SUNSET FREE FALL /// Skydiving with a RED
We strapped a 25k red cinema camera to my friends head and skydived with it to create this surreal video Shot at 5k 120fps while falling head down at 170mph

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Stay Gold. Aerial Cinematography by Nicholas Lott Featuring: Jesse "Tex" Leos and Jay Veenendaal Color and edit by AJ Aguirre This was a head down freefly jump where the skydivers were flying at 170mph toward earth. Actual jump length time was about 50seconds. FOLLOW US: Music Sidewalks and Skeletons - Slip Away iTunes: Spotify: This video was shot on our Red Epic and color graded in DaVinci Resolve and finished in 4k.


xXCRAKINXx : Like si vienes de parte de un poco de todo

Rob Strok : OH MY GOD, cleanest skydive footage ever, when we jumping ;)

ROUND III : This is a jump we filmed a couple years ago and since has become one of our favorites. Hoping you enjoy it as much as we do. ///Get some good headphones or speakers ///Sink into the sunken place You can turn your screen upside down and view it that way as well. Different vibes both ways.

JamesDaily : Holy shit.. how has this not blown up yet?! That was magical!

Un Poco De Todo : Amazing!

amir golban : you just earned yourself a new sub! keep it up man Reddit brought me here!!!!!!!!!!!

Connor Rickey : Damn... way trippy. Thanks for sharing this with the world and risking your RED to do it! Cheers!

Lara L : Oh my God! Beautiful souls!

Romil : The fact that this is in real time and not slow motion blows my mind

Duane Custer : Wow...making 50 secs look like 5 mins is amazing work. I was enthralled. On the other hand I would have probably lost both shoes and thrown up in my helmet basically water..uhh..Vomit boarding myself. 😂

Antoine CP : wow this is so cool!!!

Copuloxi Ranbooi : I feel like I'm on drugs. What a beautiful planet we have!

kingdom come : Whoever had the idea, keep them coming. Absolutely stunning. Almost looks fake at points because of how still (and slow motion) and stable the flyers were. Going straight to the favorites tab. Thanks for that.

Vv_IKER_ vV : He fell out the world xdxd

Griffin Kerwin : Defiantly turned down the lights for this one boys

Santiago Costa : The world upside down , magic

blueskysuits : If George Lucas and Spielberg had a baby, this would be it 8-/ Beautiful video

Ned Brannigan : You guys make it look sooo easy! And that colour grade too, amazing stuff 😮

Protovideo : 21:9 + 4K Resolution + nice slow mo' = DOPE ! =D

Baranyi Kristóf : I dont know why but this is so satisfying to watch 😍

bell soutf : This vid is wild

Dave M.L : freaking sic video Boyz ! Blue Skye .thx for putting this in slow motion whish we can do it when we jump for real !

keegs : This is fucking awesome!! Perfect music as well!!

Frans es real : Yo vine gracias a un poco de todo :3

Matthaios Kanoupakis : Hypnotizing experience!!

Leviatán ¿Navideño? : Laik zi vienez por un poko de tdo xddd, necesito atención mamá

BTHSB : Perfect fit with the music

S4ccryn : Sitting in outer space, minding your own business and suddenly a planet pulls you in...

Orianna Scionti : This is so amazingly good and beautiful ♥️🥇

Popeye Bastida : Like si vienes por "Un Poco De Todo"

SrMilonguero : Vengo por Plech- Un Poco de Todo

Fabien Baron : amazing video, wow ! congrats

Caleb Farmer : Anyone else change it to 1080p?

Kenny Evans : Yeah that was sweet, great camera work bearing in mind you're belting along at 120mph. Really original stuff. Thumbs up!

scooob : Wow, this takes skill.

Jason : This is the most relaxing video ive seen in a long while

Kevin Winss : Ayee upload moreee

Larry Guerriero : instead of music the girls from the cliff diving video should do commentary

repentUsinner : 60fps or 120?

lily gostovic : one of the coolest videos i​'ve ever seen


TheVuDuDeChile : Subbed off of this video!

Estalha : thats the most beatiful video i ve ever seen

YOUB : are they going up or down xD

Gerald Frankel : My aff course is booked for September this year, can't wait to learn, ❤️☮️😊, beautiful, graceful and elegantly jumping, thank you

Cobs : BY GOD. 4K ULTRAWIDE WITH HEADPHONES. No joke I floated out of my seat this video is next level!

ღஐ Pablo Armyღஐ : Like si veniste por un poco de todo xdxd

C. Murillo : I just watched this video about 20x looped...and high (headphones loud) 😉 the trip was WTF AMAZING!🤫

ΩREIKΩ H1Z1 : *Un poco de todo :3*