9 Cruel Ways to Troll Rude Guitar Center Employees #2 COMMENT EDITION

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Paranormal Guitar Channel : NOTE: I do not know when I will make another videos due to a serious illness. I really do apologize for that. Cheers Guys and Girls \m/

Ilir Piliki : Play the Layla riff, but mess every single bend. Also, make sure to bar the 10th fret of both B and High E with your index finger, during the hammer-ons and pull-offs. Last, but not least, don't mute any string!

Alex Schmeia : windows sound and blue screen won haha :D

Paranormal Guitar Channel : Don't forget to share :) Here's the link to the first episode of this series: https://goo.gl/wUjCLI

pr0ng : jesus fuck when the greasy hand reached out I physically cringed

Saem Iftikhar : this was painful

Anthony 123 : It was physically hurting me to watch the last one.

Weyoun VI : you motherfuckers are the reason I have to self tune every goddamn guitar I want to try out at guitar center lmao

lucky dominguez : Fuck yeah he featured my idea! I´m frecking GENIUS!

CaptenMurica : they plug in the bass into a guitar amp.

Sebastian Lara : I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but the beginning seemed so slow and frustrating.

Steve Stell : There are hardly any employees working in a guitar center to kick you out. That shit is going out of business soon.

Jose Torres : who else turned their volume down, thinking he was gonna play an level 1000? lol

PingU M. trUMP : What's wrong with playing nothing else matters with a pick

Jessy Lee : To the guy that screws with the amps, There's one of you in my town too- you little fucker. lol

nychold : Play Sweet Child O Mine intro on the correct frets for standard Eb tuning, but on a standard E tuned guitar.

The Animated Lemon : Play smoke on the water with only your index finger and move your head in time as if you are playing the powerchords

AimlessMoto : The last one was epic.

Philminator : Part 2: Where you actually go to Guitar Center and do this?

white geek : I swear im psychic when it read play the guitar out of tune i thought of under the bridge because thats the song i play to check tuning and it sounds horrible out of tune

andrexfucksomewhere : when you have a trauma and you get scared every time a string breaks, even on videos

Mateusz Szwed : What's the name of song around 1:40? I'm sure I know it, just cant recall the name

Enraged Creations Jacob : Here's another one. Go in and go to the desk and ask if they have a guitar that makes this sound, make a wash like sound but do it like an idiot that's never played guitar. Then after they proceed to go grab a Floyd setup guitar and keep trying to do dimebag harmonics without hitting where the harmonic actually is.

EMMP Music Channel : Play classic rock riffs on a 8-9 strings or play djent on classical guitar without pick.

TheJG Rubiks : I got a guitar center add before this

bulut baydar : you could play sweet child o mine terribly

Zach Detour : this was his face the whole time 😐

john barcus : Tune the guitar, that has a tremolo neck lock, down to drop Ab, so the guitar low sounds like a whale farting.

Simison Short Films : Why you guys troll gc so much ahha

Nitrousoxide2k : None of this will get you kicked out. However, piquing the interest of a hot bass player chick employee by laying down some slick slap funk lines will get the dude who has a crush on her to come over and give you a hard time for playing too loud and will "suggest" you buy something or leave. Tried and true at the Seattle Guitar Center.


Tanmay : play All Star - SMASHMOUTH

TheLegendWillLast : Haha, even if you are breaking strings on purpose, the jumpscare is always there.

Sursurk : 1:17 the new riff you have invented kind sounds very nice

TomMSTie1138 : Go to the Drum section, ask to try out a kit and have a friend yell "Dude! Play IN GADDA DA VIDA!"

KnightNight : This REALLY makes me want to punch somebody

raghav srivastava : 4th!

volimNestea : These were golden! 👌😁

Nico Juarez : I suffered with that string break :(

danib Bailly : The widows error messages and sounds killed me lol

Trooper- Jarhead : 2:17 is more shocking than every Horror Movie xD

Johnathan Wilhelm : I may not be a guitar center employee but if I was in guitar center and someone did any of these i would shoot them

Metal Morphine : That windows part? You just gained a new subscribers


Matthew Clark : I have done the last one 😂

Magician3957 YT : +1 sub. You used Under Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers for one of them.

Josh King : Fuck Guitar Center. Buy local

Titanium Gecko : The last one actually scared me

Tamahagane : OOOH nooooh alll of these where bad but the last one broke my heart along with the string you can hear the guitars pain oh gaaawd

DarkHorse17 : Nice Python shirt