Prof Rita Jitendra Dies on the live show off DD Kashir, Srinagar | UNT

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Bushan Singh : My God. Rest in Peace.. U dont know what is waiting for u in the next moment..

FROZEN EMPIRE : People, LIVE YOUR LIVES. We have no clue what is waiting for us in the next corner.

John lee j : She passed away very peaceful~

Dr. Shabnum Qureshi : Death keeps no clander

Cynthia Cynthia : LOL!!! Don't expect Indians to know the difference between "hiccups" and a person dying! LOL : The newspapers are reporting the interviewer said:..."But suddenly she stopped talking and began having hiccups..." You can clearly see the woman's head going back, her right hand starts to shake and looking straight into camera as asking for help = ALL signs she was having a heart attack. Since when, having hiccups pushes your head back?!? LOL!!!! Ah yes! In India there is not such thing as CPR but! you can get curry chicken LOL!!!

ed : I think she is lucky in a way bcoz she didnt become invalid and suffered indignity of being in need to others for help to perform her basic body functions. Death coming suddenly like a candle being blown out

Mehr Reen : Noble soul she died peacefully at work...........fear what will be our end........RIP

ALI RAZA Bhat : Rest in peace noble soul

Anthony Morrison : Tomorrow is promised to no-one. Repent and come to Christ....put your faith in Jesus, the only name under heaven given to us by which we must be saved

Showkat Farooq : Death keeps exact calender

LA CANCION MAS BONITA : Onlything I can say is that: She passed away on God's angel hands.

Lionel Maldonado : Esta en El infierno

Lionel Maldonado : Cuando Temueras Dame una llamadita sipuedes y medejas saber sitegusta El calorsito ok

Sammy M : Crazy to see how this can happen. One second you're talking to someone, the next you're not alive...

Michele Fortuna : Rip

Sajad wani Wani : Ina Lillahi wa ina ilie hi Rajaooon.

Anchal Singh badsali : RIP.... Also death naseeb walon ko hi milti hai....

Danna Milena Parra Diaz : Que triste...

Ram Krishna Bajpai : Sad .....RIP

Bonu Santosh : So sad

Lionel Maldonado : El Diablo cree En Dios y Tiembla nosetrata de creer solamente tienes que arrepentirte detus pecados y acceptar a Jesus como tu Salvador y servirle a Dios Comodise la Biblia

tourism : Started from zero end at zero


Shahid Meir : so sad

ismael aden : Angel of Death wastes no time......accept Islam and fear Allah swt before your hour arrives you Disbelievers

William Wen : too fat

Figure Skating 2019 : Очень жаль. Царствие небесное =(

Joey Jennings : thats freaky.. so.. they just sit there.. hey remind me NOT to go on that show.

Juan Garcia : That's a clear sign of a stroke where seconds lost counts as oceans of time.

Pamela Taylor : My Goodness she having a heart attack call SOMEONE

4Human Species : Very easy death. Last breath came out of mouth, that means rebirth needed. But, Blessed woman

sof bouss : Death is just the begining of our eternal true life, (89:24) He will say, “Oh, I wish I had sent ahead [some good] for my life.” people, fear god and seek to obey him before is too late!

jennifer borrett : Rest in peace wise lady. Death is too feared and too hidden. The general public so rarely see it yet it's happening all the time and is a natural process of life. It seemed very gentle for her.

زواره الأجل : اللهم أني أسالك حسن الخاتمهً

Aiman Fayaz : Wa Jaaaa Aaaa Sake Rayul Moutiii lil Haqii😖

D G : We can go at any mo

Arshad KHAN : Rasool ulllah s.a.w said when you take a breath , that air comes back out of your lungs at your own free will or not? You DO NOT know , ( ao kama kaal S.A.W ) , by the way so sad to see the professor in the video pass away.

Conor Mcgregor : Wtf que vergas le pasooooo

Lalo Muñoz castillo : 15 seconds of agony


DarrolTV : Wye you film.this

Sharika Dhar : Please rest in peace🙏🏻🙏🏻

Jaime Alexis Soto Quezada : QEPD :(

Karna Gurung : Rip

Sweety SIM : Vijayan Mash

Pamela Taylor : Rip

L嬌兔 : :(

candugiful : 0:29😱😱😱

tsem13 : RIP

Jorge Machuca : Sad