Parmigiano Reggiano: The art of cutting by hand

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id104335409 : Why did I watched the whole video? ....commercials have A LOT to learn from you guys!

flo Beastarmy : Anyone else high af right now

Isaiah Jones : Catergory: Entertainment Me: *entertained*

Tom Bull : Procrastiatiano reggiano

Mr Dank™ : I just watched someone cut cheese for 13 minutes and I have no idea why, I guess the great video kept me going!!

Totally not No One : Cool video just don't understand why it was in Mexico recommended

resisting against the system : Just get a samurai sword duh

Helix : this camera angle and outfit... what is this binging with babish?

Kaplox : I do not regret watching this.

John Carr McIlnay : take a shot every time he says "parmesan cheese knife"

lofidani : i have an exam tmrrow and... uh I dont even know anymore

Ain't nothin like a good ol nut : Damn. I thought he was gonna Karate chop it.

Wo1fie : Turns out my cheese is #192 which doesn't show on the site, very disappointed I couldn't serve this to my clients because of this error, I am suspecting it is bootleg parmigiano reggiano.

Jake Branthe : **sees title** **sees the part where he uses knives** LIES, DECEPTION

shottysteve : why did you make a youtube channel only dedicated to parmesan cheese

Seren-Dip ME INTO JIMINS JAMS : How did I go from watching fortnite into this?

Big Henry : Absolutely fascinating, personally I choose to indulge in the Winnimere, it is known to be only sold in the winter months and is sometimes found at the Whole Foods Market stores. An excellent pair with many foods such as toast or steak. This video is very interesting and has informed me on the topic immensely, thank you for your delicate touch on explanation fine sir. Good day from Biggith L. Henry.

H0ll0w360 : They should teach us or show this video in schools. Very educational

حمزه الراجحي : This video is cheesy

MANA : Anyone else procrastinating?

Jamaal Henry : I mean i dont know how I ended up here but I enjoyed whatever tf that was

Mike Tuckerit : can't you just use a long ass serrated samuria blade?

Fransiskus Benyamin : Procrastiano Reggiano

CreepyScotchTape : "It has to be perfectly straight" *Clearly inserted at an angle*

Uriah Siner : I will never need this knowledge but I’m glad I have it.

Willam Snyder : i expected him to karate chop it

Phig Newt : Thought it was Babish for a second.

TV K仔 : thats my son

Kristofer : Why am I watching some guy cut a cheese at 3:25 in the morning..

ZeNDeR : It's fucking 4 am I have officially hit rock bottom


Jake Paul's Retarded Little Cousin : All that for some fucking cheese?

Connn Orrr : I dont even like cheese....

badr naji : im supposed to be studying... what am i doing here???

DeoxyHelix : what am i doing with my life

Dwayne Jones : Lol Idk why, but I thought the thumbnail was someone's butt in a thong 😂😂😩

V2_Swiftness ELITE : Very satisfying Very helpful 👌

Connor Faulds : look i was kind of dissapointed because i missread the title and thought it said the art of cutting *my* hand

Blaise Shahid : why tf did i watch all of this?

demscout : There's a 0.0000001% chance that I will be cutting an entire parmesan cheese in my life but I watched the entire video.

little piggie no no Little Piggie No No LITTLE PIGGIE NO NO : Came here thinking he would karate chop the thing. Oh well

Emma Young : This is the best video I've ever seen in my life.

220Dave220 : episode 14 of "Why is this in my recommended"

NeoAkira101 : A 13 min video on how to cut a wheel of cheese? What a joke

Fireemblemforever : if u sell this and do only a single thing wrong u have 2 go to jail or pay 30,000$

Ben : Why am i watching this at 00:29 at night i have school tomorrow…

daddy yixing : oh i thought he was gonna cut it w his hands djskjdj

Malka Yota : take a shot every time you hear parmigiano reggiano

Big Smoke : where do i get a cheese wheel at 3 am?

Malka Yota : idk why this is in my recommended