Parmigiano Reggiano: The art of cutting by hand

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How to cut a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano by hand down to small wedges and properly wrap them.

Comments from Youtube

theifofmemes : brain: ay u gotta know how to slice a wheel of cheese me:why brain: u just gotta

Mara Lannan : Anybody else thinking about eating the cheese that falls off the wheel when he cracks it open

Josh C. : They should rename this "You think he's gonna cut it with his bare hands but he doesn't but you're too lazy to click away and the guys voice is soothing and the music is decent so you decide to stay and oh hey 14 minutes have passed imagine that"


akshay kadam : I have no Idea why I am watching this video😐

Imtotallydiggingthis : Almost 2 AM. I just finished watching a 13, almost 14 minute long video about cutting cheese. Why, brain? Why?!

VINO : good thing i watched this video, you never know when u'll need to cut a 50 kilos Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel.

Zuga : The real question is has anybody actually cut this cheese wheel by watching this video?

duburitto : i have exams tomorrow why am i here

DeoxyHelix : what am i doing with my life

Yoda's Nan : “I’m gonna go to bed on time and get a good nights sleep”. It’s now 3 am am I’m watching this shit.

Dr. Strange : one wheel costs 2500 dollars

Toma Croitoru : I cut this cheese in half! NOW That's a lotta damage!

GamersMark3 : Can i just use an 1000° katana?

Mr Dank™ : I just watched someone cut cheese for 13 minutes and I have no idea why, I guess the great video kept me going!!

MountainRain : good job, man. you cut the cheese

Universal J* : Wheels are my new fetish

Alyssa Abdulluoo : I thought they were LITERALLY cutting the cheese with their hands

Uilt12 : 2:16 The moment we were all betrayed

Joaquín Cáceres : well, knowledge is power...I guess...

KidZniper : I thought the title said *The art of cutting my hand* I didn't see it until my 5th look

KillerCuber : Yet another episode of: *_The Youtube Recommendations_*

RyanTyanMyan : Who else thought this looked like Binging With Babish

Doge is love. Doge is life. : Literally thought he was going to judo chop the wheel apart. Im disappointed.

Mitos GT : The only way I’m going to ever use this knowledge is when someone kidnaps me and threatens to kill me unless I cut his cheese.

xXElite4296Xx : Thumbnail: “The art of cutting by hand” *MAN PROCEEDS TO PICK UP KNIFE AND CUT*

Izzy Wizward : I watch the whole video even thought I know absolutely nothing about cheese, it’s too fascinating

Nekro : This came up in my recommended and I have no idea why I’m watching it but the pronunciation is amazing

Tom Bull : Procrastiatiano reggiano

MeowingInsanely : Can't I just eat it whole ;-;

Darphir : Nobody: YouTube recommendations at 3am:

radio : The thumbnail made me think this was Babby's video

Reonee : -Comes here bcs the only looked at the Thumbnail and thought this is Babish Vid -Learns about Italian Hard-Cheese -frohlocks in their knowledge -goes on to get dose of Babish

Uriah Siner : I will never need this knowledge but I’m glad I have it.

MASI-/ : *I come back to this video once in a while.*

-Iron_Cat- : I have no idea why I am wtching this video but I liked her ! :D

ThatCommenterGuy : What is so special about this? You just cut a big cheese with knives lol.

KilledbyMusic : Me: so how do you feel about cheese My Friends: ....why do you this everytime Me: what you don't watch random videos about cutting a wheel of cheese

Cash Money : This isnt everyday procrastination this is ADVANCED procrastination

쿠킹갱스터COOKINGGANGSTER : Im a Korean cooker. I have a visual vid. Give me a chance

Shaggy : It took me a while to realize I was watching this video

Ghost_ Head : amk ben nerden geldim buraya uras benlioğlu izliyodum aq

ThatCommenterGuy : *I got clickbaited so badly*

kev3d : "Without additives or preservatives." Salt is both an additive and preservative. Take a wild guess as to what's in Parmigiano-Reggiano besides milk and rennet.

SejfulahKralj Razor : Who though he was gonna use his hands

Quintinity : guess you'll have to have to have sharp hands for this

Shrek Buttstein : This was in my recommended. I'm dairy intolerant.

•_Saturn Angel_• : if you came to this video you offically dont have a life

Michael Dayao : 7:13 - 7:25 Turn the cheese around, cut it to perfection. Turn it upside down, cut it to perfection. - Gloria Estefan