Parmigiano Reggiano: The art of cutting by hand

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akshay kadam : I have no Idea why I am watching this video😐

Estoril Doge : Literally thought he was going to judo chop the wheel apart. Im disappointed.

NonsensicalVids : "one knife with a serrated tip knife"

ॐ Heartbeat of Arkona ॐ : this cheese wheel is probably worth more than my car...

sportagus3 : Swear when I read the art of cutting by hand I thought my man would be karate chopping the cheese.

Tyler Curtis : So I looked it up...this wheel of cheese is worth $2500

Gengarred : 3AM here, still no idea why I'm watching this for the third time, I don't even know where to acquire cheese like this.

Raffaele : And so, me too I'm watching this.

id104335409 : Why did I watched the whole video? ....commercials have A LOT to learn from you guys!

CreepyScotchTape : "It has to be perfectly straight" *Clearly inserted at an angle*

Amy Xu : Am I the only one who thought for some reason cutting by hand meant literally breaking it apart with his hands.

BeatsByMaTee : Thanks now i can finally cut my Parmigiano Reggiano weel

Paulo Cesar : Well, dont know why im watching this. But i got say, im not disappointed

Daniel Gonzalez : This is the ideal cheese body. You may not like it, but this is what peak flavor looks like.

José Díaz : to me that was almost 14 minutes of soft porn would watch again

Amrit Mehta : Take a shot every time he says "Parmigiano Reggiano"

Let us Beat The Meat : I just learned that this cheese exists because of a lady trying cheese in order to guess what's more expensive.

220Dave220 : episode 14 of "Why is this in my recommended"

・カネイキーケン : Why am I here i dont even like cheese but your vid was interesting enough to be

Jude Mark : I thought he was gonna karate chop that cheese sigh still educational nonetheless.

Dan : I just want to eat all the scraps

f quint : Knife?!?!?! I thought he was cutting this with his bare hands...

Ali İmran KAZAN : The guy is handsome. And I am not gay.

Imran Zelic : Sometimes I just play this video soo I can listen to him while I fall asleep. Thanks

Joey Vives : I clicked on the video because I thought the dude was gonna cut that huge ass cheese wheel with his hands

[deleted] : Me: YouTube why is the in my recommendation feed? YouTube: Idk lmao

Felicity Hart : C O N T A C T T H E C H E E S E C O N S O R T I U M

Noah Svallforce : I don't know what to do with this information. I don't like cheese that much

Shonhon : Why am I watching this? I'm allergic to dairy...

Cam D. : Disappointed he didn't use his hand to cut it.

John Carr : take a shot every time he says "parmesan cheese knife"

kyle seba : I wasted 10 minutes on something I'll never need to do

Stephanie Joobern : Now I know how to cut parmigiano reggiano Meanwhile I should've been learning about the North West Rebellion. Oh well, I can serve cheese now.

Zarakipower : step 1. take a saw and cut it

Эмельен Лазер : true ASMR

Mr Dank™ : I just watched someone cut cheese for 13 minutes and I have no idea why, I guess the great video kept me going!!

error #404 : Does anybody actually have a reason to be here?

Pedro Ribeiro : i should be studying but im watching how to cut a Parmigiano Reggiano

Moshe Auguztyn : I always skipped ads on everything, but this one, damn, you nailed it

J Enarma : xD i don't know why I clicked but the worst i didn't know why i continued watching till the end

Uriah Siner : I will never need this knowledge but I’m glad I have it.

Simon Lenz : It's 2 a.m. and parmesan is delicious.

D Rln : He broken the cheese

Stephanie Joobern : How does he cut it so straight though

Brett Ehlers : Why am i watching this at 1:35AM in the morning???

Kadz : Who else thought he was gonna use his actual hands as the knife?

Kenneth Nguyen : Why was this kind of satisfying

mr.salty : My dumbass thought you were actually using your bare hands to cut stuff

Davor : I thought he was going to karate chop it... im sad.

min suga : Why do I not mind watching this for the second time