Parmigiano Reggiano: The art of cutting by hand

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Kadz : Who else thought he was gonna use his actual hands as the knife?

f quint : Knife?!?!?! I thought he was cutting this with his bare hands...

theifofmemes : brain: ay u gotta know how to slice a wheel of cheese me:why brain: u just gotta

Josh C. : They should rename this "You think he's gonna cut it with his bare hands but he doesn't but you're too lazy to click away and the guys voice is soothing and the music is decent so you decide to stay and oh hey 14 minutes have passed imagine that"

Pedro Ribeiro : i should be studying but im watching how to cut a Parmigiano Reggiano

Doge is love. Doge is life. : Literally thought he was going to judo chop the wheel apart. Im disappointed.

Iron Guide : *Guess who just becomed Parmigiano Reggiano expert on CV*


Chemistry8901 : Person: So, what do you do for a living This guy: I cut cheese

Imtotallydiggingthis : Almost 2 AM. I just finished watching a 13, almost 14 minute long video about cutting cheese. Why, brain? Why?!

akshay kadam : I have no Idea why I am watching this video😐

Hey there : Take a shot everytime he says "parmesan cheese knife"

Zuga : The real question is has anybody actually cut this cheese wheel by watching this video?

someone anonymous : 3:41 Perfectly straight. I don't think my gay friend can handle this!

GamersMark3 : Can i just use an 1000° katana?

Mr Dank™ : I just watched someone cut cheese for 13 minutes and I have no idea why, I guess the great video kept me going!!

TheHappy Fellow : I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was Andrew from Basics with Babish...

duburitto : i have exams tomorrow why am i here

Toma Croitoru : I cut this cheese in half! NOW That's a lotta damage!

Universal J* : Wheels are my new fetish

shottysteve : why did you make a youtube channel only dedicated to parmesan cheese

Let us Beat The Meat : I just learned that this cheese exists because of a lady trying cheese in order to guess what's more expensive.

Mara Lannan : Anybody else thinking about eating the cheese that falls off the wheel when he cracks it open

Marley James : I can’t express how disappointed I am that he doesn’t cut it with his actual hands.

Khadijah Medeiros : I thought they were LITERALLY cutting the cheese with their hands

MountainRain : good job, man. you cut the cheese

Eduardo Araújo : Youtube, what have you recommended me?

• wxtcrfall • : I think when he meant by hand,he meant like without machines.

KidZniper : I thought the title said *The art of cutting my hand* I didn't see it until my 5th look

ॐ G.T.P.A - Goa Trance Preservation Association ॐ : this cheese wheel is probably worth more than my car...

Izzy Wizward : I watch the whole video even thought I know absolutely nothing about cheese, it’s too fascinating

VINO : good thing i watched this video, you never know when u'll need to cut a 50 kilos Parmigiano Reggiano cheese wheel.

nobazn : How is this not titled Parmigiano Reggiano: The art of cutting the cheese ?

Uilt12 : 2:16 The moment we were all betrayed

id104335409 : Why did I watched the whole video? ....commercials have A LOT to learn from you guys!

cheesecake4lyfe : I don't know what I'm doing with my life but I'm not complaining

Mrafters : I actually thought he was gonna cut it with his hand

Dr. Strange : one wheel costs 2500 dollars

LAHME BAHME : pamedjano redjano

NonsensicalVids : "one knife with a serrated tip knife"

King Dewoot : i was watching surreal memes and somehow i got recommended a bunch of cheese videos

696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : why am i watching this i have an exam

Nicholas Nguyen : mann I thought he was gonna do something like chop a board in half with his bare hands to demonstrate

Frank Nowak : God I wish that were me.

sportagus3 : Swear when I read the art of cutting by hand I thought my man would be karate chopping the cheese.

MeowingInsanely : Can't I just eat it whole ;-;

Liam Sander : I have a dirty mind

radio : The thumbnail made me think this was Babby's video

Patrick Farren : It took me a while to realize I was watching this video

Uriah Siner : I will never need this knowledge but I’m glad I have it.