9 Cruel Ways to Troll Rude Guitar Center Employees #2 COMMENT EDITION

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Paranormal Guitar Channel : NOTE: I do not know when I will make another videos due to a serious illness. I really do apologize for that. Cheers Guys and Girls \m/

Alex S : windows sound and blue screen won haha :D

Ilir Piliki : Play the Layla riff, but mess every single bend. Also, make sure to bar the 10th fret of both B and High E with your index finger, during the hammer-ons and pull-offs. Last, but not least, don't mute any string!

CaptenMurica : they plug in the bass into a guitar amp.

Ron Johnson : One of my trumpet students turns on the 'demo' mode on all the display pianos as he leaves.

anthony : It was physically hurting me to watch the last one.

Philminator : Part 2: Where you actually go to Guitar Center and do this?

Jose Torres : who else turned their volume down, thinking he was gonna play an level 1000? lol

andrexfucksomewhere : when you have a trauma and you get scared every time a string breaks, even on videos

PingU M. trUMP : What's wrong with playing nothing else matters with a pick

Tozzy : Play smoke on the water with only your index finger and move your head in time as if you are playing the powerchords

nychold : Play Sweet Child O Mine intro on the correct frets for standard Eb tuning, but on a standard E tuned guitar.

white geek : I swear im psychic when it read play the guitar out of tune i thought of under the bridge because thats the song i play to check tuning and it sounds horrible out of tune

Saem Iftikhar : this was painful


TheLegendWillLast : Haha, even if you are breaking strings on purpose, the jumpscare is always there.

Jacob Reichert : Here's another one. Go in and go to the desk and ask if they have a guitar that makes this sound, make a wash like sound but do it like an idiot that's never played guitar. Then after they proceed to go grab a Floyd setup guitar and keep trying to do dimebag harmonics without hitting where the harmonic actually is.

Nitrousoxide2k : None of this will get you kicked out. However, piquing the interest of a hot bass player chick employee by laying down some slick slap funk lines will get the dude who has a crush on her to come over and give you a hard time for playing too loud and will "suggest" you buy something or leave. Tried and true at the Seattle Guitar Center.

Electronic Music Must Paid. Chaos music channel : Play classic rock riffs on a 8-9 strings or play djent on classical guitar without pick.

bigshexxy : 1:47 After you get done finger blasting your girl and she asks you to play a song

Utter Disaster : I got a guitar center add before this

bulut baydar : you could play sweet child o mine terribly

Trooper- Jarhead : 2:17 is more shocking than every Horror Movie xD

Sursurk : 1:17 the new riff you have invented kind sounds very nice

Tanmay : play All Star - SMASHMOUTH

AimlessMoto : The last one was epic.

Zach Detour : this was his face the whole time 😐

Mateusz Szwed : What's the name of song around 1:40? I'm sure I know it, just cant recall the name

TomMSTie1138 : Go to the Drum section, ask to try out a kit and have a friend yell "Dude! Play IN GADDA DA VIDA!"

This Earth is Ours : i went to guitar center today and half the amps were turned all the way to 10 i was laughing so hard

Nico Juarez : I suffered with that string break :(

Titanium Gecko : The last one actually scared me

Stuart Lilley : anyone else jump like u really would when waiting for the 'ping!!!

Readman Rides : pick up a banjo and play foggy mountain breakdown on loop for 30 minutes straight

J D S : Why you guys troll gc so much ahha

YoungHollywood311 : Another one: Play the riff for walk by Pantera and dont bend the string when you are supposed to. That would make Dimebag turn in his grave

danib Bailly : The widows error messages and sounds killed me lol

Raven Addams : I did some of these as an employee to piss off my coworkers 😂

The trash man : I don’t know how I ended up here but I love it

SkatePunk91 : Play smoke on the water but with the high with the amp on the clean channel. Also make it sound like its the only think you know how to do.

Zach Cole : That "bad" crazy train riff actually sounded kind of good

David Lightning : Do I actually get kicked out of the guitar center when I do that? Or is it just a joke? xD


Metal Morphine : That windows part? You just gained a new subscribers

WatuMeister : i got aids from the Enter Sandman

Jared : You guitar players are an evil bunch, aren't you?

KnightNight : This REALLY makes me want to punch somebody

Celine Anselme : but but but I DO nothing else matter with a pick... THATS NOT MAH FAULT

TwiZtiD 1620 : I jumped when the string broke

Penis And Butter : Do soviet anthem for the guitar