SUNSET FREE FALL /// Skydiving with a RED

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Sidewalks and Skeletons : THANK YOU for crediting me in the description. I really appreciate that. 🖤🖤🖤

Rob Strok : OH MY GOD, cleanest skydive footage ever, when we jumping ;)

ROUND III : This is a jump we filmed a couple years ago and since has become one of our favorites. Hoping you enjoy it as much as we do. ///Get some good headphones or speakers ///Sink into the sunken place You can turn your screen upside down and view it that way as well. Different vibes both ways.

Un Poco De Todo : Amazing!

xXCRAKINXx : Like si vienes de parte de un poco de todo

JamesDaily : Holy shit.. how has this not blown up yet?! That was magical!

amir golban : you just earned yourself a new sub! keep it up man Reddit brought me here!!!!!!!!!!!

Fran Acosta : like si vienes del video de Un Poco De Todo

Molives TV : Absolute legends 🚀🙌

chuy M P : Like si bienes por parte de un poco de todo

Connor Rickey : Damn... way trippy. Thanks for sharing this with the world and risking your RED to do it! Cheers!

Griffin Kerwin : Defiantly turned down the lights for this one boys

Santiago MTZ : Like si vienes por Un Poco De Todo

MR. Torito : Like si vienes por "UPDT

Nikhil Garg : Yep is it me or does it look like they’re just floating there instead of going down😂

Johan Fallas : Vengo de un poco de todo

Ned Brannigan : You guys make it look sooo easy! And that colour grade too, amazing stuff 😮

Fabien Baron : amazing video, wow ! congrats

Antoine CP : wow this is so cool!!!

Popeye Bastida : Like si vienes por "Un Poco De Todo"

Elite Clinical Research : Elevated ecstasy

kelly phone : This vid is wild

vesa 900 : Like si vienes por un poco de todo

Frans es real : Yo vine gracias a un poco de todo :3

SrMilonguero : Vengo por Plech- Un Poco de Todo

repentUsinner : 60fps or 120?

Patrick Assis : Woow, awesome!

Thoungsai Phothong : I always seem to get on YouTube when you guys post an epic video

Mattie Taylor : This is just all around beautiful

Duane Custer : Wow...making 50 secs look like 5 mins is amazing work. I was enthralled. On the other hand I would have probably lost both shoes and thrown up in my helmet basically water..uhh..Vomit boarding myself. 😂

ItsMoonn : Un poco de todo💜

BTHSB : Perfect fit with the music

Romil : The fact that this is in real time and not slow motion blows my mind

Abhilash Nair : 0 dislikes!! Oh yeah!!!!! 😎 First time I'm seeing that! 😀

Jp : Like si viniste por Un poco de todo

Leviatán ¿Navideño? : Laik zi vienez por un poko de tdo xddd, necesito atención mamá

tejas jadhav : This was magical

Matthaios Kanoupakis : Hypnotizing experience!!

Tincho Abe : Like si vienes por de todo un poco

ATLAS5 : Nice

florianreichelt : one of the most beautiful stuff i have seen in a while

Bryan RK : *Un poco de todo :3*

ღஐ Pablo Armyღஐ : Like si veniste por un poco de todo xdxd

Kenny Evans : Yeah that was sweet, great camera work bearing in mind you're belting along at 120mph. Really original stuff. Thumbs up!

Julian Van der Veen : Does someone know from how high he jumped

Jason : This is the most relaxing video ive seen in a long while

Baranyi Kristóf : I dont know why but this is so satisfying to watch 😍


Vv_IKER_ vV : He fell out the world xdxd

Cameron Wilson : Spaceland in Houston? Id recognize that TX sunset anywhere (and I used the neighborhood at 2:49 to find the DZ when I was first learning)