really harmful drugs flow & ya who can forget opioids & pharma💊💉 :) Suicide & Homoicide ratio in age group 15-25 is alarming, off chart unemployed educated youths, mental disorders, depression etc resulting in alarming ratio well documented by interenational media. 🍃 Its scientifically proven that Cannabis cures Cancer and other medical challenges like mental disorders, depression, pain etc 💡 🍃 😂 any well informed youth in US & Canada can challenge these over smart & selfish PHD's, MD's, Docters and so called Experts who deny and give blind eye to the facts . 💰🎓 💰🎓 💰🎓 👈 Ask these duchebags the first question: 👉What do you understand by Endocannabinoid System?💡 🍃Cannabis is well flourished Billion dollar industry, however as like BT cotton in India, I hope you know about Monsanto & other co'$ & cartels. Doing global research with bring in mindshift. Indian people will be amazed to see how 💀 GMO changed the food & other related industry in India. 🍃 Cannabis research is patented, well documented, ready and defined business framework and research which clearly states that it has potential and cures Cancer, mental disorders etc. 🍃 With conciousness,compassion, freedom of speech, love towards the cultural roots of Bharat and the divine & spiritual land of Himalayas Rishis and saints 🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻🍃 🍀

Troy Moses : though being a stoner i think weed should not be legalized because our 'great' government shall put taxes in weed too and increase its price just like fags... so paying taxes for weed? i don't think so.

Naga Biswas : yeah ganja ligel is now

Paras Badola : I personally think that marijuana shouldn't be legalised. I am a recovered addict and I am in recovery since last two year. I perceive that it is a gateway to other drugs such as synthetics and psychedelics. And as you are saying marijuana has health benefits. Let me make clear every drug has benefits, because they are meant to do so. Use of every drug is for benefit but abuse always harms. Even mdma is used to treat depressed people + lsd is used to treat many psyche disoders. So according to you why not legalize them too. And if it is about alcohol I think that should be banned too.

Sanat Sachdeva : Smoke up??? Hindi mein bol lo ulti seedhi english ke bajaye

the stoned dude : #legal