SUNSET FREE FALL /// Skydiving with a RED

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Sidewalks and Skeletons : THANK YOU for crediting me in the description. I really appreciate that. 🖤🖤🖤

Ian Sherwood : That's some straight up power rangers shit

amir golban : you just earned yourself a new sub! keep it up man Reddit brought me here!!!!!!!!!!!

Duane Custer : Wow...making 50 secs look like 5 mins is amazing work. I was enthralled. On the other hand I would have probably lost both shoes and thrown up in my helmet basically water..uhh..Vomit boarding myself. 😂

Elite Clinical Research : Elevated ecstasy

Romil : The fact that this is in real time and not slow motion blows my mind

Paranoia : PLEASE watch this while listening to the song “Here’s What Your Missin” by Bing and Ruth. I promise it makes the video 100000x better.

Copulaxoxi Ranbooi : I feel like I'm on drugs. What a beautiful planet we have!

blueskysuits : If George Lucas and Spielberg had a baby, this would be it 8-/ Beautiful video

Nathaniel May : Gods.

Johan Hellström : Clearly no curve on the planet! Ez

xSpookya : Where is your second parachute located?

Toxin_ psycho : I really wan to come hang out with y’all I found out about y’all because of yes theory

Paco Fiero : THIS IS GREAT!!

TMK 22 : Skydiving must be absolutely the worst time for someone to black out.

XX Sunny Leone Free Videos : 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

Francisco Mauricio : Maravilhoso!Para ser melhor falta só uma coisa: ir indicando a altitude, desde o começo até abrir o paraquedas

you star :

Esme Pink : Vengo de un poco de todo

Schlomo Shekelberg : ok this is epic

Matthaios Kanoupakis : Hypnotizing experience!!

Thomas : 😍😍

xQueso ! : Vine de UPDT

SpeziesQ : Never know that Dr.Disrespect is a jumper :)

circa326 : Perfect film for an acid trip lolol

kelly phone : This vid is wild

Ryan Sinclair : Came here looking for flat earther comments.

joynthis : Does this skydancing couple (trio) have reserve chutes, or are those for old folks these days?

Руслан Мустафаев : Eyegasm!

Дмитрий Локай : This is art.

boredhahaindeed : shout out to Sidewalks and Skeletons. Beautiful song to a beautiful video!

Kevin riser : flat earthers here saying this video was edited to show the FAKE curve of the But they'll eventually make their way here. Great vid btw.

Fredrik Nygren : im wanna skydive but im too scared

Silver Khalsa : The music helped a lot with this video .... nice video!

Explore the World : First free fall video i have ever seen that is really dope!!!

David Penney : Stunning videography and the music is sublime, I love it. What a way to start my weekend watching this to chill out. Thanks for sharing this.. Stay safe!!!

Juan Rojas : Is it just me or is the video size weird

WesleyEngDOTcom : The upside down footage made it look really gay

P.J. Webb : Oh man I wish I could get into this sport but sadly I don’t think it will ever be in my cards. And not because I’m afraid I’m just to big which in all honesty makes me really sad. I have a pilots license but sadly I think that will be as close to this kind of amazing freedom that I will ever get to. I would love to learn the art of free flying.. there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where I just wish I was normal looking

Dave M.L : freaking sic video Boyz ! Blue Skye .thx for putting this in slow motion whish we can do it when we jump for real !

Uli Schleginski : I dont like Skydiving, but this Video is awesome! Very great Job! Happy landing every time.

tiabait ya : Охуенно!

Tommy Etheredge : Where was this jump at?

ill hokage : thanks for ruin quality with black bars gj disliked

Julian Van der Veen : Does someone know from how high he jumped

*2gb : That's awesome!!!

Michael Woodworth : Do you feel the effects of gravity when falling upside down? Or are you just moving with it?

KZ : Can we see it right side up?

Shut Up & Take My Money : Does skydiving give you the same balls-in-throat feeling like a roller coaster does?

Keanan Purcell : This is Incredible