If you're going 80mph how long will it take go to 80miles?

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Yes Stephanie...

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Jesse James Atencio : She should donate her brain to science. So we can find the cure for stupidity.

Life's a Bitch : Question : What is 3 x 9 Her : *Yes*


Adam Mangoor : Student: How stupid can a human be? Teacher: Watch this video

Cory Baxter : "If you walk to school in 30 minutes, how long will it take you to walk to school" "orange"

That Guy : They said we would have flying cars in 2019...

George Bellamy : This is the type of girl that sells her Doritos so she can buy some dip for her Doritos

ClutchGod Gaming : Teacher : Kid,you are the most dumbest person in the world This video girl : Hold my beer

subscribe to me or ill eat your dog : she the kind of girl who pours the milk before putting cereal

Alex : After a while, it's not funny. It just becomes sad.

Mr. Something : Damn even my cat has bigger IQ than her

Bill L : She should not drive, not vote, and certainly not procreate.

ZILES VG : Albert Einstein wants to know ur location

Puck Fotato : She just dont know meaning of /hr

Danny : How long will it take you to get off my recommended.

Abhijeet malik : 1:37 She: per hour? -- People breathe -- She: I don't knowwwwwww

Sabyasachi Das : My youtube recommendations never disappoints me :D

Joey W : She's the type of girl who wakes someone up to remind them to take their sleeping pills

Aronzo 21 : I asked my 10 yr old brother and he said 1 hour....

Nitin Nikilesh : She is the type of person who looks up and down before crossing a street

Booga04 Minecraft : *_So do I like, divide something?_* LOL

Jonas Vinck : Harvard: *_BRO YOU WANT A SCHOLARSHIP?_*

Cami Kaze : Me after going to school after summer break....

Xantal R : "What colour is red? "i DoNt KnOw WhY u AsKiNg Me DiSsS??"

iBurnt Rice : Girl 1: How long will it take you to go to 80 miles? Girl 2: -per hour? Girl 1: Yeah. Girl 2: Idk

oliver boutros : 99% of the coments are about : She the type of person to do... Lol she stupid

dhart : “School will help u in later life”

StiKz : the joke with "yes" and "eyes" is funny, this is just dumb and probably scripted as well

GamePlayWithBryan : “So I like, divide something?” LOOK AT THIS DUUUUUUDE

Life's a Bitch : She is probably the CEO of Flat Earth Community.

The Truth : She's the type of person to eat soup with fork

GopherLove The One and Only : Stunning showcase of the American education system. #thanos2020

fun off : This being is allowed to operate a large dangerous vehicle

cicbooo : "What's the full name of Donald Trump?"

Nick R : the answer is purple

Facade_Games : What’s the capital of California? “CA”

32DREW : am i the only one who noticed the typo in the title? xd

martyna rupšytė : 1:36 I thought she was going to say the answer Nvm...

300 subscribers without any videos : IQ: 510

Guillermo Matt : She is the type of girl that would sell her car to buy gasoline for it

AppleCutShout : I bet she's the type of person to think the purple glue sticks are grape flavored.

Catify Corns : 1900: In 2012 there will be flying cars. 2012: This. Edit: i know it's 2019 but this video was made 2012

MoTaKez : If you went 80 miles how many miles you went?

BoZo : Mom of recorder: *sees this video* Mom: “honey you need to get new friends”

Brandon Bakehorn : I bet she gives good head though.

Colton Conner : “Ha omg do you have to divide something” 😂 I’m dead And she brain dead

Kaden Ramsey : Nothing ur already going 80 miles miles per hour u would still be going 80 miles so it would take an hour duh

ANDREW GRIESEL : All she had to do was 80 miles/(80miles/1 hour) = 1/(1/1 hr) = 1 hr 🤦

اللعنة عليك : Lil pump wants to know your location