Where is "dat boi" now?
Where is dat boi now

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After a long legacy of internet stardom, where has the internet's beloved green unicyclist disappeared to? Andrea Suthers of Wavetro News at 9 reports on the current whereabouts and life occurrences of Steve Mendell, the creator of the popular "dat boi" meme. http://twitter.com/wavetro_ voice of dat boi: https://www.castingcall.club/m/kek_god_of_kek voice of Andrea Suthers: https://www.fiverr.com/sleithm (I spent MANY weeks on this video, which is more than I would like to spend on a video that isn't part of my current series called "cavefolder." While I'll do more high quality one-offs like this in the future, I'm looking for a video format that lets me crank videos out much faster, so please bear with me as I figure things out with my channel's direction in the next few months. Thank you for watching!!) If any ads appear on this video, the ad revenue goes to the copyright claimer, not me. I do not use Youtube's ad system on my videos.


Mister Ammaiu : This is amazing, you need more subscribers purely based upon the 3D work alone, nevermind the satire that rivals the Onion. Good. Meme.

topicular : my role model got another interview on news <3

GreatLemon : wavetro is the only reliable news source

Dr_WhoLock99 : this is the greatest video of all time

ArcadeCloud : funny AND very well made!

MrSnrub : _Battletoads theme intensifies_

Videotape : heckin funny boi

Jatmoz : I'm glad Steve has found relief on the midst of his fame.

Kex Dump : He's a man of culture, he plays BABA IS YOU

Jarrett Wankowski : Did you guys hear? Dat Boi is back

Extys : Who needs the New York Times when you have Wavetro News?

Rad2D : There goes that boi!!

akcortin2 : I love dat boi. dat boi is my spirit meme.

Thunder : here come dat boi!!!!!!

racercowan : How does dat boi feel about Wednesday frog? I know he chose to retire and live comfortably, but does seeing another frog start emerging just as he's on the downswing ever make him feel like he missed out on an opportunity?

Slowness : nice

CagedLemp : Nice